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M arin Agricultur al Land Trust

p r e s e r v i n g m a r i n c o u n t y f a r m l a n d

dear members & friends,

This report looks back on our 2008-09 fiscal year, when Marin Agricultural
Land Trust permanently protected the 585-acre Red Hill Ranch. The agricultural
conservation easement purchased by MALT enabled co-owners Kitty Dolcini
and her brother Doug to buy out four other brothers and a sister. Without
MALT, the property would have had to be sold and almost certainly would
have been divided into multiple parcels.

We had been working with the family off and on for some 10 years to find
a conservation solution, and we are delighted, thankful, and proud of the
outcome. Today, Doug runs beef cattle, Kitty raises organic strawberries,
and 25 acres are rented to organic farmer David Retsky who does business
as County Line Farms. This fall, we held our annual Directors’ Barbecue at
the ranch. Spirits (and the temperature) soared as we celebrated the permanent
protection of the scenic farmland in Hicks Valley while enjoying a delicious
lunch of food grown on the ranch and on other family farms in Marin.

Protecting Celebrating the completion of a project is the culmina-

farmland is the tion of mostly invisible work by MALT’s staff and Board
heart of MALT’s of Directors. The work includes evaluating a potential
program project, working with the family and their advisors,
and drafting a conservation easement designed to protect the agricultural
and natural resource values of the property. Title reports and appraisals
are ordered. The Board of Directors reviews the project on an ongoing basis
and helps raise the funds for the easement purchase. On average, at least
half the cost of MALT easement purchases is provided by individual donors
like you. When possible, public funding partners are identified to match the
private contributions.

And that’s just the beginning.

MALT has a perpetual responsibility to ensure that the provisions of the ease-
ment are met by current and future owners. Protecting and preserving farm-
land by acquiring conservation easements is the heart of MALT’s program.
We couldn’t do this without your support, so we work hard to make people
aware of the importance of farmland to the quality of our lives, the threats to
its future, and the need to take action to ensure that our children and grand-
children will be able to experience it, too. None of this would be possible
without the commitment of our individual, business, foundation, and public
agency supporters acknowledged in this report.
Executive Director Bob Berner has led MALT since 1985
p r es e r v i n g m a r i n co u n t y fa r m l a n d 3

We’re grateful for your generosity!

In particular, the California Coastal Con-

servancy, the Department of Conservation’s
California Farmland Conservancy Program,
and the Natural Resource Conservation Ser-
vice’s Federal Farmland Preservation Program
have been vital funding partners. Collective-
ly, they’ve provided almost half of the funds
needed to preserve 15,000 acres of Marin
farmland over the past several years.

We also want to recognize the long-term

commitment of our Partners for Preservation
whose thoughtful inclusion of MALT in their
estate plans helps ensure the permanent
protection of Marin County farmland. We
salute our many volunteers, too, and the
partner organizations and agencies whose
work is so essential to the future of agricul-
ture in Marin County.

On behalf of the Board of Directors and

staff, thank you!

Bob Berner
Executive Director

More than p.s.

We’re now into
41,500 acres our 2009–2010
have been fiscal year and
permanently we’ve already
protected, but protected another
60,000 acres family farm. The
are still at risk 772-acre Spaletta
Ranch was the 64th agricultural conserva-
tion easement acquired by MALT.

Photos both pages Paige Green


Bill Barboni II, 4th-generation Marin Count y rancher

Bill Barboni devotes a fair amount of his time and energy to land stewardship.
“Besides the obvious goal of turning a profit,” Bill says, “my ranching philosophy
involves keeping the multi-generation tradition of ranching alive and taking great
care of my animals as well as the land.” With this philosophy, Bill successfully
markets his grass-fed, hormone-free beef and lamb to local retailers.

Bill has consistently made improvements to his family’s 2,500-acre ranch in

Hicks Valley to better manage his livestock operation and the natural resource
values of the property. Some 1,300 acres of the ranch are protected by a
MALT conservation easement.

MALT’s stewardship During the last five years, Bill has partnered
staff monitors each with the Marin Resource Conservation District,
protected farm or USDA Natural Resources Conservation
ranch annually to Service, and MALT to complete conservation-
ensure that natural & oriented projects that benefit the land as well
agricultural resources as his business. Projects include restoration of
are protected stream corridors and riparian fencing as well
as construction of creek crossings and off-stream water developments. The goal
of many of these projects is to restrict livestock access to natural waterways.

Bill believes these conservation projects go hand-in-hand with the health of

his animals. “I would rather have my animals drinking out of a clean water
trough than a mud hole in the creek,” he says. “It is disease control and
allows for better cattle distribution among pastures.” When not ranching, Bill
is a veterinarian, and he considers good land management to be a form of
preventative medicine for his livestock.

Bill doesn’t feel there is a conflict between protecting and enhancing habitat
values and ranching for profit. His philosophy on land stewardship? “There is
a happy medium where you can protect habitat and farm the land.”
Bill Barboni raises grass-fed, hormone-free beef and lamb on his
ranch in Hicks Valley
p r es e r v i n g m a r i n co u n t y fa r m l a n d 5

In cooperation with landowners, MALT’s
Stewardship Program staff monitor each
protected farm or ranch annually to
ensure that the natural and agricultural
resources are protected. Staff also is
actively involved in several conservation
planning projects. One of them, the Marin
Carbon Project, is a local initiative designed
to quantify, promote, and market carbon
sequestration in rangeland and agricul-
tural soils. MALT is part of a consortium
that includes UC Berkeley and UC Davis
scientists and representatives from the
Marin Resource Conservation District, USDA
Natural Resources Conservation Service,
University of California Cooperative
Extension, and Marin Organic.

Stewardship staff also works with partner

organizations and agencies to provide
guidance and oversight to the San Francisco
Regional Water Quality Control Board on
its development of a Conditional Grazing
Waiver Program for the Tomales Bay
Watershed which includes 34 farms and
ranches protected by MALT easements.
This new regulatory program requires all
grazing operations in the watershed to
complete and implement ranch plans to
reduce agricultural non-point sources of
pollution. Staff works one-on-one with
easement landowners to assist in the
development of these plans.

Photos both pages Paige Green


Allison Puglisi, Volunteer

When Allison Puglisi turned 16, a busy 4-H friend asked her to adopt a goat
he couldn’t care for any longer. She quickly agreed. Keeping one eye on the
fence-jumping, rambunctious, and very social creature named Gertie, Allison
helped her father nail tall fence extensions around his Novato pasture all after-
noon. It’s not every girl’s idea of a 16th birthday celebration, but Allison Puglisi
has been pitching in her entire life.

