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Graduate School

Group Number: ______________ Date: _______________ Score: __________________________ Name of
Group Member: ___________________________________________________________
CATEGORY 4 3 2 1 Score

Shows a full Shows a good Shows a good Does not seem to

understanding of the understanding of the understanding of understand the topic
topic. topic with detail. parts of the topic, very well.
Demonstrates conveys connections.
material insight with
new ideas.
Student is completely Student seems pretty The student is Student does not
prepared and has prepared but might somewhat seem at all
2. PREPAREDNESS obviously rehearsed, have needed a prepared, but it is prepared to
is well organized. couple more clear that rehearsal present.
rehearsals. was lacking.
Group presents Group presents Group presents some Presents little or no
visuals that present a adequate visuals to visuals but does not supporting visuals
vast and complete support presented support information
3. VISUALS representation of information adequately

Speaks clearly and Speaks clearly and Speaks clearly and Often mumbles or can
distinctly all (100- distinctly all (100- distinctly most ( 94- not be understood OR
4. SPEAKS CLEARLY 95%) the time, and 95%) the time, but 85%) of the time. mispronounces more
mispronounces no mispronounces one Mispronounces no than one word.
words. word. more than one word.
5. Stands up straight, Stands up straight Sometimes stands up Slouches and/or does
looks relaxed and and establishes eye straight and establishes not look at people
confident. Establishes contact with eye contact. during the presentation.
eye contact with everyone in the room
everyone in the room during the
during the presentation.
Facial expressions Facial expressions Facial expressions and Very little use of facial
and body language and body language body language are expressions or body
generate a strong sometimes generate used to try to generate language. Did not
6. ENTHUSIASM interest and a enthusiasm, but seem generate much interest
enthusiasm about the strong interest and somewhat faked. in topic being
topic in others. enthusiasm about the presented.
topic in others.
7. Student is able to Student is able to Student is able to Student is unable to
accurately answer accurately answer accurately answer a accurately answer
almost all questions most questions few questions posed questions posed about
posed about the topic posed about the about the topic. the topic.
SUBJECT with substantial topic.
KNOWLEDGE information and

Business attire, very Casual business Casual business attire, General attire not
professional look. attire. but wore appropriate for
sneakers or seemed audience (jeans, tshirt,
somewhat wrinkled. shorts).


Rated by: Dr. Ryan T. Liba, CHE Date: _____________________