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Mohammad Ali Jinnah University Fee Payment Instruction: Please deposit cash / pay order / demand draft at Dubai Islamic Bank (any branch) on the attached fee challan only and submit a photocopy of paid fee challan to Accounts Office of Mohammad Ali Jinnah University immediately for fee confirmation. You can also deposit a pay order/ demand draft in favor “Mohammad AliJinnah University” at Accounts Office. MAIU NTN is 1422544-1. Last date of fee payment is Friday, October 19, 2018. Those who eligible for the promised scholarship (other than need based scholarship) are required to visit Registrar Office of Mohammad Ali Jinnah University with a pay order of net fee. Please also follow the attached fee structure. Example: Fee amount as mentioned on attached challan _XXXXXX Less: Amount of promised scholarship XXXXXX Pay order amount XXXXXX Ifyou make a pay order of wrong amount then don’t worry we will adjust the remaining fee in installment. Those who wants to avail the facility of installment plan they can also visit to Registrar Office of Mohammad All Jinnah University between 09:00am to 09:00pm (Sunday 09:00am to 05:00pm). Please feel free to contact us for any fee/scholarship related query on 111-87-87-87 Ext; 140 & 152. MOHAMMAD ALI JINNAH UNIVERSITY es ee ‘Admission Foo (Payable once at the time of admission) Rs. 16,000 Takano rove Wi) ra TEA ban re Roan FOP sk ia a mem Raa PS pe PO a For Bachelors Programs a ee saonenene Th190% “omcn | rere 75% va a Cngmal and Photocopy of HGS | mene 50% | ‘cosamavoncr! |For Masters Programs jequent continuation of scholarship Is subjected to See ee eet [Acadomic Performance (Someste testo Pte Gener St ESI | owe es enc fers Bearer cial ie a = 25% Seta Pression Boi (GHA, ACTA PFA | ee Se Fidel rep ee bared cane Pow | ee Scholarship For World Memon Organization ZEEE, | wsoneroe ees a Tee Scholarship for SBT Students a In terpenes 25% Si Scholarship o MANY Aone [reaaees| oar ance caer 25% ‘Scholarship to PG Students: etatan rn, | Oronat sd Petocony ot ma en rt ens tt 25% erat “Scholarship on Kinehip Naame | Grora s Pesaran ot Ct rt ry 0 et rere ron ey matogn e e [te rte sce ‘Need cum Merit based Scholarship ‘Scholarship Grants from Industry ‘Teoma conan: 2 stra easton nego resurgent a anette pion om be AN AT OE, { mann ty aren ett a on. cre aanuh sates eee stow aesec ae oat tee etre a eg ayn ‘remorse te ee Omran ere ay ape te 2 at searetaconata apa vara synrto wcn