Since 2007, she’s been a MALT volunteer, and we’ve seen that same positive
spirit brighten the day at countless activities. She’s led farm tours, organized
children’s activities, parked cars, served burgers and, oh, yes, engaged and
educated people about the importance of preserving Marin County farmland.
Allison has met many farmers and growers through her volunteer work and
observed their farming practices. For the past three years, she has worked
parttime for Point Reyes Station farmer Peter Worsley. It’s all part of a dream
she’s long had to be able to grow food herself. She and her husband David
recently bought three acres in Lagunitas. “I am eagerly hauling horse manure
to improve the soil and scanning seed catalogs with a vengeance,” she says.
That’s while also volunteering for MALT.

“The reason I volunteer for MALT is that I want Marin’s beautiful, open
farm and ranch land to remain that way and in the hands of family
farmers and ranchers. I like volunteering because the staff believes what
they do is important and makes a difference to our society. They provide
insights and information with a cheering attitude that gives us volunteers
confidence and pride.”

Allison Puglisi was one of 20 MALT volunteers who helped out at

the 2009 Directors’ Barbecue
p r es e r v i n g m a r i n co u n t y fa r m l a n d 7

Volunteers help us broaden our Outreach & Education efforts by assisting on Hikes
& Tours, staffing special events, and creating a network of advocates for family
farms: Paula Alsterlind; Kate Baxter; Rob Beckstrom; Celeste Binnings; Jerry
Binnings; Jeffrey Blanchfield; Donna Bohegian; Diane Bolman; Ann Brenner;
Julian Brock; Kathy Callaway; Ed Christiansen; Sara Clow; Deborah Coburn; Annie
Cooper; Elizabeth Danel; Peggy Diedrichs; Gary Diedrichs; Susan Dollberg;
Jennifer Drake; Sue Evans; Diane Fairchild; Lester Foote; Paula Frankel; Kamala
outreach & Friedman; Susan Galbraith; Marilyn Geary; Robert Gelardin; Adi Girroir; Candice
Gold; Carol Golden; Kathy Grey; Donald Hanahan; Lillian Hanahan; Lorraine
Heitchue; Anne Hellman; Linda Herman; Helene Holl; Marguerite Illingworth;
education Pamela Johnson; Diane Judd; Muniera Kadrie; Tricia Kalish; Dahlia Kamesar;
Heide Kawahata; Leigh Kenny; Joan Lamphier; Silvia Lange; Robin Lavin; Gari

program Leary; Bonnie MacLaird; Heather Martinelli; Marci McCormick; Janet McGarry;
Bev McIntosh; Trigg McLeod; Ron Moore; Jessica Naong; Christie Nelson; Solvig
Palm-Nicholls; Allison Puglisi; June Purpura; Elizabeth Quinn; Joyce Rhodes; Christa
Rieger; Lynn Ross; Cynthia Salaysay; Cynthia Sawtell; Carol Schoenfeld; Donna
Outreach and Education programs and
Shoemaker; Rebecca Simon; Marcia Sitcoske; Dabney Smith; Stephanie Smith
activities create public awareness of Stein; Sherry Stanton; Gail Truman; Jano Tucker; Alice Wallace; Karen Whitaker;
MALT and of agriculture’s historic and Barbara Whittenton; Shannon Wilson; Janet Wittkopf; Deborah Zierten
economic value to Marin County. Farm tour hosts & leaders make our farm visits and Farm Field Studies trips possible:
AllStar Organic, Janet Brown & Marty Jacobsen; Artist Timothy Horn; Barinaga
Planting potatoes, bottle-feeding a new calf, Sheep Ranch, Marcia Barinaga; Bivalve Dairy, Karen & John Taylor; Black Mountain
Ranch, Margaret Nobbman & Mike Giamonna; Chef, Aurea Herrick; Corda
tasting greens fresh from the field: they’re all Winery, David Corda; Devil’s Gulch Ranch, Mark & Myriam Pasternak; Drakes
part of a day’s fun—and learning—for the Bay Family Farms, Kevin & Nancy Lunny; Drakes Bay Hereford Ranch, Anne
1,300 students who took part in our Farm Murphy; Draper Farm, Beekeeper Mea Draper; Escalle Winery, Mary Tiscornia;
Farm Fresh Cooking Class, Helene Holl, Leigh Kenny, Marcia Sitcoske, Rebecca
Field Studies program this year. Adults, too, Simon; Gospel Flats, Don & Mickey Murch; Greenbelt Alliance Director, Jeremy
are inspired. More than 1,000 went on our Madsen; Grossi Ranches Jim, Dominic & George Grossi; Hog Island Oyster Co.,
Hikes & Tours of West Marin farms, making John Finger & Terry Sawyer; Historian Dewey Livingston; Lafranchi Dairy & Nicasio
Valley Farms, Randy Lafranchi & Lynette Pareglio; Leiss Ranch, Nancy Chaffin;
lasting connections with the farmers, the MALT founder Phyllis Faber; MALT founding board member Ralph Grossi; Marin
food, and the land MALT works to protect. Winegrowers Association (Brookside Cellars, Thomas Fogarty Winery, Kendric
Vineyards; Orogeny Winery; Sean Thackrey; Pey-Marin Vineyards; Moon Hill
Vineyard, Precedent Wines, Dutton-Goldfield; Stubbs Vineyard; Vergari Wines,
Our ongoing lecture series, “Food and Farm- Vision Cellars, Point Reyes Vineyards; Corda Winery; Willowbrook Cellars, Miller
ing on the Urban Edge,” features intriguing Wine Works & Mark Pasternak); McEvoy Olive Ranch, Nan McEvoy, Shari de
speakers and partners who support and Joseph, Eliza Fisher, Jill Lee, Jeff Creque; Naturalists David Wimpfheimer & David
Herlocker; Moore Ranch, Jim & Margaret Moore; Panfiglio Ranch, Joe & Karen
complement our conservation mission. Panfiglio, Chris Rieger; Paradise Valley Produce, Dennis & Sandy Dierks; Point
Reyes Farmstead Cheese Co., Lynn Stray & Bob Giacomini; Point Reyes Vine-
Ranches & Rolling Hills, our annual land- yards & Winery, Steve & Sharon Doughty; Slow Money, Woody Tasch; Stewart
Ranch, Amanda Wisby & Jo Ann Stewart; Straus Family Dairy & Creamery, Albert
scape art show and sale, has become a & Jeanne Straus; Red Hill Ranch, Kitty & Doug Dolcini; Tomales Bay Oyster Co.,
beloved tradition for participating artists Todd Friend; Toluma Farms, Drs. Tamara Hicks & David Jablons; Tresch Dairy, Joe
as well as for the thousands of art lovers & Kathy Tresch; Windrush Farms, Mimi Luebberman; UC Berkeley, Sibella Kraus;
UC Cooperative Extension, Ellie Rilla & Steve Quirt
who flock to the tiny Druids Hall in Nicasio
each May. Nearly $2 million worth of art Partners in Outreach & Education help MALT reach out to the community about
the importance of local agriculture: California Artisan Cheese Festival; Dominican
has been sold since the first show in 1998 University; Greenbelt Alliance; Institute at the Golden Gate; Marin Agriculture
with 50% of the proceeds going to the and Education Alliance member organizations (Environmental Education Council
Ellen Straus Land Preservation Fund for the of Marin; College of Marin; Marin County Farm Bureau; Marin Farmers Markets;
Marin County Office of Education; Marin Organic; Point Reyes Farmers’ Market;
purchase of conservation easements. Slide Ranch; The Bay Institute; and UC Cooperative Extension); Marin County
Open Space District; Marin Wine Growers Association; Nicasio Historical
None of these activities would be possible Society; Point Reyes National Seashore; Slow Food Nation
without our dedicated volunteers or the
family farmers who host farm tours, school
groups, and RRH artists. We thank them all.
Photos both pages Paige Green

