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D365 for Finance and Operations Keyboard Shortcuts

Form shortcuts Filtering shortcuts

Alt + N Create a new record Ctrl + G Open grid filtering for the current column

Alt + Del Delete a record Esc Close grid filtering for the current column

Alt + F9 Delete a record Open the Filter pane (or switch focus
Ctrl + F3 between the Filter pane and the main
Alt + S Save record form if the Filter pane is already open)

Ctrl + S Save record Close the Filter pane (with focus in the
Filter pane)
Ctrl + Shift + F5 Undo changes to record
Ctrl + Shift + F3 Open advanced filtering/sort
Shift + F5 Data refresh

Alt + Shift + F Move to the Filter box
* “Contains” wildcard useful in Filter box

Begin typing... Many drop-down fields will filter automati-
F2 Toggle edit mode cally on Id and Description columns

Ctrl +
‘ Perform an action (find a button)

Attach a document Grid shortcuts
Ctrl + Shift + A

Ctrl + Shift + E Export to Excel Page Page
/ down Go to the next/previous page of data
Close the navigation list on Details form
Esc Create a new row at the bottom of the
(with focus in the navigation list)

Ctrl + Shift + M Select or clear all rows
Form navigation shortcuts
Ctrl + Home Move to the first record
Tab / Shift + Tab Move to the next/previous field
Ctrl + End Move to the last record
Space bar / Enter Expand a FastTab (with focus on the
FastTab header)

Alt + 0 Collapse the current FastTab Navigation shortcuts

Ctrl + Shift + G Switch to grid view
Alt + Shift + Home Go to the dashboard
Ctrl + Shift + D Switch to details view
Alt + Shift + F1 Go to the navigation bar
Ctrl + Shift + H Switch to header view
Alt + F1 Go to the navigation pane
Ctrl + Shift + L Switch to lines view
Favorite/un-favorite a form (with focus
Shift + F
on a form in the navigation pane)
Esc Close the form (click Back)
Ctrl + Shift + O Go to the company picker
Input control shortcuts Ctrl + / Go to navigation search

+ Tab Alt + G Go to navigation search
D Enter the session date in a date field

T + Tab Enter the current date in a date field Ctrl + ? Open the help pane

Select text in the current field Alt + Shift + T Open the trace parser
Ctrl + A