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TOEFL Incorrect word - Test 2

1. Writers and media personnel sell 5. When the ball struck him in the face, the
theirselves best by the impression given in player was collapsed but his teammates
their verbal expression. carried on playing.

A. personnel A. in the face

B. theirselves B. was collapsed

C. by the C. but

D. expression D. carried on

2. The disposable camera, a single-use 6. Until the project completed, the effects
camera preloaded with print film, has of the new measures will not be known,
appeared in the late 1980s, and has become especially in rural areas.
very popular.
A. Until
A. a
B. completed
B. preloaded with
C. effects
C. has appeared
D. in rural areas
D. has become
7. Pollution, which affects nearly all
3. A largely percentage of Canadian export countries, increase the risk of disease as
business is with the United States. well as harming the environment.

A. largely A. which affects

B. of B. increase

C. is C. of

D. with D. harming the environment

4. Some studies show that young babies 8. Some people think that the desire to wear
prefer the smell of milk to those of other sunglasses are more a need to impress than
liquids. to protect the eyes.

A. that young babies A. that

B. smell B. are

C. those C. than to

D. other liquids D. the

9. Laser technology is the heart of a new 13. After to have won the light-heavyweight
generation of high-speed copiers and title at the 1960 Olympic Games,
printer. Muhammad Ali began to box
A. is
A. to have
B. a
B. at the
C. generation
C. began
D. printer
D. professionally
10. The artist tried stimulate interest in
painting by taking his students to the 14. The information officer at the bank told
museums. his customers that there was several
different kinds of checking accounts
A. stimulate available.
B. interest in A. at the bank
C. by taking B. told
D. to the C. that
11. The Pilgrims were 102 English D. there was
emigrants whom, after arriving on the
Mayflower, became the first European 15. A turtle differs from all other reptiles in
settlers in New England. that its body is encased in a protective shell
of their own.
A. whom
A. from
B. arriving
B. other
C. became
C. their
D. the first
D. own
12. All the scouts got theirselves ready for
the long camping trip by spending their 16. Almost all life depends to chemical
weekends living in the open. reactions with oxygen to produce energy.

A. all A. Almost all

B. theirselves B. depends to

C. the C. to produce

D. living D. energy
17. It is essential that vitamins are supplied 19. According to the theory of natural
either by foods or by supplementary selection, the man who was able to use the
tablets for normal growth to occur. hands and feet most freely to walk and
grasp was the one who survived and
A. are evolved.
B. or A. the hands and feet
C. by supplementary tablets B. freely
D. to occur C. to walk and grasp
18. If a rash occurs within twenty-four D. who
hours after taking a new medication, the
treatment should discontinued. 20. Oil whale lamps were replaced by
kerosene lamps in 1860's and the multi-
A. occurs million dollars whale industry came to an
B. after taking end.

C. medication A. Oil whale

D. should discontinued B. were replaced

C. multi-million

D. came


1. B 5. B 9. D 13. A 17. A

2. C 6. B 10. A 14. D 18. D

3. A 7. B 11. A 15. C 19. A

4. C 8. B 12. B 16. B 20. A

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