Shannon Wilson, Donor

San Francisco resident Shannon Wilson lived on a farm on Route 66 in
Missouri when she was young, and her love of farmland and fresh, healthy
food springs out of cherished childhood memories. “I remember the taste of
the grapes right off the vine, picking strawberries and blackberries with my
grandmother, walking through the fields, and finding a profusion of delicious
watercress near the springhouse. These sensory experiences on the land
gave me a feeling of being totally in the moment, as well as a sense of
place and a sense of self.”

Preserving farmland It also inspired her desire to preserve farmland.

keeps a community As a donor, Shannon explains her giving
“growing”—in the best philosophy, “My partner Janine and I set an
sense of the word annual giving budget and agree how we’ll
allocate that budget across causes. Within each cause, we choose one or
two organizations that we really want to support—MALT is one of them.
Everyone has a giving level they are comfortable with. We try to find that
level, and then stretch beyond it a bit.”

Living in an urban environment doesn’t keep Shannon from having a strong

connection to the value of preserving farmland. “Fresh food nourishes us—
body and soul. Every time I sit down at a restaurant, I appreciate where the
food comes from. I’m especially pleased when I am able to enjoy food in
San Francisco that I know was produced on a MALT–protected property.”

Shannon also is a MALT volunteer, and she’s a regular visitor to West Marin,
drawn by the sense of community as much as the natural beauty of the farmland
she loves. “Preserving farmland is not just about open space and landscape; it
keeps a community alive and vibrant—‘growing’ in the best sense of the word.”
Donors Janine Guillot & Shannon Wilson
p r es e r v i n g m a r i n co u n t y fa r m l a n d 9

ways to give
Become a member—More than 4,000
of you make annual gifts totaling about
$1 million—a remarkable 80% of our
total operating budget. Your support
allows us to do the work vital to preserving
Marin County farmland so that the land
will remain as productive agriculture,
open space, and wildlife habitat, forever.

Donate to the Ellen Straus Farmland

Preservation Fund—Your gifts, along with
grants from public agencies and funds
raised at our annual Ranches & Rolling
Hills Landscape Art Show and Sale, are
used to purchase agricultural conserva-
tion easements.

Leave a legacy to the Stewardship

Fund—Your bequests and other planned
gifts help build a crucial endowment for
MALT that allows us to be partners in
stewardship with the landowners and
effectively monitor the easements we hold.

THANK YOU all for your support this

past year!

