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Guidance and Counseling Center


Theme: “A True Benildian Leader”
September 19 & 20, 2018
St. Benilde Audio – Visual Room

The Guidance and Counseling Center conducted a seminar – training/workshop for the student
leaders. The said seminar – training/workshop is designed to foster leadership skills through
teamwork for student leaders of St. Benilde.
The event started with the Registration managed by Mrs. Marlyn V. Alibarbar, Head of the
Students Affairs and Services at 8:00 in the morning. A total of 37 participants attended and
participated in the seminar – training/workshop. The Arts and Letters Performing Artist (ALPA) joined
the event by participating in the opening ceremonies (invocation, singing of the National Anthem and
St. Benilde Hymn). Mrs. Alibarbar gave her warm welcoming remarks to the participants. The College
President, Mr. Joseph J. Tabirara gave his inspirational message as he emphasized to the
participants and I quote “You don’t need to be inspired by others because you, yourself, is the
inspiration of what you are doing tfor yourself and your future.” His message greatly gave impact to
the participants that they were very active during the whole event.
Mrs. Chello Ann P. Asuncion, the Guidance Counselor and organizer of the whole event, gave
the orientation and gave assurance that the participants will surely enjoy and gain learning from the
training. She also organized the activities every end of the talk of each facilitator.
The first activity was the CIRCLE OF CHAIRS which made the participants thought of
strategies on how to enter the circle of chairs without touching the chair to any part of the body even
their clothes. At first, they could not strategize until they came up to one decision that made them
successful in doing the activity. At the end of the activity, reactions, insights and learning were shared
to the group.
Miss Iszel Ann P. Benosa, SHS Grade 11 Adviser and School Paper Adviser, and Mrs.
Alibarbar facilitated the discussion on Leader and Leadership. Miss Benosa gave an icebreaker, Hep
Hep Hooray!, which the participants enjoyed doing. In the after Mrs. Alibarbar continued the discusion
but before that, Mrs. Asuncion gave another activity called Fruit Salad game. During Miss Benosa
and Mrs. Alibarbar’s discussion the participants were all attentive and even shared their insights
about the topic.
Before the end of the first day seminar, the last activity conducted by Mrs. Asuncion was The
Boat. The activity aims to show the differences of the different types of leader and leadership. During
the activity there were dramas and the participants got to know more about others especially in
accepting opinons and ideas.
On the second day, ALPA started the day with an invocation. Mr. Fernando V. Balbas, OIC –
Library, facilitated the topic Types of Leaders and their Leadership Roles. All were attentive and
participated during the talk. After Mr. Balbas’ talk, an activity was facilitated by Mrs. Asuncion called
No Talking Please. The activity showed how important communication is.
In connection with the activity, Mr. Widelfredo Diaz, BSSC President, facilitated the topic on
Conflict Resolutioin and Decision-Making. The participants were able to make decision wisely. An
activity was given which tested their skills in decision-making and how they handled difficult situation.
In the afternoon, Mr. Joseph J. Tabirara, College President, joined the event by sharing his
expertise in discussing and facilitating the topic The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. During
the talk, participants were attentively listening and actively participating in the discussion. They
learned new things.
The last activity that was facilitated by Mrs. Asuncion was The Blind Walk wherein the
participants gave their trust to their partners. With this activity, all skills of a leader were shown like
giving proper instruction, guiding your personnel, following instruction and mostly trusting.
During the two-day seminar, prizes and giveaways were given to active participants and also
to give more life to the events.
The Leadership Seminar – Training/Workshop is indeed a great success. Seeing the
participants enjoyed and participated in the program proved the success of the different activities. As
we saw smiles in their faces and heard good comments from them, we knew that they learnt a lot and
in some ways, we have helped them in making them good leaders in the future not only in the St.
Benilde Environment / Community but to where they can use the learning they had gained.
The program would not be a great success without the help of our supportive College
President, the OSAS head, the facilitators and every person who assisted and made this event

Prepared by:

Chello Ann P. Asuncion

Guidance Counselor / Advocate