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The study focused on the impact of the business processes re general

administration engineering on the quality health services in the
general administer for medical services during the period 2006 to
2016. The main problem .

the general the study case is that methods of work practiced in

administration for medical services have contributed negatively on the
performance level and customers' satisfaction which led to lack of the
service and the urgent need for fundamental change in the work
systems to improve the quality of health services. The significance of
the study as that business processes re-engineering leads to changes in
work procedures and therefore improving the quality of health
services. The study aimed to explain the nature of the relationship
between business processes reengineering and the response,
tangibility, courteousness, and security as indicators of quality health
services. The study followed the descriptive analytical approach. The
study concluded that general administration for medical services is
keen for radical changes for a better quality of health services.
Business processes re-engineering has contributed to the improvement
of performance and rapid response of customers requests. Job
redesigning in business processes re-engineering has facilitated the
health services for customers and there was a significant relationship
between the business processes re-engineering the quality of health
services. The study suggested the continuation on the development of
systems, policies, and procedures in general administration for
medical services, attention and rapid response should be paid to the
demands of the customers and the necessity for combining sub jobs
into one mission to have an excellent and fast service.