Photos both pages Paige Green


malt supporters
July 1, 2008 — June 30, 2009
Guardians ($10,000 or more) Christopher & Jane Adams Gary & Linda Giacomini Carla Ruff Annette Billingsley &
Anonymous (8) The Winifred & Harry B. Allen Bob & Dean Giacomini * Tim & Annette Ryan Terry Bergmann
Mrs. Thomas Adams Foundation * Susan & Dennis Gilardi Jeff & Trish Scales Linda L. Blackwood
Alvin H. Baum, Jr. * Howard & Ann Allen Gilbert-Wroten Fund Betty & Jack Schafer Gerald & Carol Block
Bingham, Osborne, & Barbara Andersen Lynn Gordon & Joyce & Jim Schnobrich Tom & Carol Branan
Scarborough Foundation Robert & Dianne Arrigoni David E. Simon Fund Charles Schwab Corp. Foundation Courtney Broaddus
Robert Bingham & Carol Kearns Ayco Charitable Foundation Steve & Mary Gorski Jennifer Sellon-Dyer Allan & Muriel Brotsky
Robert Blitzer & Xenry Ms. Mary Bachman & Neal Gottlieb Spencer & Stacey Sias Matthew & Lynn Brown
Susie Tompkins Buell Fund Mr. William Downing Charles P. Gresham Kathleen Ann Skeels California Alpine Club Foundation
California Council of Land Trusts Bank of America George & Mary Grossi Lee & Perry Smith Fund The Capital Group Companies
Margaret A. Cargill Foundation Matching Gifts Program Marion Guyer Springcreek Foundation Charitable Foundation
David & Vicki Cox Peter & Janice B. Barry * Francine Halberg & Terry Kessler Steve Starkey & Olivia Erschen Elsie R. Carr*
Dick & Pat Daly* Thomas & Johanna Baruch Estate of Robert C. Held Steelcase Foundation Michael & Jeanie Casey Fund *
East Bay Community Foundation Pamela & Albert Bendich James Irvine Foundation Michael J. Sullivan Sheila Cauldwell
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Nancy Bertelsen David Jablons & Tamara Hicks Tamalpais Bank Jeffrey Chanin & Karen Lovdahl
Penelope A. Gerbode Bessemer Trust David W. Jones & Inta Vodopals Elizabeth & Martin Terplan * Chevron Humankind
Joe Gillach Blythedale Rebekah Lodge #305 Alan M. & Jean L. Kay * Three Twins Ice Cream Malinda P. Chouinard
Stan Gillmar & Kate D. Baxter The Paul H. Klingenstein & Nancy H. & James Kelso Fund Henry O. Timnick Charitable Judith Ciani
SL Gimbel Foundation Fund Kathleen R. Bole Family Fund Wayne & Lorelei Kennedy Gift Fund Sheri & George Clyde
Richard & Karen Hyde Ann & Paul Brenner Nancy L. Kittle* Janet Traub Sam Cohen & Katy Hicks
JEC Foundation Linda Brownrigg Nancy G. Kling & Bernard Lewis Marjorie & Barry Traub Janet & Alan Coleman
Mrs. Katharine H. Johnson* Priscilla & Michael Bull * Charitable Foundation Lois & Melvin T. Tukman Susan Coleman *
Leaves of Grass Fund Kathleen J. Burke & Ralph Davis Suzanne & Gerald Knecht * Vanguard Charitable Sheila E. Concannon &
Marin Community Foundation Connie & Dan Burkhardt Robert Lane & Tom Cantrell Endowment Program Michael D. Lagios, M.D.
Marin County Board of Supervisors Marilyn Burns Fund Sarah Mathews Legge Trust Fund Christina & Ken Waldeck Ed & Nancy Conner
Estate of Sandra H. McCabe Amy & Harold Bush Mark & Sandy Levine * Walsh Charitable Fund Mr. & Mrs. William H. Crocker
Carrick & Andy McLaughlin Gerald K. Cahill & Wil Levine Wells Fargo Community Thomas W. Crowell &
The Mendelson Family Fund Kathleen S. King Fund * Haynes Lindley, Jr. Support Campaign Patricia A. Pirrone
Bonnie Mitsui & Eliza & Bill Cummings
The Meshewa Farm Foundation * In preparing this report, every effort was made to ensure that it is accurate Donald B. Davis & Carol Love
Cleaves & Mae Rhea Foundation Gibson Davis
Roger & Susan Schow and complete. If there is an omission or an error in spelling, please accept Bonnie DeMaestri
Schwab Charitable Fund Charis L. Denison &
John A. Sellon our apologies and notify the Development Office so our records can be Scott Hummel
1994 Charitable Lead Trust Robert Derzon *
Jeffrey Sellon
corrected. This report lists all gifts of $250 or more received between Ethan & Hadley Dettmer
Harvey & Maud Sorensen July 1, 2008, and June 30, 2009. Gifts received after that date will be Noel Witter Dickey &
Foundation Donald R. Dickey
Jean Starkweather* listed in next year’s report. Carol Dimeling, M.D. &
Andrew Thompson & Timothy C. Gee, M.D.
Rebecca Spring Dodge & Cox
Estate of Phillip G. Twitchell Ray & Jan Capper Livingston Foundation Searle Whitney Eric & Kathleen Doney
Estate of Laurie Vaughan Center for Volunteer & Patricia & Richard Locke Jerry J. Wilson Memorial David & Suzanne Donlon *
Henry & Barbara White Nonprofit Leadership Craig MacLeod Foundation Barbara H. Dwyer
Eric J. Woodhouse Randy & Polly Cherner * Mrs. Sorrel J. Marks Shannon M. Wilson & Earl’s Organic Produce
Steward ($5,000-$9,999) Constance E. Chesnut Allan & Eleanor Martini * Janine M. Guillot Ellen T. Edwards
Yvon Chouinard Katherine Maxwell James & Beth Wintersteen * Electronic Arts Outreach Program
Anonymous (3)
John & Nina Cobb Robert & Suzanne Mellor The Patty & Jack Wright Patricia & Harris Elvebak
John E. & Helen K. Cahill Fund *
Frances & George Collins Edward L. Middelton & Foundation Pamela H. Fabry &
Deborah Coburn & Lester Foote
Sue Conley & Nan Haynes Angele Khachadour Anthony Wright Edward Chiera*
Common Counsel Foundation
Alice Corning Jane, Stacy, & Scott Miller Fund Blossom Young * Fairfax Scoop
Crawford & Jess Cooley *
Carson Cox & Deborah Haase Emily Modde Bill & Diane Zuendt Ferrari Catering & Event Planning
Robert & Daryl Davis
George W. Davis Fund Doug & Margaret Moore * Zuni Cafe Ned Forrest & Leslie Whitelaw *
Estate of Charlene Dwyer
Peter J. Davis Muller Family Foundation Patron ($500-$999) Mike Fottrell & Stacey Anderson
William Eastman &
Dick & Ginny Davis * Betsey & Terry Nelson Anonymous (6) Anita & Jim Franzi
Bishop Pine Fund*
Thomas L. Davis & Marden N. Plant Brenda & John Newcomb Adobe Systems Incorporated John & Christine B. Furnas
Gaia Fund
Michael & Allison Delman Nicasio Valley Farms Kent & Terry Ainsworth The Gala Family
Joanne & Peter E. Haas, Jr. Fund
George Dirkes & Gail Stern * Edna V. O’Connor* Janet W. Allen Richard Gale
Victor & Lorraine Honig
Peter & Marijke Donat John Odell Daniel Altman & Susan Gertman Arthur J. Gallagher Foundation
Eric & Barbara Johnson &
William H. Draper III & Diane E. Parish & Paul Gelburd American Endowment Foundation Len Garrison
Brewster West Foundation
Phyllis C. Draper William & Elizabeth Patterson Joe & Caryn Ansel Lynn & Donald Glaser *
David L. Klein, Jr. Foundation
Drexler Estate Fund * Family Fund Peter & Patricia Arrigoni Kristin & Peter Gordon
A.B. & J. Noyes Foundation
David & Erin Elliott Kristina & George Phipps Bank of Marin Community Fund John & Frances Gray *
Partnership Fund
Robert & Gilda Elliott * Ben Polk & Erin Kinikin Bill D. Barboni, D.V.M Michelle Griffin & Tom Parker
Rebecca Patton & Tom Goodrich
C. J. Eschelbach * Bill & Carol Press Nancy & Donald Barbour, M.D. * M. J. Groper
Brett Robertson & Dave Schrader
Faber Family Fund * Katherine M. & Phil H. Reilly * Chris Barnes & Nathan G. Hale Family
San Francisco Foundation
Angelo P. Figone Cynthia Rigatti & Brian Ashe Catherine Jasan, M.D. Dean & Nancy Hanson
Kimbel J. & Debra J. Stuart Fund
Anne & Mason Flemming William & Jane Robbins Anne Baxter Richard & Virginia Havel *
Benefactor ($1,000-$4,999) Margot Fraser Fund Dexter & Brenda Roberts Michael & Nancy Jo Heaton
Anonymous (19) Robert E. Bernard Fund at Truckee
Jeffrey Freedman & Marie Boylan Doris & Kenneth Roe Tahoe Community Foundation Marjorie & Anthony Helfet
Deborah & Arthur Ablin Family Fund Jim & Maggie Gault Michael & Ann Rothschild Mark & Dale Hillard
Dave & Anne Bernstein
* Donors to MALT for 20 years or more
p r es e r v i n g m a r i n co u n t y fa r m l a n d 11

Marin Agricultural Land Trust’s success in preserving Marin County farmland is due to the
inspiration of our founders, the dedication of staff, board members, and volunteers, and the
financial contributions of supporters. We gratefully acknowledge here those who have given
$250 or more. We also thank other supporters at all levels whose names are too numerous
to include but whose support is essential. Thanks also to those who give through Earth Share.

