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Preparation and studying strategies for


By Abdulhadi Jfri
Teaching assistant of Dermatology at KSAU-HS, Jeddah
Dermatology resident at McGill, Canada
‫ وموفقٌن ألعلى الدرجات بإذن هللا‬،‫ال تنسونً من صالح دعائكم‬



1. Registration and fees.

2. Test content.

3. Importance of the English language tests.

4. Score interpretation, validity and requested scores by

most Universities.

5. Studying resources.

6. My recommended plan from my own experience!

Section I: TOEFL (American) (Test Of English as a Foreign Language) .

org/toefl/ibt/register Go to Register online then New user sign up and create a profile. You open your account and check score).ets.Have a credit card ready to pay for the test fees. Score release time: 2 weeks from your test date. Registration and Fees Online registration (easiest way) https://www.etc.Important: Make sure you use ID and remember it (Passport or national ID and bring the same one you entered in your profile on the exam date!!! This file contains all the steps of online registration step by step with displayed pictures: https://www... so check the website regularly to find your desired date) . 1. Schools. . (You receive an email to the email that you registered in your online profile. .org/Media/Tests/TOEFL/pdf/4677 _TOEFL_Reg_Guide. academic institutions. After creating a profile  register for a test TOEFL test  choose a country and a city with a time frame ( note: sometimes they open dates and they change them. English centers.g. Usually day 10 or day 13.pdf Fee: $ 235 around 881 SR Test time: Test is 4 hours + 30 min Check-in Test location: Depends on your city e.ets.

Test content Reading. 2. Listening = all multiple choices .

