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English  4P/ERWC  Syllabus  

Miss  Tran    
Room  22,  Hare  High  School  
Course  Description  
English  4  (P)  –  Expository  Reading  and  Writing  Course  (ERWC)  (hE0351/2)    
UC/CSU:  b  Year  course    
Credits:  10  Maximum  credits:  10    
The  goal  of  the  Expository  Reading  and  Writing  Course  (ERWC)  is  to  prepare  college-­‐‑bound  
seniors  for  the  literacy  demands  of  higher  education.  Through  a  sequence  of  fourteen  
rigorous  instructional  modules,  students  in  this  yearlong,  rhetoric-­‐‑based  course  develop  
advanced  proficiency  in  expository,  analytical,  and  argumentative  reading  and  writing.  The  
course  prepares  students  to  meet  the  standards  of  the  CSU  English  Placement  Test  and  the  
California  English–language  arts  content  standards.  Students  identified  as  ‘English  
Conditional’  through  the  Early  Assessment  Program  (EAP)  must  complete  this  course  with  
a  grade  of  ‘C’  higher  to  earn  an  exemption  to  taking  the  CSU  English  Placement  Test.    
*  This  course  has  been  modified  for  Hare  High  School.  
Students  must  bring  the  following  items  to  every  class  meeting:  
1.   Notebook/folder  
2.   3-­‐‑hole  notebook  paper  (preferably  loose  leaf)  
3.   Pencil  with  eraser  
4.   Pen  (blue  or  black  ink  only)  
5.   ERWC  Booklet  
6.   Positive  attitude!  
Grading  Policy  
40%  -­‐‑  Essays    
30%  -­‐‑  Projects  (1  individual,  1  group)  
20%  -­‐‑  Classwork  
10%  -­‐‑  Participation  (includes  daily  journals,  homework,  and  discussions)  
90-­‐‑100%  =  A  
80-­‐‑89%      =  B  
70-­‐‑79%      =  C  
60-­‐‑69%      =  D  
0-­‐‑59%          =  F  