Joanne Hively Brigitte & Herb Moran Judith Shaw Autodesk, Inc. Susie Jacuzzi Cochrane &
Alfred Holck Tim Mullen & Jillian Moffett Robert ShawMeadow Kristine Ball & Paul Solli Michael Cochrane
Lisa Honig Russell D. Nelson Sandra J. Shepard & Sara & Wm. Anderson Catherine Coffey & Mike Sullivan
Mikiko Huang & Marshall Stoller Susann B. Nordrum Herbert Wolfram Barnes Fund * Diane & Richard Conner
Pat Petrie Hugenberg North Ridge Foundation Michael & Alice Shiffman Michael Barnett & Joan L. Cooke &
Scott Hughes & Marilyn Krieger Warren & Marcia Nute Roane & Clare Sias* Judith Bloomberg Robert W. Lafore, Jr.
Eugene & Joan Jacks * Ellen & Peter Obstler Mary Louise Simon John & Cynthia Barrows Judge & Mrs. John S. Cooper
Marnie & Whit Jackson Elizabeth A. Ohanneson & John Simpson & Hathaway Barry Wayne & Geri Cooper
Barbara & Jonathan Jacobs Vernon Goldsmith Christine Makuch-Simpson Michael & Helen Bates Charles Crane & Wendy Breuer
Harry & Mardie Johnson* Carol Olwell Esther J. Sinclaire Al & Cherry Baumann Copley E. Crosby
Cindy & Dick Jordan Jean M. Ostaggi * Eleanor Siperstein * J.C. Belz & Linda Spence Timothy Culler
Kane-Barrengos Foundation Jack Oswald & Anneke Seley Martin D. & Elizabeth C. Sleath Chuck Bennett John Cullison & Diana Kissil
Michael L. & Rosalind C. Keiser Stephen & Marjorie Paradis Dr. & Mrs. Lloyd H. Smith* Susan & Ronald Berman, M.D. David & Robyn Dabora
David Kirp Ed Payne & Elizabeth Fain Peggy Smith David & Julie Bernard Mrs. Robert P. Danielson
Christopher & Lizabeth Klein Eileen & Phil Perkins Delpha Snow Robert & Loraine Berry Christopher & Kathryn Dann
Mr. & Mrs. Sylvan H. Kline, Jr. * Martin A. Pflughoeft John Speh, Jr. & Suzanne Speh Marjorie Bertolino Chandler & Paula Dawson
Thomas F. Koegel & PG&E Corp.Foundation Stewart Foundation Carole L. Bionda Laura Dawson
Anne U. Lafollette Matching Gifts Program Francoise Stone Beverly & Mark Birnbaum Jacqueline &
Barbara Kosnar Regina Phelps J. Dietrich Stroeh * Gunilla Bjork C. Vincent de Nevers
Anne Baele Kouns & John Kouns * Jane & Rod Phibbs* Richard Taylor & Tracy Grubbs Barry & Kimberly Blue Virginia Debs
Robert & Mary Kroninger * Al & Cathie Poncia Thomas Fund of the Princeton Gordon & Ann Blumenfeld Joan P. Dedo *
Shana & Rob Larkin Loren & Lisa Poncia Area Community Foundation Patricia Bonfilio & Barbara Lyon Peter J. & Arline Dehlinger
Janice & David Lawrence Lisa & Allen Preger Mr. William Tichy Barbara Boucke Richard DeLew
Lyn & Bryan Lawton Eleanor Phipps Price Elaine & Chuck Tope-McLaughlin Boyce Charitable Fund * Burk E. Delventhal &
Stephen & Mimi Lewis William Prince Richard & Peggy Valentine Ken & Jackie Broad Monica A. Martin
Douglas Ley & Nick & Susan Pritzker David & Anne-Marie Walker Stuart & Jean Brown * Nona Dennis
Linda Gaudiani, M.D. Jennifer Raiser & Donald Bacon Gretchen Wallerich Ava Jean Brumbaum* Marie-Louise &
Garrett Loube & Marianne Ramer Matthew Werdegar & Wendy Buchen * Gunther R. Detert
Marcia Rodgers Loube Brian & Joanne Rapp Monique Schaulis Peter & Mimi Buckley Michael Deverell
Mrs. Shirley Loube RBC Wealth Management Mason Willrich Christa Burgoyne Ivan & Sarah Diamond
James Lowy & Wendy Coblentz Jeff & Lorri Reinders Wise Family Fund Frances M. Burnette Janeanne B. Doar *
Diane & Leslie Lynch Rich Respini & Eda Lucas * Mr. Daniel Woodhead III John & Anne Busterud Melanie Donaghy
Rick & Jean Lyttle Rickey’s Restaurant Bruce & Nancy Worthington Michael & Beverly Butler Kathy E. Down
Mary E. MacCready & Walt & Ilene Riethmeier Anita & Rebecca Wright Elizabeth Byers & Draper Foundation
Melvyn C.H. Wright Anne Riley Peter & Nancy Young* Mark Cavagnero Tim & Melissa Draper
Catherine & Richard MacDonald Jordan Rinker Sponsor ($250-$499) California Land Title of Marin Art & Lorraine Duffy
Susan MacLeod Laura Roebuck & Bill Meehan Anonymous (17) Clarke Charitable Lead Unitrust Mary Ann & Malcolm Dunlap
Debra J. & Peter A. Magowan John Catts & Sheila Roebuck Susan Aaron & Barbara B. Carlitz Tedi Dunn &
Family Foundation Phillip & Jane Rollins Steven E. Sherman Ian Carmichael William H. Svabek
Kimberley Magowan Philip Rosenthal Gerald D. Abbott & Joseph & Susan Cerny Ted Eckersdorff
Ray Martin & Melinda Murano Geneen Roth & Matt Weinstein Cherie Wilson James J. Chapman & Suzanne Edwards
Materium Fund Enid & Alan Rubin David Adams Madeleine Ballard Janeann & Lee Erickson
Marie Rasic & Melanie & Stan Russell Susan L. Adamson* John & Barbara Chase * David & Carol Essick*
William E. McGlashan, Jr. Jonathan Rutchik, M.D. Linda Aldrich William Chenoweth & Dr. Evan Evans III &
Barbara Meislin & Anne Sands & Russell Faure-Brac Julie Allecta Perry Heffelfinger Mrs. Joan Evans
The Purple Lady Fund Santa Barbara Foundation Jim Allen John & Shelly Chesley Dan & Diane Farthing
John & Elizabeth Mitchell Max & Molly Schardt * Robert A. Anderson & Eunice M. Childs Dennis & Pam P. Fisco
Tia Miyamoto & Bryce Goeking Caryn Schulberg Lois Claire Stevens Merilou & Jack Clapper Dan & Susan Fix
John & Susan Monson Michael & Susan Schwartz Fund Aptekar Family Philanthropic Fund Scott W. Clark Roger & Catherine Fleck*
The Mooney Family Sean & Carolyn Seeley Ralph & Kathy Ardito Bonnie & Rich Clarke Norma & Earl Fogelberg
Moore Dry Dock Foundation Maggie & Contee Seely Drs. James & Linda Clever* Neil & Ruth Foley
Left: Hicks Valley rancher Doug Dolcini; center: Donor Blossom Young with beets from County Line Farm; right: Development Director Kristine Ball & organic farmer David Retsky

