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Our 4th Grade

Classroom News
The Week of November 26th
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Upcoming Events Spelling Words
12/7 Science Fair Folder

12/12-17 EQTs

12/18 Sing-a-Long 10:00
Christmas Party 12:30 Reminders

No spelling words
for the remainder
of the quarter.
Our Learning
READING: Determine Point of View RL.4.6
WRITING: Expository Writing
LANGUAGE ARTS: Similes and metaphors
MATH: Add and subtract mixed numbers, word
problems with fractions
SCIENCE: Plate tectonics, patterns of Earth’s
features on land and in the ocean using data
from maps
AL HISTORY: Cultural, economic, and political
aspects of the lifestyles of early 19th century
farmers, plantation owners, slaves, and

-Fact Drills this week will be timed at 6 minutes. Please continue to help students
practice their multiplication facts.
-Science fair folders should be returned on Friday, December 7th for a folder check.
The folder will be checked for completion of the experiment, data, and pictures. The
experiment should have been completed and data should be logged in a data table.
Remember to take pictures while completing your experiment.