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Program: English for Life and Work


TEACHER __Antonio Cocoletzi _________________________________________________

Teaching aids are the resources and equipment available to us in the classroom, as well as the
resources we can bring into the classroom. We select and use aids by thinking carefully about the
main aims, the subsidiary aims and stage aims of a lesson, and then choosing the most appropriate

-The TKT Course, Mary Spratt, Alan Pulverness, Melanie Williams. Cambridge University Press


In the list bellow you will find different teaching aids, tick the ones that you used in this partial
and describe how you used them.


1. Board Certain activities as grammar explanation or
√ giving examples as well as checking hw
requires it due to there are a lot of ss whose
learning style is visual
2. Projector 4 learning skills should be encouraged so its
√ important to introduce multimedia resources
in order to keep ss attention
3. Cd player Listenings are an important part of the class
√ because ss could get used to listen to different
accents,listenings are important because they
are part of the learning process
4. Cell phone Smart phones are an essential part of the class
√ they are used as an mp3 player, for streaming
audio or video ,downloading
worksheets,exercises ,uploading, sending and
correcting grades everything live the unique
disadvantage is that internet services are
5. Computer As smartphones, computers are also important
√ due to several activities can be peformed
there ,audio,video and other resources can be
transmitted and received .
6. Flashcards When technology fail ,we should go back to
√ basics ,several activities as vocabulary
presentation, vocabulary practicing and
grammar presentation can be presented in this
format .
7. Cue/prompt cards

8. Puppets

9. Realia
Language Center
Program: English for Life and Work

10. Charts

11. Others Small objects as balls,teddy bears

√ ,markers,worksheets and books are also useful
materials to give a variety to the activities to
everyday classes. Games ,dynamics can be
introduced to the class