Absence  Policy  

1.   If  you  are  absent  the  day  an  assignment  is  due,  you  must  turn  in  the  assignment  on  the  
first  day  of  your  return.  
2.   It  is  your  responsibility  to  find  out  what  you  missed  and  to  get  appropriate  homework  
3.   If  you  choose  to  be  truant,  you  will  not  be  allowed  to  complete  the  missed  
4.   Late  work  will  not  be  accepted  after  3  class  meetings  and  grade  may  be  lowered  10%  
per  day  late.  
5.   Please  inform  the  teacher  if  you  have  extenuating  circumstances  so  that  other  
arrangements  can  be  made.  
Academic  Honesty  Policy  
The  use  of  any  form  of  unauthorized  aid  to  complete  an  assignment  or  test  is  considered  to  
be  cheating.  This  activity  is  defined  as,  but  not  limited  to:  
•   Submitting  for  class  credit  any  project  or  material  which  is  partially  or  totally  the  
work  of  someone  else,  including  copying  papers,  homework  assignments  or  tests.  
•   Preparing  work  for  another  student  or  giving/lending  assigned  work  to  another  
student  who  will  represent  this  work  as  his/her  own.  
•   Communicating  with  anyone  other  than  the  teacher  during  a  test,  including  giving  or  
receiving  verbal,  written  or  visual  aid  during  a  test.  
•   Willfully  exchanging  (receiving  or  disclosing)  information  as  to  the  content  of  a  test  
with  any  other  student  who  will  be  taking  the  test  in  another  class  or  section.  
•   Using  the  Internet  as  a  means  to  copy  work  or  post  work  for  other  students  to  copy.  
•   Plagiarizing  work  in  any  form,  including  plagiarism  committed  by  a  member  of  a  
group  in  which  the  group  is  responsible  for  the  assignment.  In  such  a  case,  all  
members  of  the  group  have  violated  the  Academic  Honesty  Policy.  
Teacher  Discretion  
•   Teacher  sets  clear  expectations  in  regards  to  cheating/copying  in  class  
•   Teacher  should  make  it  clear  what  will  be  handled  internally  and  what  will  be  a  
referral  to  the  office  
•   When  referring  to  office,  please  make  sure  that  the  proof  and  evidence  is  included  
and  that  the  incident  is  clearly  documented  on  the  referral  
First  Offense  
•   Teacher  conference  with  student/Parent  phone  call/Referral  to  Assistant  Principal  
•   Saturday  School  assigned  
•   Student  receives  no  credit  for  assignment/test  
Second  Offense  
•   Teacher  conference  with  student/Parent  phone  call/Referral  to  Assistant  Principal  
•   One-­‐‑day  suspension  assigned  
•   Student  receives  no  credit  for  assignment/test  Parent/Student  Contract  of  
Understanding  is  signed  indicating  the  next  cheating  incident  may  involve  a  
“Withdraw/F”  from  the  class  
Third  Offense  
•   Teacher  conference  with  student/Parent  phone  call/Referral  to  Assistant  Principal  
•   Two-­‐‑day  suspension  assigned  
•   Student  receives  no  credit  for  assignment/test  
•   Student  may  receive  a  “Withdraw/F”  from  the  class  
The  following  types  of  cheating  will  result  in  a  three-­‐‑day  suspension  at  home,  a  
parent  conference,  
possible  “Withdraw/F”,  possible  police  involvement,  possible  District  Discipline  
•   Illegally  obtaining  an  examination  
•   Illegally  obtaining  or  using  a  teacher’s  edition  to  complete  class  assignments  or  
•   Changing  a  grade  in  a  teacher’s  grade  book  or  computer  
Miss  Tran’s  Expectations  
1.   Students  are  expected  to  comply  with  all  stated  school  rules  and  policies.  
2.   Be  present  for  every  class  meeting  and  arrive  on  time.  For  every  3  tardies,  students  
will  owe  30  minutes  of  time  (schoolwide  policy)    
3.   Be  prepared  for  class  with  all  necessary  materials.    
4.   Be  polite  and  show  respect  for  yourself,  the  teacher,  fellow  students,  classroom  
guests,  and  school  property.  
5.   Be  honest.  No  cheating  or  plagiarism.  
6.   Cell  phone  use  is  strictly  forbidden  unless  otherwise  specified.  Your  cell  phone  
should  never  be  visible  or  audible  during  class.  
7.   Personal  music  is  not  allowed  and  earbuds  should  not  be  visible.  
8.   Drinks  are  allowed  (please  make  sure  you  have  a  lid!),  but  food  is  not.    
9.   The  teacher  dismisses  you,  not  the  bell!  
10.  Have  a  positive  attitude  and  be  willing  to  try  new  things!  Let’s  create  a  positive  
learning  environment!  
Classroom  Routines  
•   Every  Monday,  you  will  need  to  bring  your  book  for  Sustained  Silent  Reading  (SSR).  
•   Every  day,  you  will  spend  the  first  five  minutes  of  class  writing  in  your  journal.  A  
prompt  will  be  written  on  the  board  as  you  walk  in.  
•   All  classwork  will  be  turned  into  the  basket  at  the  front  table.    
•   Supplies  can  be  borrowed.  You  are  given  (3)  supplies  passes.    
•   Please  treat  the  Chromebooks  with  as  much  care  as  possible.  Always  plug  the  
Chromebook  back  into  the  correct  slot  at  the  end  of  class  if  used.    
Restroom  Policy  
Please  use  the  restroom  during  the  passing  period.  If  waiting  in  line  makes  you  late  to  class,  
you  may  use  your  restroom  pass  to  excuse  your  tardy.  You  may  go  to  the  restroom  during  
class  ONLY  if  it  is  an  emergency.  Each  student  will  be  given  three  (3)  restroom  passes  for  
the  quarter.  
Discipline  Policy  
Students  who  do  not  comply  with  the  stated  guidelines  will  be  given  a  warning.  If  
misbehavior  continues,  the  consequences  are  as  follows:        
1.   Student  will  be  isolated  from  the  rest  of  the  class.  
2.   Phone  call  home  to  parent/guardian  
3.   Referral  to  assistant  principal  or  counselor  
*  Severe  or  continued  misbehavior  that  causes  a  disruption  in  the  learning  
environment  will  result  in  an  immediate  referral.  
Students  who  complete  their  assignments  and  demonstrate  appropriate  behavior  may  
receive  any  of  the  following:  hero  points,  class  recognition,  positive  phone  call  to  
parent/guardian,  certificates  of  achievement  (Top  Dawg  and  Student  of  the  Quarter),  etc.  
Parent-­‐‑Teacher  Communication  
•   All  grades  will  be  regularly  posted  on  Aeries  for  parents  and  students.    
•   Parents  are  welcome  to  set  up  conferences  and  appointments  at  any  time  during  the  
year.  Please  reach  out  via  phone  or  email  to  set  up  a  time  and  date.  
•   Parents  are  highly  encouraged  to  attend  Back  to  School  Night  and  Open  House.  
Dates  are  TBA.  
Important  Dates  
•   Quarter  1  –  November  5,  2018  -­‐‑  January  25,  2019  
•   Progress  Reports  –  Grade  as  of  December  7,  2018  
•   Finals  –  January  24th  and  January  25th,  2019  
Hare High School
12012 Magnolia Street
Garden Grove, CA 9284

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s):

Welcome back to another exciting school year! I would like to take this opportunity to introduce
myself. My name is Ms. Tran, and I will be _____________________________’s teacher for
Expository Reading and Writing Course (ERWC). I received my Bachelor’s Degree in
Communication Studies at Cal State University in Fullerton. I worked as a tutor for Hare High
School during my 4 years of undergraduate studies, and I am now currently in my final semester
of student teaching. In my first four years at Hare, I learned a lot about the different ways to best
support our students. One of these ways includes collaborating with the student’s parent(s).
Therefore, I invite you to partner with me during the following school year to provide tailored
support to your child. As a teacher, I am expecting all students to arrive to class every day with a
willingness to learn and improve. Additionally, I expect all students to be prepared, respectful,
and positive. Reversely, students and parents can expect me to also be prepared, respectful, and
positive every day. I believe that a learning environment fosters growth between both students
and teachers. Your child will learn from me, but I will also learn from them.

In this class, your child will be actively reading, writing, speaking, and listening on a daily basis.
In order to ensure that your child achieves proficiency or mastery in these areas, I am kindly
seeking your help to do the following things as much as possible at home:
•   Monitor and regulate student’s independent practice (homework time)
•   Encourage student to seek additional help before or after school
•   Remind student of upcoming due dates
You will have access to my classroom policies, expectations, and assignments through the
syllabus and calendar. Please sign and return this letter below after reviewing the syllabus. If you
have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding this course or your child, please do not
ever hesitate to contact me at the information listed in the signature below. If you or your child
would ever like to meet, I am available before school at 7:45AM, during my prep period, and
after school until 4PM. I look forward to meeting you at Open House on ______________, 2019,
and I am excited to be a part of your child’s success!

All the best,
Ms. Tran
English Department
(714) 663-6508

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