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Mwizerwa 1

Beata Mwizerwa

Lolene Blake

Hist 1100

November 15, 2018

E-portfolio Reflection

This past semester I have had the opportunity to learn about the history of Western

Civilizations until 1300 CE. We have written many critical thinking papers, document analysis

essay, and we watched many videos. However, all of these were to help us understand more

about the course. This course was not easy to me at the beginning, but as I was going through the

process I found it more interesting and wanted to learn more about it. History 1100 was based on

the Western Civilization, from Ancient Mesopotamia with its rivers Tigris and Euphrates, and

Ancient Egypt and its river Nile. I learned about Rome and its founder who were twin brothers

Romulus and Remus and how they died. I learned how Rome became the Republic and the

Empire and who were the leaders for both Rome (Republic and Empire). This course has so

many things to learn, but at the same time it had enough materials to help you understand better

about the course. Like I said the process of learning all of these things were to watch some

videos, reading the assigned book for the course and attend class every day and it was helpful to

me. For my signature assignment” The Life of Charlemagne “I learned more about Charlemagne,

who was the king of the Franks, the man who cared more about his people and who was also a

Christian. It was a challenging subject to me because it was my first time hearing about him.

Studying history, it’s not easy as it sounds, but it is a great thing to do because it tells you what

happened thousands of years ago.