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1.AIRBRAKE- is used to indirectly connect a drainage pipe to another drainage pipe. This is
commonly used to protect fixtures that are used to prepare food, drinking fountains, ice makers
and many other devices that cannot be contaminated.

2.AIR GAP- An air gap, as it relates to the plumbing trade, is the unobstructed vertical space
between the water outlet and the flood level of a fixture.

3.BATTERY OF FIXTURE- Any group of two (2) or more similar, adjacent fixtures that
discharge into a common horizontal waste or soil branch.
4. BELL OR HUB - That portion of a pipe which for a short distance, is sufficiently enlarged to
received the end of another pipe of the same diameter for the purpose of making a joint.

5.BUILDING DRAIN- the lowest horizontal piping, including any vertical offset, that conducts
sewage, clear-water waste or storm water by gravity to a building

6. BUILDING SEWER- that part of the horizontal piping of a drainage system extending from
the building drain, which collects sewage from all the drainage pipes inside a building, to an on-
site sewage system. It begins two feet outside the building wall and conveys sewage from the
building drain to the remaining portions of the on-site sewage system

7. CAP - A fitting into which the end of a pipe is screwed for the purpose of closing the end of
the pipe.
8. CORPORATION COCK - A stop valve placed in a service pipe close to its connection with
a water main.

9. DEAD END -The extended portion of a pipe that is closed at one end to which no connections
are made on the extended portion, thus permitting the stagnation of water or air therein.

10. DOWNSPOUT - The vertical portion of a rainwater conductor.

11. FLOOD LEVEL - The level in a fixture at which water begins to overflow the top or rim of
the fixture.
12. FLOOD LEVEL RIM- the top edge at which water can overflow from a fixture or device.

13.GOOSENECK - A return bend of small-sized pipe one end of which is about one (1) foot
long and the other end is about three (3) inches long. It is commonly used as a faucet for a pantry
sink. Also, the lead connection between a service pipe and a water main.

14. GRADE - The slope or fall of a line of pipe in reference to a horizontal plane usually
expressed in percent.

15. INVERT - The lowest portion of the inside of any pipe conduit that is not vertical.
16. MANHOLE - An opening constructed in a sewer or any part of a plumbing system of
sufficient size for a an to gain access thereto.

17 OAKUM - Hemp or old hemp rope soaked in oil to make it waterproof.

18. RIM HOLES - a series of small holes in the underside of a toilet rim around the
circumference of the bowl. Water flows down into the bowl through these holes and washes over
the entire inner surface of the bow.

19. SPIGOT - The end of a pipe, which fits into a bell. Also a word used synonymously with
20. TAILPIECE - section of pipe that runs between a fixture outlet and the trap.

21.AIR CHAMBER- is a pulsation-damping device. It reduces the pulsation of a reciprocating

pump and contributes to stable liquid flow by utilizing the compressibility of the air in the