Reading (3 or 4 passages. Why/What ‫ػٓ االخبثخ فبٌمطؼخ‬ Negative According to paragraph x. Purpose Why does the passage ٓ‫ ِمذِخ ػ‬ٟ٘ ‫خ وً لطؼخ‬٠‫خ ثذا‬١ّ٠‫مخ وزبثخ اٌّمبالد األوبد‬٠‫ طش‬ٟ‫ف‬ mention in paragraph x the ٌٟ‫ي لطؼخ ِٓ ٔفظ اٌجشلشاف ا‬ٚ‫ي رمشأ ا‬ٚ‫ زب‬،‫خ‬١‫غ‬١‫اٌفىشح اٌشئ‬ fact that. Where would the sentence best fit? Paraphrase Which of the sentences ‫زذد اي‬ٚ ٍٍٗ‫خ اٌدٍّخ اٌّض‬٠‫ألشا فبٌجذا‬ below best expresses the subject.? Pronoun The word “…” in paragraph ‫ غبٌجب‬،‫ أسخغ ٌٍمطؼخ‬،‫ ِفشد‬ٚ‫ زذد ً٘ اٌىٍّخ خّغ أ‬ٟ‫ي ش‬ٚ‫أ‬ x refers to: ٟ٘ ‫ خّغ‬ٚ‫اء وبٔذ ِفشد أ‬ٛ‫ب ع‬ٙ‫ رٕبعج‬ٚ ‫ رغجك اٌىٍّخ‬ٌٟ‫اٌدٍّخ ا‬ ‫اإلخبثخ‬ Plug-in Look at the four squares (❒) ً‫ أفض‬،‫ب‬ٙ‫ ثٕبعج‬ٌٟ‫ر ا‬١‫ اٌّىبْ اٌصس‬ٟ‫ِسزبج رسظ اٌدٍّخ ف‬ that indicate where the ٓ٠‫ثؼذ‬ٚ ‫ً فؼمٍه اٌدٍّخ فىً ِٓ اٌّشثؼبد االسثؼخ‬١‫مخ أٔه رزخ‬٠‫طش‬ following sentence could be ٗ١‫ْ ف‬ٛ‫ذ أْ اٌدٍّٗ رٕفغ رى‬١‫ ِشثغ زغ‬ٞ‫ف أ‬ٛ‫رش‬ added to the passage.. verb. ‫رشخغ رجسث‬ٚ ‫ش ثبٌضجظ‬٠‫ أ‬ٝ‫جغ‬٠ ‫ا‬ٛ٘ ‫رؼشف‬ٚ ‫اي‬ٛ‫الصَ رمشا اٌغ‬ details all of the following are true ‫ػٓ االخبثخ فبٌمطؼخ‬ about…EXCEPT: Inference What can be inferred in ‫رشخغ رجسث‬ٚ ‫ش ثبٌضجظ‬٠‫ أ‬ٝ‫جغ‬٠ ‫ا‬ٛ٘ ‫رؼشف‬ٚ ‫اي‬ٛ‫الصَ رمشا اٌغ‬ paragraph x about …? ‫ػٓ االخبثخ فبٌمطؼخ‬ What is implied in the … mentioned in paragraph x about the fact that . and object essential information in the ‫بعدٌن أقرا اإلجابات وشوف أي أجابة تحتوي على كل مكونات‬ highlighted sentence in the ‫الجملة المضلله‬ passage? Incorrect choices change the meaning in important ways or leave out essential information. usually 3) around 14 questions for each passage Question style Example Note Vocabulary The word “……” in the ‫ ٕ٘ب الصَ رسفظ اٌىٍّبد ِٓ وزبة‬،‫ اٌىٍّبد‬ٟٔ‫أعئٍخ ِؼب‬ passage is closest in Barron’s essential words for TOEFL meaning to َ‫بق اٌىال‬١‫ ِٓ ع‬ٕٝ‫ي رخّٓ الشة ِؼ‬ٚ‫ ِب ػشفذ اٌىٍّخ زب‬ٌٛ Details According to paragraph ‫رشخغ رجسث‬ٚ ‫ش ثبٌضجظ‬٠‫ أ‬ٝ‫جغ‬٠ ‫ا‬ٛ٘ ‫رؼشف‬ٚ ‫اي‬ٛ‫الصَ رمشا اٌغ‬ number x. 1. . ‫ب ثبألعزجؼبء‬١٘ ‫مخ ٌسً اٌغؤاي‬٠‫أفضً طش‬ Complete the summary by ٓ٠‫دح فبٌمطؼخ ثؼذ‬ٛ‫خ‬ِٛ ‫ش‬١‫ِخ غ‬ٍٛ‫ خٍّخ رزوش ِؼ‬ٞ‫أعزجؼذ أ‬ selecting the THREE answer ‫ْ ٍِخص‬ٛ‫ب رى‬ٙٔ‫مخ ال رصٍر أ‬١‫ِخ دل‬ٍٛ‫ ِؼ‬ٟ‫ خٍّخ رؼط‬ٞ‫أعزجؼذ أ‬ choices that express the ‫ٌٍمطؼخ‬ most important ideas in the passage.? ‫فبٌغؤاي‬ Summary An introductory sentence ‫ خًّ رٍخص اٌمطؼخ غبٌجب‬6 ً‫ خًّ ِٓ أص‬3 ‫طٍت ِٕه رخزبس‬٠ for a brief summary of the ،‫أخش عؤاي ِٓ وً لطؼخ‬ passage is provided below..

2. Listening (usually the last part in the listening is for evaluation and not scored) After each part of listening you will have some questions Question Note What does the lecture mainly Main idea question ‫ي عؤاي‬ٚ‫فبٌؼبدح أ‬ ‫ثؼذ وً ِسبضشح‬ discuss? What is the main topic of the lecture? What ……? َ‫ء ػب‬ٟ‫ ش‬ٞ‫ أ‬ٚ‫ف ٘زٖ اٌفىشٖ أ‬ٞ‫غأٌه ػٓ رؼش‬٠ What does the professor imply about ٚ‫ب اٌّذسط أ‬ٌٙ‫ٗ لب‬١‫ر‬ٛ‫ْ أشبسح ص‬ٛ‫ػبدرب رى‬ ‫ب‬ٌٙ ٓ‫ اٌجبط‬ٕٝ‫غأٌه ػٓ اٌّؼ‬٠ٚ ‫اٌطبٌت‬ …...? What is the professor’s opinion ٚ‫ ِؼبٖ أ‬،َ‫ع ثشىً ػب‬ٛ‫ض‬ٌّٛ‫ اٌّذسط فب‬ٞ‫سأ‬ about.? Why does the professor mention.? ٖ‫ضذ‬ What is the professor’s attitude...? ْ‫ا‬ٛ١‫ ز‬ٚ‫ْ لبي اعُ ٔجبد أ‬ٛ‫ى‬٠ ‫ِّىٓ اٌّذسط‬ ٚ‫غبٔذ ثٗ ا‬٠ ‫ ِثبي‬ٟ‫ؼط‬٠ ْ‫فبٌّسبضشح ػشب‬ ‫ب‬ٙ‫ ششز‬ٌٟ‫خ ا‬٠‫ إٌظس‬ٟ‫ٕف‬٠ Why does the professor say.?  BREAK 10 MINUTES  .

