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From: Douglas Grandt answerthecall@mac.

Subject: A glimpse into the imminent demise of ExxonMobil
Date: November 14, 2018 at 3:34 PM
To: Max Schulz, Suzanne M. McCarron
Cc: William (Bill) M. Colton, Jeffrey J. Woodbury,
Darren W. Woods, U. S. Senator Bernie Sanders

Nothing gives me more joy than a

glimpse of ExxonMobil’s demise
The Dutch govʼt is cutting Europeʼs
largest onshore field 65% by 2022
and to zero “in the following years”

Gas output from Groningen to

end “beyond 2022” – minister
(Montel) The Dutch government said on Wednesday it expected gas output from Groningen –
Europe’s largest onshore field – to drop to 7.5bcm/year by 2022 and to zero “in the following
years” after that.
“The government is taking measures to completely reduce gas production as quickly as
possible,” the country’s minister of economic affairs, Eric Wiebes, said in a letter to parliament.
The government ideally wanted to cut production output to 12bcm/year by October 2021 and to
7.5bcm/year or “considerably less” from October 2022.
The government needed to amend current gas and mining legislation to achieve its aims.
Meanwhile, the government gave its final approval to limit output from Groningen to
19.4bcm/year for the gas year 2018/19, compared to 21.6bcm/year previously.
Output from Groningen is being limited due to activity at the site linked to earthquakes in the
region, with the government under pressure to enforce further restrictions on production.