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14 November 2018

From the Bishop
Dear Colleagues, Advent Studies
I am writing during a very quiet afternoon at Pallotti Advent Studies.pdf Advent Studies.doc
College in the Yarra Valley where our clergy team is on
our annual clergy Retreat. We are led this year by The
Rev'd Deacon Marilyn Hope and her addresses so far
ministry at St Peter's on Advent Sunday. while this move
have been exceptionally good. This morning she spoke
is very disappointing for St Peter's, I am hopeful that Fr
about Authenticity in the Christian life, and had some
Tim will make a strong contribution to the life of the
perceptive comments about the capacity of the clergy to
School and continue to contribute to the wider life of
be seduced into believing every good thing that is said
the Diocese.
about them! Please continue to pray for your clergy that
they may be, as Marilyn suggested this morning, not Fr Ryan Bennett has announced his resignation from the
channels of swift flowing water, easily exhausted, but Parish of Springmount and will conclude his ministry in
deep reservoirs of experienced grace. the Diocese at the Epiphany. Fr Ryan is going to the US
to study at the General Seminary, New York, sponsored
Synod by the Society of the Sacred Mission, a religious
Our Synod was the usual happy time mixing fellowship community to which he belongs. Happy trails, Fr Ryan!
and serious business. Friday evening we focussed on the
Diocese's participation in the Commonwealth Redress With the impending retirement of Canon Snell, the
scheme for survivors of sexual abuse in institutions. Diocese now has too many clerical vacancies. Please
While Synod recognised that this may be very costly, pray that the Archdeacons, the VG and I will have
there was a clear commitment to make our first priority wisdom and speed and success in some new
the careful response to those who have suffered abuse appointments. In the meantime, I am grateful for the
within our church settings. The Synod voted support of the retired clergy and lay leadership teams.
unanimously to endorse the decision of Bishop-in- With all good wishes and blessings.
Council, and the Diocesan Corporation, to participate
fully in the Scheme. +Garry

A controversial motion, recognising the reality of same
gender marriage at law in Australia, asked me to From the Ministry Development
consider preparing liturgical material that would Committee
recognise civil same sex marriages. The Bishop's have
As mentioned by Robyn Shackell at Synod the Ministry
agreed not to act unilaterally on this matter, and so I will
Development Committee has put together a booklet of
not be promoting such a liturgy at present. It is
resources that might be used on Advent Sunday to
important to understand that this proposal is not a
launch our new Diocesan Theme for 2019: Living our
change in our Church's doctrine of marriage, but rather a
Faith and Witnessing to Christ’s Love
pastoral response to same gender attracted people in
our churches who choose to contract a civil marriage. No << Resources.doc >> | << Resources.pdf >>
doubt there will be further discussion about this and
Also linked below is booklet summarising the workshops
other matters concerning human sexuality in the years
held this year. It is full of interesting thoughts and great
ideas about how to ‘build welcoming and transforming
Silvie Paladino communities of faith.’ Thank you to all the workshop
I do hope that you are planning to come to the grand presenters and the many participants across the
launch of the Cathedral Music Foundation this Saturday Diocese who joined us throughout the year.
night - tickets available from the Registry include a << Summary.doc >> | << Summary.pdf >>
chicken and champagne supper. This is a very important
move in the life of our Cathedral church, and I urge you
to participate. See you there!
Clergy changes
The Rev'd Dr Tim Gaden has announced that he will take
up the duties of Senior Chaplain at Ballarat Grammar
commencing in the New Year. He will conclude his
From the Registrar Registry Office Christmas close
The Diocesan Registry office will be closing at midday
Synod and the Parochial Government Act on the 21st of December and will reopen on the 7th of
This is the first dNews since Synod (my first contribution January 2019.
anyway) and I would like to outline some of the points
On a lighter note:
raised at Synod and how they relate to the changes to
the Parochial Government Act and parishes. A Bishop was visiting the parish when he asked little
Johnny a question during Sunday school,
Each month the Diocese pays out around $125,000 for
parish stipend and insurance costs - the largest "Who broke down the walls of Jericho?"
component of our cash flow. This compares to an Little Johnny replies, "I dunno, but it wasn't me!"
average of $78,000 in operating costs such as Registry
stipends and salaries, contributions to general Synod, The Bishop, taken aback by Johnny's lack of basic Bible
Diocesan Centre property costs, Professional Standards knowledge goes to the parish priest and relates the
expenses and general administration. whole incident.

Whilst each month we invoice out (to parishes) the cost The priest replied, "I know Little Johnny, as well as his
of parish stipends and insurance we are receiving whole family, and can vouch for them; if Little Johnny
payment at less than 97% (or on average we are paid said that he did not do it, then I, as parish priest am
short $5,000 per month). Ultimately this shortfall does satisfied that it is the truth."
not get magically “funded” by the Diocese but is paid for Even more appalled, the Bishop the following day
(in the end) by the financial parishes, either through related the story to the Registrar.