answer? For example ….…. speak …(Title).com/watch?v=J-n_nOBDLd4 Q4 Read (45sec).… that’s why… Then you will listen to a Note: The student in the conversation. for X.. 3. …. Listen to 30 sec prepare 60 sec The article is about a lecture (120sec). then you will listening can support or be asked a Q about both oppose the change in the (reading+listening) reading!! For Q3 watch this video: https://www. Q3 Read (45sec): Usually 30 sec prepare 60 sec The reading states that ….….. …. Second. Speaking: 6 Questions Question style Time Example for response Q1 About your opinion: 15 sec prepare 45 sec In my my view. …. That’s why I see A is better over B. To illustrate this.. the professor provides an example of . For Q1&2 watch this video: provides 2 reasons. Which the passage defines as…(definition). That’s why I see …. First.... this example is clearly illustrates (topic title) For Q4 watch this video: Q5 Listen (2 students talk 20 sec prepare 60 sec The student problem is that about a problem) 2 speak … The students discuss two Give specific speak reasons. She/he reasons for it. for reasons to support your example …. First …. support your answer? For example …. Q2 What do you think is 15 sec prepare 45 sec I prefer A over B for few better X or Y. First …. for few What do you think about speak reasons. He/She states that … and so. school announcement for a speak The man’s/woman’s change and give you 2 opinion is that ….. Give specific reasons to example ….youtube..

. speak (title) which he/she defines as …. For example …. …. defined it kinds/types and talk about 2 subtopics First. to demonstrates And +/.com/watch?v=O2dU1JqlWS0 Q6 Listen to a lecture 20 sec prepare 60 sec The professor discuses around 2 . First ….. And that’s how the professor describes (title) For Q6 watch this video: https://www.. to illustrate this. For Q5 watch this video: https://www. The professor will talk He/she describes two about a topic. That’s why I see A is better over B. …. If I were the student I would choose solution 1 or 2… (now use the same response of Q2) I prefer A over B for few and each one has solutions. Second. First …..response second …. for example …..(definition).(definition) and give an example on The professor provides an each one of them example of ….(definition) The professor uses an example of ….. ….