Left:Donors Drs. Tamara Hicks & David Jablons; center: Donors Marijke & Peter Donat; right: Artsts Richard Linderberg & Richard Schloss prepare for our annual art show

Lynne-Marie H. Frame & Roberta Jeffrey Ellen Marquis Elisabeth & Gene Ptak Doug Stewart
Richard Hoskins Allan Day Jergesen & Jeffrey Martin Ned & Ellin Purdom Marilyn & Arthur Strassburger
Suzanne & Craig Frazier Rebecca J. Krebs Jody Martin* Peggy Rathmann & John Wick, Vivien Straus
Charles & Perry Freeman Leslie & Steve Johnson Sheila Martin The Rathmann Family Foundation George & Helene Strauss
David Frey Roy Farrington Jones Diane & Ian Matthew Grace & Jerome Raube Lynn & Teddy Stray
Fred & Barbara Fuchs * Lorraine C. Joses David B. McConnell Redwood Empire Appraisal * Natsu Ota Taylor
Joel & Brenda Fugazzotto Christopher & Heidi Kane Jim & Eloise McCormick William & Elizabeth Reilly Anne & Otto Teller
Pamela & Stephen Gach Jim & Linda Kasper Marci McCormick & John & Stephanie Reimer Tom & Janice Tharsing
Anne Gailliot Steve & Marcia Kent * Arnon Hadar Barbara & William Rich Ronald & Alice Theisen
Susan & John Galbraith Jack & Kay Keohane Robert B. McCreadie, Esq. * Richard K. & Nancy Robbins Robert & Wilma S. Thomas
Genentech Employee Margaret Keon James R. McCurdy, M.D. Benson Roe, M.D. Estate of Carolyn Colby Timmins
Giving Program Janet & Damon Kerby Trigg & Bill McLeod Julie Rossotti & Marcello & Susan Todaro
Elizabeth & Frank Gerber Richard & Levin Kinsey Mr. Wallace G. McOuat * Point Reyes Preserves James E. Topinka & Anita T. Woo
Dan German & Rachel Simeone Steve & Jean Kinsey McPhail Fuel Company Dr. & Mrs. Richard Ruben Marsha G. Torkelson
Patricia Glatt & Joshua Steinhauer Kevin Knowles & Kathy Lowe Merrill Lynch & Co. Conn & Susan S. Rusche Fund * Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Towell
Elisabeth G. Gleason Abner P. & C. Bethan Korn Foundation Inc. Celia Sack & Paula Harris Fredde & Willem Vanderwerff
Marian R. Goepp Tina & Jeffrey Kroot * Porter Merriman Sausalito Woman’s Club Ted & Betty Von Glahn
Nancy & Frederic Golden Mary Lafranchi * Peter Merts John & Betsy Scarborough Fund Nancy & Lenard Weiss
Suzanne Golt Rick & Debby LaFranchi Spencer & Roberta Michels Rudi Schmid Karen Whitaker
George A. Googins Scott Lafranchi Alexander W. Mitchell Albert & Joel W. Schreck* Lisa Whitaker & Michael Casey
Lily S. Grace Amy Lambert & Anthony Adams Eric Moeller Shiva Schulz Deborah T. Whitney *
Linda Green-Smith Amy Larson & Robert Uhlander Julie & Jim Monson Victoria B. Schwartz Suzanne & Mark Wieland
David & Terry Griffiths Robin Lavin Don & Connie Moore B. D. Scott Lynn Duggan Winter
Ralph & Judy Grossi * Leo & Josephine Lavio * Dennis & Susan Moritz* Christine W. Scott Minnie Wolf
Gary & Barbara Haber Robert Lawrence The Morrill Family Michel & Holly Seifer Michael & Katie Wright
Albert Hall Robert & Beatrice Laws Charlotte C. Morrison * Serenity Knolls Bruce & Nancy Wrisley
Scott & Lisa Halsted Herbert M. & Naomi R. Leavitt William & Laura Moseley* Dr. & Mrs. John W. Severinghaus* Joe & Caroline Youmans
Susan Hamstra * Family Charitable Trust Claudia & Bruce Mosias Timothy P. Sheehan Jody A. Zaitlin & Mark Nienberg
Borah Hansen Jonathan Leone Dr. & Mrs. Francis Muller, Jr. * Noel & Janetta Shumway Elizabeth Zarlengo &
Betty Jo Hardison Maryon Davies Lewis Lawrence & Betty Mulryan Lucretia & John Sias Gary Ireland
Mark & Kimberley Harmon Natalie Lewis* Alexander & Joohee Muromcew Kathy Simons & Jeffrey Gustafik Zorensky Family Fund
Kevin Haroff Gretchen Likander Patricia & Alan Negrin* Jane & Thomas Singer Phyllis Faber Circle:
William & Betty Hasler N. Colin Lind & Anne Lind Penelope & Noel Nellis Richard & Jeanne Slinn Our special community
Elliot A. Hayne Mike Lipsey Paul Newhagen Glenn Smith & Verlinda Rose of monthly contributors
Ross & Karen Heitkamp Sue & Stanley Loar Frank & Lois Noonan Lawrence Smith & Grace Rogers Anonymous (3)
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Sarah & Richard Hoffman Stanley & Judith Lubman Margaret Partlow John & Jamie Snell Steven E. Sherman
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Bob & Linda Holtzapple Edward & Leeann S. Lyman Warren Perry Timothy & Pamela Sowerby Sharon Aquilino
Howe Family Fund John S. Lyons Roger J. Peters & Tom & Nicki Spillane Pam Bacci
Andrew & Cecilia Hoyt David W. & Carol Mabon Stephanie Moulton-Peters Samuel & Karen Spivack Chris Barnes &
Bill & Lynda Hutton * Anita & Robert MacInnes Shirley Petty Barbara Stanton Catherine Jasan, M.D.
IBM International Foundation Keven & Philip Madvig Sabin & Allyson Phelps Station House Cafe Brooke Battles
Robert & Marilyn Isherwood Donna C. Maier Jon & Care Pittman Eileen & Norman Staub Joanna Beard
Mary Jean M. Jawetz Lawrence Marcus Rollin & Diane Post* Mary J. Stavish Susan & Ronald Berman, M.D.
Barbara Jay * Jeanette & Alan Margolin, M.D. Jeannene Przyblyski & Eric Jaye Radha Stern Barry & Kimberly Blue
p r es e r v i n g m a r i n co u n t y fa r m l a n d 13

