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Peru’s Independence day is on july 28th. that's our national day here in peru.

It is celebrate every year in all the cities of peru from july 28th to july 29th.

The people usually put a national flag in their home. On july 28th the people on day go to a food
festival, national music festival or national dancing festival and they enjoy in family , some people
travel to other cities in peru.

on july 29th lima's city has a big military parade, it takes place annually on brazil avenue. about
7000 people attend the parade for three hours, start at 7:00 am. the people wear tradional clothes
in the parade, there is a tradicional dancing. for me, it’s the most interesting event of the year.

I like to spend time with my family . in the afternoon we’re going to a music festival or food festival
, i love peruvian food

Sometimes i go to see a movie with my Friends at night in the morning hardly ever i wake up early

Others years i travel to visit my grandmother in la Merced for two days, it is a beautiful city, i love
to travel on holidays.

Alrededor de 7 mil personas, entre civiles, miembros de las Fuerzas Armadas y de la Policía
Nacional desfilaron en la Av. Brasil

Hoy se realiza la Parada Militar, como es tradición cada año en el aniversario de independencia del
Perú. Este evento siempre se ha caracterizado por el tiempo de duración; sin embargo, este año
viene con una novedad, solo durará dos horas.

Así se dio a conocer durante el ensayo general de las agrupaciones del Ejército, Marina de Guerra,
Fuerza Aérea y Policía Nacional. Usualmente, el desfile tenía una duración de hasta 4 horas.