.com/watch?v=Ytubzmj_j94 . passage of 4 paragraphs the listen to a lecture then start writing .he states that… Second. First. Third.. posits  225. Says. The reading says that …(R3). Draw a table in your paper and write these blue sentences . the professor explains that…(B). and refutes each of the author’s reasons. the reading claims that …(R1) …. However. 4.(O2)…According to the professor ….. Writing: 2 tasks Q1: Read for 3 min. We also learn that  Advices :   ‫ رالزظ ِٓ اٌمطؼخ اٌغبثمخ‬ٌٛ ٞ‫ذ ػالِزه ص‬٠‫ع فبٌّشادفبد ػشبْ رض‬ٕٛ‫ي ر‬ٚ‫زب‬ Article = passage = reading. The professor refutes this point by saying that …(O1)…. The professor opposes this point by explaining that …(O3)…. ‫أوزت‬ٚ ‫ي‬ٚ‫ب فبألخزجبس ثغشػٗ أسعُ خذ‬١٘ ‫ٔه‬ٛ‫ؼط‬٠ ٌٟ‫سلٗ ا‬ٌٛ‫ فب‬:‫مخ ِدشثخ‬٠‫مخ أفضً طش‬٠‫ اٌطش‬ٞ‫٘ز‬ ٚ‫ٕبلض أ‬٠ ‫س‬ٛ‫اٌذوز‬ٚ ‫لذ ِب رغّغ اٌّسبضشح‬ٚ ْ‫ي ِٓ اٌمطؼٗ ػشب‬ٚ‫دٖ فبٌدذ‬ٛ‫خ‬ِٛ ٌٟ‫ٗ إٌمبط ا‬١‫ف‬ ‫ب‬ِٙ‫ دػّٗ اِب‬ٚ‫ذػُ وً ٔمطٗ ِٓ اٌمطؼٗ رىزت ِٕبلضزٗ أ‬٠ Write from the reading Write from the listening Author’s opinion: last sentence of the 1st paragraph A B Reason 1 (R1): First sentence of paragraph 1 (O1) Reason 2 (R2): First sentence of paragraph 2 (O2) Reason 3 (R3): First sentence of paragraph 3 (O3) Then you write: ‫ ثشٔذ‬ٍٛ‫ب ث‬ّٙ‫ اع‬ٞ‫ رسذ ثبٌضجظ ٘ز‬ٌٟ‫ ا‬ٞ‫ّب خبره لطؼٗ فبألخزجبس رىزت ص‬ِٙ The article states that …(A)… and provides three reasons of support. Refutes. the professor says that …. the article posits that …(R2)… However.150 ِٓ ٗ‫ث‬ٍٛ‫ ػذد اٌىٍّبد اٌّط‬word counts for Writing task one  ‫ وً ِب وثشد وٍّبره وً ِب صادد اٌذسخخ‬،‫ وٍّخ‬300 ‫ّب رىزت‬٠‫ي دا‬ٚ‫زب‬ Watch this video for writing task1: https://www. opposes. explains.

give example and summarize it https://www. Word count: 300- 320 ْٛ‫ه ػشبْ رى‬١‫د‬٠ ‫ع‬ٛ‫ض‬ِٛ ٞ‫ أ‬ٟ‫ب ف‬ٙ١ٍ‫ ػ‬ٟ‫رّش‬ٚ ‫ب‬ٙ‫ه رسغظ‬١‫ ثشٔذ خبصٗ ف‬ٍٛ‫ ث‬ٞٛ‫رغ‬ٚ ‫ رٕظُ خطٗ فجبٌه‬ٟ‫أُ٘ ش‬ ‫لطؼزه ِشرجٗ فبإلخزجبس‬ First write 4 paragraphs 1. write your opinion with two Conclusion In Sum/In conclusion. Body 1 Start by talking about your reason 1 . defined it.Q2: Writing task 2 (Opinion about a topic = essay) for 30 min. 2. Body 2 Start by talking about your reason . Introduction Defined the topic. give example and summarize it . paraphrase the question. talk about the topic and summarize your reasons. defined  ٟ‫ ثشٔذ ف‬ٍٛ‫ْ ػٕذن ث‬ٛ‫ى‬٠ٚ ‫خ‬١ّ٠‫ أعظ اٌىزبثخ األوبد‬ٍٝ‫ ػ‬ٟ‫ رّش‬ٟ‫ ثظ أُ٘ ش‬ٜ‫ً رش‬ٙ‫خذا ع‬ ‫ب‬ٙ١ٍ‫ ػ‬ٟ‫ٍزه رّش‬١‫ِخ‬ Watch these videos for writing task2: https://www.

Section II: IELTS (Birtish) (International English Language Testing System) .

Registration and fees Go to https://ielts. 1. Fees: 1000 SR .org/ Choose the country. city and the month General: usually for immigration ‫ْ ِٓ خشائذ‬ٛ‫لطؼخ اٌمشاءح رى‬ٚ ‫دشح‬ٌٍٙ ِٕٗ ‫ذف‬ٌٙ‫غبٌجب ا‬ٚ ًٙ‫٘زا أع‬ ‫خ أثذا‬١ّ٠‫غذ أوبد‬١ٌٚ ‫ػبِخ خذا‬ٚ ‫صسف‬ٚ Academic: This is the one you need! Speaking on separate day Listening. reading then writing on a separate day (Paper not computer like TOEFL Ibt) The total test time is: 2 hours and 45 minutes.britishcouncil.

