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Membrane Cleaners Antiscalants

Flocon MC is a complete range of cleaners The Flocon range of premium antiscalants

specially formulated to restore membrane has a solution for all of the fouling and scaling
performance through removal of inorganic, problems encountered in RO operation.
organic, silt, silica, and metal deposits.

Flodose Technical Support
Flocon Flodose, an innovative Flocon multiregional technical
predictive software tool, teams have a combined
experience of more than 100
allows operators to design
Flocon membrane years in desalination. Flocon
effective chemical solutions Technical
Flodose solutions include technical teams are available
that prevent scaling regionally to provide chemical
six elements:
problems. support with a problem
solving call within a 24 hour
response time.

Approvals and Microbiological

Certifications Control Agents

Approvals and Certifications Microbiological Control Agents

Flocon antiscalant products are certified to Flocon B is a range of solutions that provide
NSF/ANSI Standard 60 for use in potable effective control of biofouling for both
water RO. Flocon products are also on-line and intermittent dosing
approved by membrane operations.
manufacturers worldwide.

Americas Region Europe & Middle East Asia Pacific Region

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