(increased) assessment or reduced cash available for
investment distributions. After listening the Registrar replies: "I can't see why you
are making such a big issue out of this; just tell the
This is one of the reasons behind some of the changes parish to get three quotes and we’ll get the wall fixed!"
to the Parochial Government Act adopted at this year’s
Synod including: From Your Cathedral
• Parish arrears are able to be recovered against the
proceeds of the sale of redundant land Cathedral Music Foundation Launch
It is not too late to buy tickets to see Silvie Paladino for
• When a parish is reduced to a parochial district (most this Saturday. Two performances are on offer at the
commonly due to arrears) their Rector will be licensed Cathedral at 3pm and 7pm, on this Saturday 17th
as a Cleric-in-Charge after two years November. All proceeds will go to the Cathedral Music
• The License of a Cleric-in-Charge will continue at the Foundation. We have already sold enough tickets to
Bishop’s discretion (subject to providing the cleric cover our costs so now proceeds from every ticket will
with at least 90 days’ notice). go directly to the Foundation. Pay a little extra and stay
for the Champagne and Chicken supper after the
• Parish Councils are required to seek permission prior evening concert, when we will officially launch the
to entering into financial obligations in excess of the Cathedral Music Foundation. Tickets are available at the
amounts set by Bishop-in-Council. Diocesan Office or by booking online at
The intention in drafting the above changes is that they Or, if you wish to make a direct donation, you can do so
not be a hard wired solution but that there is flexibility by cheque made out to Ballarat Anglican Cathedral
for Bishop-in-Council to consider individual Music Foundation, or by direct transfer to BSB 633 000
circumstances. It is also hoped that they will lead to A/c 161 628 847.
early conversations regarding working through issues
Cathedral Feast of Title
and develop long term solutions to viable ministry. They
also may encourage structural changes as a short or Our guest preacher for the Sunday morning services for
longer term response to changing circumstances. the Feast of Christ the King will be Bp Andrew Curnow,
former Bishop of Bendigo. 8am & 9.30am Sunday 25th
Other changes to the Act included a (hopefully) more November. Choral Evensong will be sung that evening
equitable process for determining clerical incapacity, and at 5pm with Bishop Garry preaching. All are welcome.
extending the “retirement“ date for clergy from a fixed
age of 65 to the age at which the cleric becomes eligible 16 Days of Activism Service
to apply for the aged Pension. The Cathedral is holding a service that is part of the 16
Days of Activism Against Gender-based Violence. It is
Registrar’s conference hosted by the Mothers’ Union. Guest speaker will be Dr
I will be in Sydney for the week of the 26 to 30 Ree Boddé, Program Director for Think Prevent, an
November for the Bi-annual Australian and New Zealand organisation directed to motivating men and women to
Registrars’ conference. The actual business of the work together to prevent men's violence against women
conference will run from Monday to Wednesday but I will & children. Thursday 5.30pm 29th November followed
be staying on for a few days rest and relaxation and will by a Q&A over supper in the Synod Hall with Dr Boddé
be back at work on the 3rd of December. and Lorrinda Klien from the local police Domestic
Violence Unit. It concludes no later than 7.15pm.
Advent @ the Cathedral Dec 9 5pm
Advent Sunday will launch the Diocesan Theme for 2019 10th Anniversary of the Ordination of Women
Year of Living our Faith and Witnessing to Christ’s Love Preacher and Celebrant: Bp Alison Taylor
at all the Sunday Services, as will be the case in each
parish. Because of a short Advent and other demands on Dec 16 pm
the Cathedral, there will be no Advent Series by the Nine Lessons & Carols
Bishop this year. Dec 23 5pm
The Advent Studies produced by the MDC will be offered Service of Advent Reflection & Contemplation
after each of the morning services during Advent. You Led by The Dean
don’t have to come every week, just turn up when you With kind regards,
Your friend and Dean,
Feast for the Conception of the BVM
Chris Chataway.
On Saturday 8th December, please join Our Lady of
Walsingham Cell to a service in the Lady Chapel to
celebrate the Feast of the Conception of Mary. Rosary is From the editor of The Chronicle
said at 11.15am followed by a Solemn Eucharist at 12 My apologies to those whose articles were not included
noon. All are welcome. in the October Chronicle. Sadly we only received
10th Anniversary of the Ordination of Women enough copy for 5 pages, which is not manageable, so
Ten years ago, this Diocese ordained women to the we had to reduce it to a four page edition. I hope to
diaconate for the first time, and 5 years ago, the first include in the December Chronicle any articles sent for
women priests were ordained. To mark this significant the October edition, but not included.
step, the Bishop is hosting a 10th Anniversary Service to Janine Stewart, editor.
celebrate with those who were ordained, to be held on
Sunday 9th December at 5pm at the Cathedral. All are From Anglicare
invited. It will be followed by a supper in the Synod Hall.