Whereas in TOEFL. The listening questions start VERY easy and gets harder with time . 2.ielts. the question comes after the questions Exam day: ٗٔ‫٘ب فبٌخش‬ٛ‫سط‬٠ٚ ‫االد‬ٛ‫ا اٌد‬ٚ‫بخز‬٠ٚ ُ‫ أِبوٕى‬ٍٝ‫وُ ػ‬ٛ‫صػ‬ٛ٠ ‫َ اإلخزجبس‬ٛ٠ ٟ‫ْ غبٌجب ف‬ٛ‫ى‬٠ ‫ ِثال فدذح‬،ٗ‫ ٔفظ اٌمبػ‬ٟ‫غ اٌطالة ف‬١ّ‫ خ‬،‫ب‬ٌٙ ‫ن وشد‬ٛ‫ؼط‬٠ٚ ‫ه‬١‫فٕج‬ِٛ ‫فٕذق‬ They will give you a book (that will be discard after the exam) and answer sheet ‫ٖ ثؼذ اإلخزجبس‬ِٛ‫ش‬٠ ‫سلخ اإلخبثخ الْ اٌىزبة‬ٚ ٟ‫ْ ف‬ٛ‫اإلخبثبد الصَ رى‬ 1st Listening: ‫ا‬ٛ‫رغّؼ‬ٚ ‫ساق أخبثبد‬ٚ‫ِؼبوُ أ‬ٚ ‫زذح‬ٚ ‫ لبػخ‬ٟ‫ي خضء ِٓ اإلخزجبس اٌىً ف‬ٚ‫أ‬ ‫غّغ‬٠ ‫غ‬١ّ‫ا أْ اٌد‬ٚ‫زأوذ‬٠ ْ‫د ػشب‬ٛ‫ا اٌص‬ٛ‫دشث‬٠ ‫خ ساذ‬٠‫ فبٌجذا‬،ً١‫رغد‬ ‫ذ‬ٛ‫ض‬ٛ‫ث‬ Important: In IELTS you write down the answer while you listen at the same time. Test content Listening (30 minutes) Reading (60 minutes) Writing (60 minutes) Speaking (11–14 minutes) Check this website to see the samples of the questions https://www.

MOST of them you have to write the answer.between ……and …… Simple past verbs: (increased/ climbed / went up / rose / jumped) Noun: increase. rise . in ……..Introduction . Period This table lists . Important: If you mis-spelled one letter they will consider it wrong answer ‫ِبرغٍظ‬ٚ ‫ٍٕح الْ ِؼظُ االعزّبع رسزبج رىزت االخبثخ‬١‫ اٌغج‬ٟ‫ْ ِّزبص ف‬ٛ‫ٕ٘ب رسزبج رى‬ ‫فسشف‬ ٗ‫ االسلُ إٌبلص‬ٟ‫ فشاغبد لذاِه رؼج‬ٟ‫ف‬ٚ ‫اي‬ٛ‫ازذ سلُ خ‬ٚ ً‫ٕم‬٠ ‫ازذ‬ٚ ٓ‫خ ِّى‬٠‫ اٌجذا‬ٟ‫ف‬ َ‫عشػخ اٌىال‬ٚ ‫ثخ رضداد‬ٛ‫ٓ اٌصؼ‬٠‫ً خذا) ثؼذ‬ٙ‫(ع‬ ‫ ِغ ثؼض صفسخ ثصفسخ‬ٟ‫ب رّش‬ٍٙ‫ اٌمبػخ و‬ٍٟ‫خ‬٠ ‫ٕ٘ب اٌّشالت ساذ‬ 2nd Reading: ‫ازذح‬ٚ ‫ اٌىً عبػخ‬ٟ‫ؼط‬٠ ‫ٕ٘ب اٌّشالت‬ Not like the TOEFL they tell you number of the paragraph in the question!! You need to go back and quickly skim the topic for the keywords 3rd part is writing: (2 tasks) Task 1(150 words): graphs (bar. flow) /table and you explain it in writing ٟ‫ وزبث‬ٌٟ‫ ا‬ٟٔ‫ب‬١‫ي اٌشعُ اٌج‬ٛ‫أزب رس‬ٚ ٟٔ‫ب‬١‫ه سعُ ث‬١‫ؼط‬٠ Write: .Conclusion This bar graph/pie chart shows / demonstrates / illustrates / represents (topic) between (date-date) / over …..Body . line)/chart (pie.(topic) There was a (noun)….Some questions are multiple choices.

