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World History Narrative and Annotation Assignment

1) Create timeline of French Revolution events
2) Select one of the topics to complete this activity
a. 1st Estate: Clergy
b. 2nd Estate: Nobility
c. 3rd Estate: Middle Class/Peasants/Working Class
3) Annotation for the topic you choose complete the following (documents can be found at
a. Annotate two documents
i. Submit via hard copy or Google Classroom
b. Watch the video for your topic and complete the following
i. Write down five important details
ii. Rank those details on their importance
iii. Justify why you ranked them in that order
4) Narrative writing
a. Using information gathered from your annotations and video clip; write a narrative
(story) from the perspective of someone from that group. Narrative should be at least
250-500 words, 12 pt font, Times New Roman, double spaced)
b. Items to include:
i. Name of your character
ii. Age?
iii. Occupation?
iv. What group do you belong to?
v. What is your relationship to the French revolution? (What did you do?)
vi. Include events from your annotations and video as examples
5) This is an extended point’s opportunity (GREAT FOR GRADE RECOVERY). You can do this
project twice, but have to pick a different estate.
6) Submit all work via google classroom or hardcopy to teacher