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Name of Food: Japanese (Lunch) Bento Box

Ingredients: (for Tonkatsu- 2 Pork Steak, Egg, Bread Crumbs, Wheat Flour, Iodized
Salt ,and Extractives of Paprika)
For Tamagoyaki- 3big eggs,1 small Carrot, Spring Onion,1 Onion, Black Pepper, Salt
For Side Dishes: Spinach, Tomato Cherry, Soy Sauce, Cucumber, Carrot,
Potato,Sweet Corn and Mayonnaise.
For Onigiri- Premium Sticky Rice (Japanese Rice), Nori-(seaweed sheets)
Avocado,Cucumber,Crab Sticks

Procedure: for Tonkasu-Mix the Flour ,Iodized Salt, Paprika

Dip each piece of pork steak in egg wash. And then coat it in mixed ingredients.
-Coat in Bread crumbs after.
Deep fry until golden brown and cooked through.
For Tamagoyaki-mix scrambled eggs, minced carrot, spring onion,onion,salt
Brush the frying pan with oil and then scoop the mixed ingredients into the pan in low
heat, roll it carefully and then repeat the procedure to last scoop.
For Side dishes: cut the cucumber into half moon cut,put a little bit of iodized salt.
Sliced the carrot thinly. and cut it into four small triangular.
Cut the potato into cubes.
boil the spinach and then drain.put a little bit of sauce sauce and then set aside.

Description of the Chosen Country: Encompasses the regional and traditional foods
of Japan, which have developed through centuries of social and economic changes.
The traditional cuisine of Japan (和食 washoku) is based on rice with miso soup and
other dishes; there is an emphasis on seasonal ingredients. Side dishes often consist of
fish, pickled vegetables, and vegetables cooked in broth. Seafood is common, often
grilled, but also served raw as sashimi or in sushi. Seafood and vegetables are also
deep-fried in a light batter, as tempura. Apart from rice, staples include noodles, such as
soba and udon. Japan also has many simmered dishes such as fish products in broth
called oden, or beef in sukiyaki and nikujaga.