youtube. sudden Adjective to add after increase or decrease: significantly. decrease Adjective to add before increase or decrease: suddenly. dramatically For (remains steady. dropped. slumped) Noun: Decline. decreased. steady. remains !‫ب دسخبد‬ٙ١ٍ‫ع فبٌىٍّبد ػ‬ٕٛ‫ي ر‬ٚ‫زب‬ Task 2(250 words) is essay like the 2nd task in TOEFL Check this video: https://www.For (declined. went down. plateau) Check this video: https://www. dramatic. plummeted ‫ي زبد‬ٚ‫ٔض‬.com/watch?v=7Y8cm8k2vzU Speaking: ٟ‫غأٌه أعأٌخ ف‬٠ٚ ً‫ْ لذاِٗ ِغد‬ٛ‫ى‬٠ٚ ‫ش‬١ِٕ‫ا ِغ اوضا‬ٚ‫زذ‬ٌٛ َٛ٠ ٟ‫رخزجش ف‬ ‫غخ‬١‫غذ ثبٌص‬١ٌٚ ‫خ‬١ّ٠‫غخ أوبد‬١‫ْ ثص‬ٛ‫ي دائّب إخبثبره رى‬ٚ‫ زب‬،ٓ١‫ع ِؼ‬ٛ‫ض‬ِٛ ‫ش فبٌذسخخ‬١‫فشق وث‬٠ٚ ‫ُ خذا‬ِٙ ‫خ‬١ِ‫اٌؼب‬ .

Some Universities they ask for a certain score to be eligible to enroll in an observer-ship. so you need to expand your chance by achieving the requested score by those Universities otherwise. 5. For other students. elective or even residency program. 5. The residency in US/Canada is getting competitive. Importance of the exams TOEFL/IELTS The English proficiency test either IELTS or TOEFL are very important for many reasons: 1. 3. 2. they are asking to send a dean’s letter states that their English is proficient and the teaching language in that school is in English. You can replace that letter with your Test certificate. the Saudi cultural bureau will not send your application file to the postgraduate office of that University if you do not have that requested score. doing master degree and they are from a non-English speaking country like Saudi Arabia they need a proof of English proficiency. 4. It is also important to show that you’re English is good in your CV by including your test date and score as those tests are standardized and well recognized worldwide . For medical students applying for elective or observer- ship in Canada/US.

In Canada: University of Albert. 5. http://www. Score TOEFL/IELTS The TOEFL IBT score is 0-120 Reading 30. British Columbia and Calgary they request either 24 ( in all the four sections of the iBT TOEFL or 7 in all sections of IELTS) Queens University total of 93 with 24 on speaking and listening In US: For TOEFL: Check this website and also the desired University website as well. Listening 30. Speaking 30.americanexamservices. Writing 30 IELTS score is 1-9 It varies depends on the University (Elective requests lower score than the residency usually) or the specialty you’re applying toefl/toefl-scores-usa-universities .

Note: the scores change from time to time so tracking their websites for updates.In general: Most of Universities ask for. *Plan your exam date well to be able to use the mark for longer time and don’t have to repeat the test again because your score had expired. TOEFL Ibt: 80-90 For IELTS: 6-7 The TOEFL IBT & IELTS score is valid for 2 years. .

