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November 15,2018

I. Objectives:
Specific objectives:
1. Identify the following Personal Protective Equipment.
2. Discuss the different types of personal protective equipment.
3. Appreciate the usage of every PPE.
II. Content:
A. Subject Matter: Personal Protective Equipment
B. References: ICT Learner’s Materials pp. 65-67
C. Materials:
III. Procedure:
A. Daily Routine: Prayer, checking of attendance, picking up trashes.
B. Review of the topic: Review on the previous topic last meeting.

- Okay class our topic last meeting is all about? - The students respond based on the given
- Who can enumerate the different materials,
equipment and tools? - Students will answer the given question.
- Who can give me an example of tool and its

C. Motivation: Pic to Word

1.) I’m going to show on the board a picture related to my topic.
2.) Students will formulate ideas based on the given picture.
3.) Every picture is equals to every word, after they formulate the
word and that’s the time they will recognize that our topic is all
about PPE.
- Students answer will be based on every word that they formulate based
on the picture.
- Okay class our topic for today is all about PPE.
D. Presentation:
- PPE refers to Personal Protective Equipment in which. It is very
important for some job-related occupational and health purposes. Not
just for ones health but also to avoid possible hazards to others that
may occur along our work. PPE can also be used to protect working
environment from pollution or infection Especially for us students and
teachers during our laboratory works we should wear PPE for our safety
and to attain our good output without being harm. There are 5 different
PPE that we must wear during our laboratory works. 1.Goggles 2.Rubber
Sole 3.Apron 4.Face Mask and 5.Gloves.
E. Activity: Okay class so now we will going to have an activity.

-The class will be divided into 2 groups - Students listen to the instruction of the teacher
-Each group will be given an envelope that contains the -Students will select their leader, secretary and
materials they and instructions inside. reporter.
-The group will select their leader and secretary, select -Students cooperate with each other
different reporter in every PPE. -Both groups will perform the task based on what
-Every groups should cooperate with each other. is given.
-10 minutes in every performance task.
-Both groups will draw the PPE, after that they must put
definitions in every PPE and discuss in front of the class.

F. Analysis:
Okay class what are those PPE that we mentioned a while ago?
-Students will answer randomly.

G. Abstraction:
Why we need to have PPE during our laboratory or workshop’s?
-The students answers will be based according to their understanding.

H. Application:
Teachers will flash GIF’s of PPE and then the students will answer of where it is
being used and purpose.
-Students will raise their hand, if not they will be asked randomly.

I. Valuing:

Knowing the PPE and applying it to our work could be a very big help and we
can avoid possible hazards during our workshops. PPE serves as our body
protection to keep us from harm to our workplace. We are not just to our work
also to our health. Because is our top priority. Safety first before anything else.
In our life we don’t know what we are facing along the way but being safe is our
assurance to avoid being hurt by someone.

-Students pay attention to the teacher.

IV. Evaluation/Assessment:

Test 1 Multiple Choice:

Direction: Choose the letter of the correct answer based on the questions given.

1. A large spectacles with shields around the rims for protecting the eye what is it?
a. Apron b. Goggles c. Face mask d. Sunglasses
2. It is a covering material with a separate sheath for each finger for hand protection.
a. Gloves b. Rubber sole c. Boxing gloves d. Apron
3. A special type of shoes used to prevent electric shock.
a. Sandals b. Slippers c. Rubber sole d. Rubber boots
4. It is a garment worn to protect one’s cloth in front of the body.
a. Coat b. Jacket c. Rain coat d. Apron
5. Used to protect face and cover up nose from different air particles.
a. Face mask b. Helmet c. Towel d. Piece of cloth

Test II: Define PPE and give importance for 5 points.

V. Assignment/Agreement: Research the following write your answer on your assignment notebook.

1.What are the steps in disassembling Personal Computer?

2.Include you references websites or books.