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Events Register

Event identification Event Analyses Event Consequences Event Notifications Outcome

CRCC reference Date of Comments / Remark

Due to Ref of Action Taken-
Letter ,Mail, Customer/
CRCC/ Cost impact Date of CRCC Customer/ Claim / Contract Recovered
Ref. Event description Event Date Site Root Cause Delay in days MOM record Subcontractor Time extension
Customer/ if any Notification Subcontractor Amendment Amount
with Customer/ reply to CRCC
Subcontractor? reply to CRCC Reference
Subcontractor Notification

the event is not

suspension of ‫عععشععععبة مرور‬ concluded , to
05.08.201 under EOT will submit until the
1 traffic prototypes, site no. all design changes client open 1123 1081 5/8/2018 assess the delay
6 assessment - Cut off date of 1/10/2018
106,107,115,116,117,118,121,122,123,124,126, and resultant
the event is not
concluded , to
suspension ( ‫عععئععة ) د‬
‫تف‬ ‫مبنى جوازا‬ 05.08.201 under EOT will submit until the
2 all design changes client open 1123 1081 5/8/2018 assess the delay
Passports Building - Category D 6 assessment - Cut off date of 1/10/2018
and resultant
the event is not
concluded , to
suspension of ( ‫عععئععة ) د‬
‫ععلامدنية ف‬
‫ععل حو‬
‫مبنى ا‬ 05.08.201 under EOT will submit until the
3 all design changes client open 1123 1081 43228 assess the delay
Civil Affairs Building Category D, site No. 1,2,4 6 assessment - Cut off date of 1/10/2018
and resultant
the event is not
suspension of ‫ععل ستقدام‬
‫ععئعععون ا‬
‫ادارة ش‬ concluded , to
05.08.201 under EOT will submit until the
4 Expatriate recruitment affairs department , all design changes client open 1123 1081 43228 assess the delay
6 assessment - Cut off date of 1/10/2018
308,309,310 and resultant
to accommodate the the impact will be analyzed
5 Relocation of the Buildings ALL client
Client's interest by PCD
the soil strata included
disposal materials which
change proposal
need to be excavated
adverse site condition 206 , including additional has been
29.04.201 and removed from site , under under under
6 scope of work of replacement soil , excavation , 206 client 939 2/6/2018 1124 07.11.2018 submitted with
8 the excavation shall assessment assessment assessment
shoring works reservation to
extend until 8 meter
the Time Impact
deeper which in turn will
require shoring works
we need clear information
7 delay in site handing over
for this event from Khalid
change proposal
the client is responsible to 1016 -1075- 244-289-338- has been
8 relocation of existing cables in 326 4.12.2017 326 hand over the site void of Client NYD ### 1093- 56-73- Various 0453 -0478- various submitted with
any obstacles 105-724 0548-0611 reservation to
the Time Impact
Existing Obstacles
13.07.201 remove (Concrete slab,
9 Obstacles in site 326 - Salboukh (area A) 326 client NYD
5 asphalt road, rubbish
additional backfilling
10 Change Site No.(326) Stadium area-5 326 Client NYD
works for stadium area
End User Requirement - General Investigation Site
(s) , (All Sites of General Investigation)
12 design changes in site 37,107
suspension of the Security patrols admin (Cat B)
13 37
and launch center-(Al Gateef)

Additional sceop of work for sites of raods security

patrols staging centers-( Bisha -A1 Muzahemiya )

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What to be recorded for all projects?
The following items are a common practice for all projects, They have been used successfully as evidence

Project Site Diary – Extracts from Diaries

It is common practice to keep site diaries for which the project site managers are responsible. Site diary co
kinds of notes about disruptions, interruptions, hindrances, incidents, omissions, additions, errors and mistak
measures, phone conversations, meetings, decisions, agreements, visits by third parties, etc.

Pictures - Photographs
In almost every project it is possible to take pictures (photographs, with date and time stamps) along the way
on site, manufacturing of system components and their integration, transport of deliverables, team member
members delivering services, etc.

Time Sheets
Especially for larger projects which staffed generally by hundreds or even thousands persons. It is important to
virtually all of them – from Contractor own organization or from suppliers or sub-suppliers as well – keep time
to document time spent on certain work packages, counter-signed by supervisors and, if applicable, by contrac

Minutes of Meetings
For each meeting to be sure that a written minutes of meeting have been done and officially sent to all partie

Instructions – Confirmation
Certain sub-projects of Instructions
or individual work packages need "notice to proceed", an instruction given by the custom
supplier, or the supplier towards the sub-supplier. Instructions need to be confirmed, in turn. If they are not giv
take notes.

All project related correspondence (letters, other notes and documents, which are exchanged between invo
parties) shall be promptly archived in special files of records.

Notifications to Involved or Affected Parties

All involved or affected parties shall be notified of any event that could possibly lead to changes of contract
results. It is best practice to send officially, as soon as possible, these notifications to all concerned parties sin
contract precise deadlines to be respected for notifications.

Daily/ Weekly/Monthly Reports

Most contracts require Daily/ Weekly/Monthly Reports to be prepared by suppliers and sub-suppliers or to
Customer. A file of all these reports shall be organized, for further reference as evidence.

Cost Calculation – Cost Documentation

Any cost impact for any need to be substantiate in order to be fairly compensated. The calculation of addition
fair and based on real facts. If claims have to undergo an arbitration or court procedure Contractor need to be
all calculation sheets and demonstrate authentic and real evidence.

More and more E-Mails are recognized as real evidence, though they are not "signed" as the classical l
complicated cases they can present evidence, even in arbitration or court procedures. So, a special care shall
achieve as well.

Who is responsible for taking records?

Every one in project team is responsible
At the beginning of implementation phase, it shall be sure to all of Contractor project team members that that
support in collecting and filing everything that could provide evidence when needed is the most important ba
management which presents first tool for contract management.