Joann Burchfiel Brand Hugh McDevitt Kathleen Brannigan Christina & Ken Waldeck Charles Chiparo
Henry J. Broderick* Barbara C. & Patrick McGee Wendy Buchen Georgia Westdahl Deb Coburn & Lester Foote
Gordon & Wanda Bronson Sharon McNamee Mary M. Butler & Robert Butler David & Barbara Whitridge George Dirkes
Robert Brook & Tiffany A. Turley William Melton & Sharon Call Public Grants: Phyllis Faber
Ava Jean Brumbaum* Tanja-Maria Zeise Sarah Cameron Lerer & County of Marin Grace Farley
Robert S. Cardwell & Sheila Middleton James Lerer Department of Conservation Jerushah Fitzpatrick &
West Marin Real Estate Michelle E. Miller Robert Cameron California Farmland Ray Plosscowe
Joan Carlson Sally Milligan* Michael & Jeanie Casey Fund Conservancy Program Jackie Foster
David & Pam Carr Robin Mitchell & Howdy Goudey Jean Chambers USDA Natural Resource Eva Freeman
Prudence Carter & Mia Monroe Barbara Champion Conservation Service Marcello Fregulia
Marianne Balin Douglas Moore Cris Chater & Michael Lucchesi Alex Ingersoll &
Alan & Caren Cascio Sheryl A. Moore & Truett Welch Eunice M. Childs In-Kind Contributions Martin Tannenbaum
Joseph & Susan Cerny Mary Morgan Peter J. Davis ($250 or more) Martha Irmer
Barbara Champion Robert Morton Joan P. Dedo California Land Title of Marin Cindy & Dick Jordan
Bonnie & Rich Clarke Claudia & Bruce Mosias Mrs. Eva Deleuze Cowgirl Creamery Shana Larkin & Rob Chrisman
Susie Jacuzzi Cochrane & Paul & Leslie Mulligan Dennis L. Elder Tony Gilbert Bruce Lauritzen
Michael Cochrane Elizabeth Nally Margery Entwisle Karen Gray & Douglas Elliott Mr. & Mrs. Lundy
Janet & Alan Coleman D. Steven & Ruth Nash* C. J. Eschelbach Aurea Herrick Colleen Navellier
Anne Marie Cooper Elizabeth Nichols Phyllis Faber * The JSF Company Christie Nelson
Christine & J. Brooks Crawford Jennifer Nichols Henriette Fremont Lagunitas Brewing Co. Carlos Poza
Mark & Suzanne Darley Suzie Oberlin Spring Friedlander Mea McNeil & Jerry Draper John Prentiss
George & Dale Davidson Ellen & Peter Obstler Penelope A. Gerbode Toni Piccinini Bill & Ray Riess
Paul & Patricia de Fremery * Margaret Partlow Joe Gillach Point Reyes Farmstead Fred Runner
Jacqueline & E. Lynn Perry Kay Gillis Cheese Company Ellen & Walter Sanford
C. Vincent de Nevers Tina Pete Mark H. & Kristen Goldstein Rustic Bakery Molly & Hector Seguel
Bonnie DeMaestri Jane & Rod Phibbs* Lily S. Grace David Tattershall & Mr. & Mrs. Philip Sior
Penelope Douglas Tomasz & Patricia Potworowski Charles P. Gresham Paula Helene-Tattershall Mr. & Mrs. Richard Tait
Duncan Dwelle & Lillian Jang William Prince M. J. Groper * In Memory of: Joan Troppmann
Francesca Eastman & Elisabeth & Gene Ptak Charles Hembree Veronika Meden Born Asmesec The VanderMeer Family
Edward Goodstein Janet & Matthew Robbins Bryan Hemming Mathew Baxter Kerry VanderMeer & Rod Garrett
Beverly Edge Alistair Roberts & Alice Nguyen Joanne Hively Jean Bean Christina & Ken Waldeck
Margareta Ekblad & Doris & Kenneth Roe Sheila & Michael Humphreys Lorraine Benoit Mira Welner
Vojtech Licko Dennis K. Rothhaar & Mrs. Katharine H. Johnson* Ralph Borge Ranches & Rolling Hills
Sarah Ellis Miriam Steinbock Cindy & Dick Jordan Jeanne-Marie Bourdet Artists 2009
Patricia C. Ernsberger Matt Sagues Terry Keenan Joseph Bozic Meredith Brooks Abbott
John Fallat Anne Sands & Russell Faure-Brac Jacqueline Kientz Casey Brooks Whitney Brooks Abbott
Carolyn M. & David Ferguson Patricia A. Schmidt Felix Laks, M.D. Sara Cornwell Krystal Allen
Lynne-Marie H. Frame & Mr. & Mrs. David L. Schreck Georgina Larsen Bindy Durrie Martha Borge
Richard Hoskins Caryn Schulberg Monique S. Lau Charlene Dwyer Chris Chapman
Suzanne & Craig Frazier Russell Chatham
Susan & John Galbraith To make an online donation using your credit card, please go to John Comer
Judd Gans Dan Cooper
Judith Garnett and select the Ways to Give menu. This section describes many options
Christin Coy
Alyson Geller & Steven Lee and provides a secure online donation form. Your gift is fully tax-deductible, Willard Dixon
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Patricia Glatt & Joshua Stein- and you will receive a receipt for tax purposes. Michael Enriquez
hauer Jon Francis
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Marion Guyer Susan Scott Kate Levinson & Steve Costa Sophie Van Bourg Susan Hall
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Peter J. Hamman Jane & Thomas Singer Haynes Lindley, Jr. Robert Fremont Timothy Horn
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Trish Johnson & Rigdon Currie Lynn Duggan Winter Mary & Don Olson Marvin Rossi Ane Carla Rovetta
Cecily T. Jordan & Everett & Jane Witzel Christine Ralls & Frank Tulleners Robert Royston Rick Schloss
Vincent M. Spohn Chip & Anne Wray * Ellie Rilla Ernst Schwendener Wendy Schwartz
Cindy & Dick Jordan James O. Wright, Jr. Dexter & Brenda Roberts Gynne Stern Suzanne Siminger
Lorraine C. Joses Peter & Nancy Young* Anne Sands & Russell Faure-Brac Peggy Stinnett Gary Smith
Dr. Morris Katkov Partners for Preservation Joyce & Jim Schnobrich Annika Strain Skip Smith
Mary E. Kennedy (Supporters who have included Shiva Schulz Bill & Ellen Straus J. Thomas Soltesz
Jane & Mark Kriss MALT in their estate plans) Joan Shiels Mrs. Carol Waldeck Nancy Stein
Caroline Kristensen Anonymous (21) Jerry & Marge Smith Victor Warren Arturo Tello
Daniel & Sarah Kushner John D. Abramson Richard & Lillian Smith Paul Richard Wendt Millicent Tomkins
Amy Lambert & Anthony Adams Dianne Admire & Vikki Garrod Noreen Spanski In Honor of: Sarah Vedder
Shirley Larkins Peter & Janet Andersen Kimbel J. & Debra J. Stuart Peter Banning Ward Walkup
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Martha A. Maricle Barbara Andrews Steven Thorne Barbara Carlitz Thomas Wood
Diane & Ian Matthew Linda Anton Mr. William Tichy Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Cavalli Michael Whitt, Curator
Marci McCormick & Robert Bingham & Carol Kearns Richard L. & Barbara M. Tracy Barbara & John Chase
Arnon Hadar Cathy Tucker
* Donors to MALT for 20 years or more

statement of activity
changes in net assets
June 30, 2009 June 30, 2008
July 1, 2008 — June 30, 2009 Total Total
Revenues and Additions to Net Assets
Membership, contributions and grants $1,699,011 $4,642,847
Government grants 775,000 3,580,000
Conservation easement contributed 1,000,000
Investment income(loss)* (757,312) (147,381)
Program revenue and other 187,078 293,234
Total Support & Revenue 1,903,777 9,368,700

