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IN THE SUPERTOR COURT OF LOWNDES COUNTY STATE OF GEORGIA RA. , + owmaccion eee ; Defendants, STATE OF GEORGIA, COUNTY OF LOWNDES ‘This is the affidavit | Ts vi makes this declaration under oath and:penalty of perjury, and pursuant to 28 U.S.C. §1746, hereby states before a notary public the following: L My es TTS oa ove te ee 0B years of age. L am giving this affidavit voluntarily, and I have personal knowledge of the facts stated herein and know them fo be true. 2. met QE in April 2016, and on one occasion was with Qt sparen in RD veo Fold me thee i aa, eT Kendrick Johnson. 3. According (0 A (MERE 213 icendrick Johnson were in illed the gym at Lowndes High School in Valdosta, Georgia where an argument between {fii and The argument was sbout or ver 4, According to (gE. MB was taking steroids at the time and out of a “roid rage” or the effects of the steroids, i struck Kendrick Johnson in the neck with a 45tb. weight or combo REE soe AMD co MY MN) th the Forementioned blow may have broken Kendrick Johnson's neck. 5. According to QAR. GENER was a witness to the fight and mama (RB Wa itt Loop quiet end help J move Kendrick Johnson’s body J 0 AED, «001d mot se SAAR wold “pay for it” as in, suffer some form of retaliation. Kendrick took plac PEEMEETY cso fold me that AMD got in touch vith CAAT after boing notified of the fight and Kendrick Johnson's death. EE 30 ne I in os i aT 8. EEE e150 told me that (BEE cot in touch with anothe EB ho in some way facilitated the editing of the high school’s surveillance video by corrupting or deleting, some one hour and twenty-five minutes of the original recording, Shortly thereafter, (7 changed {story by saying that it was not AAMT who in some way facilitated the editing of the high school’s surveillance video, but that it was someone who was 7 Pw that was responsible for the editing of the video you see it already. 9, SEMEN aso told me that after Kendrick Johnson’s death, that his organs were removed and newspapers placed in the cavity so as to interfere with any effort to establish the correct time of death or to otherwise disclose any other injuries, eee) also told me that the autopsy was falsely documented. AFFIANT FURTHER SAYETH NOT Sworp tg sind subseyibed before me tis Oe ota 20 /€ Tre AO ruadot- Notary Public My Commission Expires: