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Choose A, B, C, D or E for appropriate answer! Kelas : X (Geologi Pertambangan / Busana Butik) *
Questions 1 – 14 refer to the following text.
Hi, my name is Clara. I am 16 years old. I … (1) 13. Why do Clara and friends not go to school on
in Trenggalek, a small city in East Java. I …(2) in Sunday?
Vocational High School of Nurul Hikmah. It …(3) A. Because, they go to school together.
located in Trenggalek regency, behind B. Because, they study every day.
Rejowinangun’s clinic. My school …(4) near rice C. Because, sometimes they visit the beach
field. There are many students study in SMK Plus D. Because, there are many students there
Nurul Hikmah. Usually I and my friend …(5) to E. Because, Sunday is Holiday
school together. We …(6) everyday from Monday to
Saturday. Sunday …(7) Holiday. We do not …(8) to 14. Who visit beach and mountain on holiday?
school on Sunday. Sometimes, I and my family … (9) A. I and her family
the beach or mountain to have a vacation. B. I and my friends
C. SMK Plus Nurul Hikmah’s students.
D. Clara and her family
1. A. live D. do live
E. Clara and my family
B. lives E. lived
C. am living
2. A. studies D. am studying Questions 15– 22 refer to the following text.
B. study E. do study Mr. Ali is one of a qualified teacher in Nurul
C. studied Hikmah. He … (15) many skills in teaching. He is
friendly person. …(16) body is rather fat. Besides
3. A. is D. do teaching, he is always active in many social
B. am E. does activities. He also … (17) with some organizations
C. are in developing prosperity of society.
4. A. is D. do Usually, Mr. Ali … (18) in Geology class, but
B. am E. does this time he … (19) in Boutique class. Yesterday,
C. are he … (20) to the school because he had a special
training for teacher.
5. A. buy D. wash
B. draw E. play
15. A. have D. had
C. go
B. is having E. had had
6. A. play D. write C. has
B. buy E. study
16. A. your D. his
C. bring
B. him E. my
7. A. is D. do C. her
B. am E. does
17. A. join D. joined
C. are
B. joins E. have joined
8. A. go D. going C. joining
B. went E. goes
18. A. teach D. taught
C. gone
B. teaches E. do teach
9. A. visits D. visited C. teaching
B. visiting E. are visited
19. A. teach D. taught
C. visit
B. teaches E. do teach
10. How old is Clara? C. is teaching
A. She is sixteen years old.
20. A. do not come D. are not coming
B. She is sixty years old.
B. does not come E. did not come
C. She is sixteenth years old.
C. is not coming
D. She is six years old.
E. She is sixty six years old. 21. Based on the text above, who is Mr. Ali?
A. He is one of Nurul Hikmah teacher.
11. Does Clara live in West Java?
B. He an activist of social development.
A. Yes, she does D. No, she is not
C. He is a fat person.
B. No, she does not E. Yes, she does not
D. He is a special trainer of teacher.
C. Yes, she is
E. He does not have any skill
12. How many days do the students study in SMK
22. The antonym of the word “fat” in first paragraph
Plus Nurul Hikmah?
is ….
A. It is seven days D. It is Holiday
A. big D. thin
B. It is six days E. It is Monday and
B. long E. small
C. It is Monday Saturday
C. high
Mid.Test │semester I │ English Language │X Class │VHS Nurul Hikmah │ 2017 1
32. We often . . . (menulis) letter at our school.
23. This time, the students … their examination.
A. do D. are doing
B. does E. did
C. is doing
Questions 24– 30refer to the following text. 33. I . . . (berbicara) to my teacher now.

34. Look! Fatma . . . (menonton) a film on TV.

35. Hamida . . . (mengunjungi) her uncle every

This is Mrs Nadia. She is a primary school
teacher. She usually … (24) English, Maths and
Geography. At the moment, she … (25) Maths.
She … (26) in Trenggalek. Today is Sunday.
Sunday is Holiday. Mrs. Nadia … (27) to school.
Now, she … (28) in the kitchen. Mrs. Nadia often REWRITE the sentences into English languages using
… (29) English as well as Indonesian, but she …
appropriate tenses.
(30) it.
24. A. teach D. is teach 36. Aku belajar di SMK Plus Nurul Hikmah. Sekolahku
B. teaches E. does teach bukan sekolah yang besar.
C. is teaching
25. A. teach D. is teach
B. teaches E. does teach
C. is teaching
26. A. live D. do live 37. Sekolahku kecil tetapi indah. Setiap hari kami
B. lives E. is live belajar di SMK Nurul Hikmah.
C. is living
27. A. not go D. does not go
B. do not go E. is not going
C. is not go
38. Hari ini hari Minggu. Saat ini kami tidak sedang
28. A. cook D. is cooking
belajar disekolah
B. is cooking E. cooks
C. do cook
29. A. speak D. is speak
B. speaks E. do speak
C. is speaking
39. Aku sedang membantu ibu di dapur dan ayah
30. A. do not teach D. does not teach
membaca koran di ruang tamu.
B. is not teach E. do not teaching
C. is not teaching

40. Kadang-kadang ayah pergi kesawah pada hari

REWRITE THE WORDS IN THE BRACKETS becomes the minggu dan aku bermain dengan adikku
correct one! dirumah.
(Present Tense or Present Continuous?)
31. Ahmad . . . (bermain) football at the moment.

Mid.Test │semester I │ English Language │X Class │VHS Nurul Hikmah │ 2017 2