Expenses and Purchases of Conservation Easements

Purchases of conservation easements 2,692,715 6,211,278
Other program expenses 827,087 704,828
Total Program Expenses 3,519,802 6,916,106
General and administrative 285,746 287,215
Fundraising 666,560 602,924
Total Administrative & Fundraising 952,306 890,139
Total Expenses & Purchases of Conservation Easements 4,472,108 7,806,245

Change in Net Assets (2,568,331) 1,562,455

Net assets July 1, 2008 (2007) 14,725,432 13,162,977

Net assets June 30, 2009 (2008)** $12,157,101 $14,725,432

** Net assets June 30, 2009 consist of the following funds: * Includes realized and unrealized
Operating Fund $1,500,470 gains and losses on permanently
Ellen Straus Fund 4,623,954 Total Unrestricted restricted endowment fund.
Stewardship Fund 285,663 6,410,087
Temporarily restricted 1,328,661 Total Restricted
Permanently restricted 4,418,353 5,747,014
$12,157,101 $12,157,101

Asset, Liability and Net Asset Summary

Current assets - cash and cash equivalents $3,206,158 $1,513,805
E xpenses
Current assets - other 439,174 2,968,910
6% Property and equipment, net of depreciation 1,141,833 1,151,091
General Irrevocable planned gifts at present value 155,348 105,976
15% Administration Unrestricted securities held for long term 1,134,582 1,162,633
Fundraising Restricted endowment investments 4,418,353 4,403,959
Investments and pledges restricted for conservation projects 1,173,313 3,052,810
Programs Other assets 543,989 442,104
79% Total Assets $12,212,750 $14,801,288
Current liabilities $ 55,649 $ 75,856
Total Net Assets 12,157,101 14,725,432
Total Liabilities and Net Assets $12,212,750 $14,801,288
p r es e r v i n g m a r i n co u n t y fa r m l a n d 15

(Top row, left to right) Marcia Barinaga and

her farmstead sheep milk cheese; Baby’s first
farm visit! (Row two) MALT Hikes & Tours
included: the Ryan-Tocalino Ranch; Tomales
Bay Oyster Company (Row three) Kids enjoy
Farm Field Studies; Stewardship Director Patricia
Hickey meets with landowners (Row four)
Dairy ewes; Bolinas farmer Warren Weber
talks lettuce during a MALT-sponsored Slow
Food Nation tour

Photos: Paige Green; Colleen Proppé;

Sarah Carter; Elisabeth Ptak; Helen Zucker
Robert Berner
Executive Director
Elisabeth Ptak
Associate Director
Kristine Ball
Director of Development
Kelly Brown
Major Gifts Officer
Staff, left to right: Kristine Ball; Jeff
Christine Harvey
Stump; Hope Ratner; Deborah
Database Manager
White; Victoria Moore; Sandy Sandy Dierks
Dierks; Barbara Petty; Kelly Brown; Farm Field Studies Educator
Elisabeth Ptak; Mia Pelletier; Patricia Hickey
Constance Washburn; Christine Stewardship Director
Harvey; Helen Zucker; Bob Berner; Hilary Jeffris
Allison Kiehl; Patricia Hickey. Not
Outreach Assistant
Cindy Jordan
pictured: Cindy Jordan; Hilary Jeffris
Art Show Assistant
Paige Green

Allison Kiehl
Stewardship Associate
Board of Directors, left to right: Victoria Moore
(front row) Sue Conley; Phyllis
Development Assistant
Mia Pelletier
Faber; (middle row) Gail Seneca;
Volunteer Program Manager
Anne Flemming; (back row) Lynn
Barbara Petty
Giacomini Stray; Loren Poncia; Director of Finance & Administration
Sabin Phelps; Dominic Grossi; Hope Ratner
Doug Moore; Joe Gillach. Not Office Manager
pictured: Bob Bingham; Mike Jeff Stump
Gale; Tony Gilbert; Steve Kinsey; Easement Program Director
Elisabeth Ptak

Constance Washburn
Rick Lafranchi; Peter Martinelli; Jim
Education Director
McIsaac; Julie Rossotti
Deborah White
Annual Giving Officer
On the cover: Delicious Hay, by Jeanette LeGrue, one of the participating artists in Ranches & Rolling Helen Zucker
Hills, a show and sale of landscape art to benefit MALT and the preservation of Marin County farmland. Accounting & Administrative Assistant
The 13th annual show will take place on May 15 & 16, 2010, at the Druid’s Hall in Nicasio. Ranches
& Rolling Hills: Art of West Marin—A Land in Trust, the book inspired by the show, can be purchased at Lynn Giacomini Stray, Chair
local bookstores and at Sue Conley, Vice-chair
Rick Lafranchi, Secretary
The Year in Review© is published by Marin Agricultural Land Trust, a nonprofit & tax-exempt organization. Gail Seneca, Treasurer
Writers: Kristine Ball; Bob Berner; Patricia Hickey; Elisabeth Ptak; Deborah White Bob Bingham
Editor: Elisabeth Ptak; Graphic design: Gay Stack. Printed on recycled paper with soy inks. Phyllis Faber, Co-founder
Anne Flemming
Mike Gale
Tony Gilbert
Joe Gillach
M arin Agricultur al L and Trust is a member-supported, nonprofit organization created Dominic Grossi
in 1980 by a coalition of ranchers and environmentalists to permanently preserve Marin County farm- Steve Kinsey
land. Some of the Bay Area’s most highly acclaimed dairy products and organic crops are produced Peter Martinelli
on farmland protected by MALT conservation easements, which total more than 41,500 acres on 64
Jim McIsaac
Doug Moore
family farms and ranches.
Sabin Phelps
For more information about Marin’s family farms and the food they produce visit Loren Poncia
Post Office Box 809, Point Reyes Station, CA 94956 415.663.1158 Julie Rossotti

M arin Agricultur al L and Trust

p r e s e r v i n g m a r i n
M ALT c o u n t y f a r m l a n d