The Bishop has invited Bishop Alison Taylor to preside Seeking Christmas dinner volunteers
and preach at the service. Bp Taylor was formally a We are seeking volunteers to assist with the annual
regional bishop in the Diocese of Brisbane, and is now Christmas Dinner. The dinner is form 6.30 to 8.30pm
retired in the Diocese of Melbourne. Tuesday 25 December and is for people who attend the
Cathedral Planning Days Community Breakfast program and the wider
I am grateful to the many who have supported our community. We require assistance with set up and
planning process so far. It concludes with two evenings cooking prior to the dinner and waiting and cleaning up
in December. While a busy time of year, it is necessary on the night. If you are interested please call 5338 8651
to fit with Deacon Grace Reynolds, our facilitator, on her or email kimberly,boyd by the 30
return from Thailand. Please come on Monday and November. You will need to be signed up as an
Wednesday, Dec 10 & 12 from 7pm to 9.30pm. All are Anglicare Victoria volunteer to assist with the dinner.
welcome, even if you didn’t make the previous sessions,
and even if you can only attend one of these on offer. Coming Events
Your input is important and valued.
12 - 16 November
Children’s Christmas Service Clergy Retreat
Following the fun and joyful time we had last year, our
Children’s Christmas Service this year will be held on 17 November - 3pm and 7pm.
Friday 14th December at 5.30pm. Sylvie Paladino ‘On My Own’ - Launch of the
Cathedral Music Foundation
Nine Lessons & Carols
Saturday 17 November 2018 at 3pm
7pm Sunday 16th December, our Annual Nine Lessons &
Carols will be held. Please note that it starts at 7pm,
later than our usual Sunday service.
Adult - Includes Afternoon Tea - $30.00
Sunday Night Cathedral Calendar Concession - For those with a seniors card, health care
Nov 18 5pm card or student card, inc. Afternoon Tea - $25.00
Preacher: the Rev’d Lynton Wade Children under 14yrs - For children under 14 in the
company of an adult, includes Afternoon Tea - $10.00
Nov 25 5pm
Feast of Title Choral Evensong Preacher: Bp Garry
Dec 2 5pm
Launch of the Diocesan Theme 2019 @FIVE
Saturday 17 November 2018 at 7pm 5 December
WHEN: Saturday 8 December
Adults - Performance Only, supper not included - $30.00
10am convene, 10.30am start finish
Adult (Supper inc.) For both Performance and Supper for
by 3pm
Launch of Cathedral Music Foundation - $50.00
WHERE: St Mark’s Abbey, Camperdown
Conc. (Perf. only) - Concession for holders of seniors
card, health care card or student card, performance only CONDUCTOR: Canon Graham Snell
- $25.00
BYO: Lunch
Conc. (Supper inc.) - Concession for holders of seniors
ENQUIRIES: Canon Graham Snell 0408 542 270
card, health care card or student card, includes Supper
for Launch of the Cathedral Music Foundation - $45.00 << POSTER >>
Child For children under 14 years of age - $10.00 9 December @ 2.30pm
For more information or general enquiries please call: Christmas Concert and Carol Service
5331 1183 Venue: St Peter’s, Ballarat
24 November Featuring soloists Phillip Johnson, Bradley Harris and
Holy Trinity Sebastopol Fair Kaitlyn Spears and lots of carols to sing together.
Holy Trinity Sebastopol will be holding a Fair on Saturday Gold coin donation.
24 November between 9:30am and 1pm.
11 December
<< POSTER >> Come and See Group Meetings 2018 (Christmas
24 November
MDC Quiet day at Horsham 11 December
Begins with a cuppa at 9:30am. Bishop-in-Council (change of date)
First address at 10:00am.
Depart 3:00pm
Conductor Canon David Oulton.
Theme ‘What we say to God – What God says to us’.
Luncheon available for $5. Please contact the Horsham
parish office for catering 5382 6633
29 November at 5.30pm
Mothers’ Union 16 Days of Activism 2018
The 3rd Ballarat Deanery “candle and prayer service” will
be held on Thursday 29th November at 5.30pm at Christ
Church Cathedral, 49 Lydiard Street Sth, Ballarat and
lead by the Dean, Fr Chris Chataway.
16 Days of Activism against gender-based violence is an
international campaign. It takes place each year from 25
November (International Day for the Elimination of
Violence against Women) until 10 December
(International Human Rights Day).
Throughout the campaign, MU joins with others globally
to raise awareness of, and call for an end to, gender-
based violence in all forms and in all societies.
Sunday December 2 @ 4 pm
Organ Recital featuring the historic St Paul’s Bakery Hill
Pipe Organ
Organist Leigh Askew; Organist Christ the King
Cathedral, Ballarat.
Tenor - Timothy Reynolds; Currently performing with
Australian Opera.
$10.00 donation. Performance followed by Light