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Engineer’s in construction contract management is a specialist in the field of

engineering, who oversees projects, conducts reviews and studies the legalities of the contract
between the client and the engineer and makes sure that all terms of the contract are tended to
fairly. A contract engineer also must draft commercial tenders, and also sometimes must estimate
the budgets of a specific project, before the administrating or awarding of the contract.

The main role :

1. The engineer need to obtain a correct understanding of the client’s requirements.

2. To prepare the company’s quotation response in accordance with the established
procedures for investigation, design, costing and presentation.
3. To ensure that the documentation received for orders/enquiries is sufficiently
informative/detailed to allow the efficient processing of the work.
4. To process orders in accordance with the established procedures for materials, bought out
items, labour and site equipment.
5. To maintain an accurate and complete file record of all calculations, material lists,
costings, drawings, correspondence and purchase orders.
6. To attend pre‐quote/pre‐installation surveys/meetings.
7. To prepare full and accurate instructions for production control.
8. To prepare full and accurate manufacturing drawings/details for production
control/factory personnel.
9. To prepare full and accurate installation drawings/details for the construction personnel
Source and procure all bought out/non‐stock items relevant to the contract in a cost
effective manner.
10. To source and procure the necessary site equipment to enable installation to be carried
out in a safe and efficient manner.
11. To programme work load to ensure that all resources arrive on site as scheduled,
and thereby allow the installation to be completed as cost effectively as possible.
12. To liaise with the client regarding deliveries of materials and the installation programme.
Seek client’s agreement on payment of down time/additional works which is
directly attributable to the customer.

For the conclusion is the role of engineer's in construction contract management is very
important role in construction project because deals mainly with writing up and preparing the
paperwork, and working on the contractual conditions of a project, between the clients and the
engineers. Because a contract engineer is often the person between two businesses, their job can
take on a lot of responsibilities and duties