Studying resources For TOEFL: .magoosh.www. 3 vocabulary 2.Barron’s essential words for TOEFL .notefull. 2 exercises. English center or private English teacher 3. Websites: .Kaplan TOEFL 2.www.The official guide to the TOEFL test by ETS . Websites . 3.Cambridge . Books (Many but commonly used) .Barron’s TOEFL Ibt . Books ( many books but most commonly used) . English Center or private English teacher For IELTS: 1.Barron’s IELTS (3 books) 1 about the exam in general.magoosh.ETS website practice test .

com get (Complete TOEFL mastery) Study the answer strategies very well and watch their videos on YouTube. My (suggested) plan For TOEFL (In order of importance) 1ST Memorize the vocabulary from this book: Barron’s essential words for TOEFL (very important. You can send your writing or your record of speaking to them to evaluate them and send you back a report about your performance and tell you what to you need to improve. 7. If you register and pay once you can access the website for lifelong. they bring words that we don’t usually use in daily life and so academic and this book is super helpful) 2ND This website is a must www.notefull. 3rd You can use TOEFL ETS book as it is from the same company that makes the test and do exercises ( the book also shows examples of some identical answers from previous students who score high) .

‬‬ ‫ٔصبئر ػبِخ‪:‬‬ ‫‪ ‬ش‪ٛ‬ف ٔمبط ل‪ٛ‬ره‪ ً٘ :‬أٔذ عش‪٠‬غ ف‪ ٟ‬اٌىزبثخ ػٍ‪ ٝ‬اٌى‪ِٛ‬ج‪ٛ١‬رش اٌ‪ ٟ‬ساذ ر‪ٛ‬اخ‪ٙ‬ب‬ ‫فبٌز‪ٛ‬فً أ‪ ٚ‬ثبٌ‪١‬ذ ص‪ ٞ‬اال‪ٍ٠‬زظ‪ ،‬و‪١‬ف خطه ‪ٚ‬اضر ‪ِٚ‬بػٕذن أغالط إِالئ‪١‬خ؟‬ ‫‪ ً٘ ‬رفضً رخزجش ف‪ٚ َٛ١‬ازذ ‪ 4‬عبػبد أِبَ اٌى‪ِٛ‬ج‪١‬زش؟ ص‪ ٞ‬اٌز‪ٛ‬فً أ‪ ٚ‬رخزجش ػٍ‪ٝ‬‬ ‫خضئ‪٠ٚ ٓ١‬خزجشن شخص ِسبدثخ ‪ٚ‬اٌدضء اٌثبٔ‪ ٟ‬رى‪ٍِ ْٛ‬زضَ ِغ اٌ‪ِ ٟ‬ؼبن ف‪ٟ‬‬ ‫اٌمبػخ ِب رخشج ِٓ اٌمبػخ إٌ‪ ٓ١‬اٌىً ‪٠‬خشج؟ ص‪ ٞ‬اال‪ٍ٠‬زظ‬ ‫‪ ‬زذد ‪ ٚ‬ش‪ٛ‬ف أ‪٠‬ش ِٕبعت ٌمذساره ‪ِٚ‬ب ‪ّٕ٠‬غ أٔه ردشة األثٕ‪! ٓ١‬‬ ‫*ِ‪ٛ‬فم‪ ٓ١‬ثئرْ اٌشزّٓ ألػٍ‪ ٝ‬اٌذسخبد*‬ ‫ِالزظخ‪ِ :‬سز‪٘ ٜٛ‬زا اٌٍّف إخز‪ٙ‬بد شخص‪ ِٓ ٟ‬أخ‪ٛ‬وُ ػجذاٌ‪ٙ‬بد‪ ٞ‬اٌدفش‪ِٓ ٞ‬‬ ‫‪ٚ‬الغ ردشثز‪ِ ٟ‬غ اإلخزجبس‪ٚ ٓ٠‬ال رؼُّ ٌىٓ زج‪١‬ذ أشبسوُ ٌإلعزفبدح فمظ‪،‬‬ . ‫‪4th Before the exam try to do one practice test‬‬ ‫‪from ETS website to get familiar with the real‬‬ ‫‪exam and skip the orientation on the exam‬‬ ‫‪date. Barron’s 3 books and‬‬ ‫‪exercise a lot since the format of the exam is‬‬ ‫‪usually the same.‬‬ ‫‪For IELTS‬‬ ‫‪Use Cambridge book.