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PIEAS MS Fellowship 2017 Online Apply

and Complete Guide For Entery Test ,

Interview and Medical and Merit List
Note : 100 % Merit selection in PIEAS is the biggest
achievement of PIEAS !
Introduction : Pakistan institute of engineering and applied sciences is the top and most honorable
Educational and research institute in the country . It study starts from Bachelor and continue till
PHD , every year PIEAS take more than or less than 150 bachelor engineering background students
including physics and agriculture students for MS Program .
Why MS in PIEAS ? : the ms in PIEAS is very unique from all other institutes in pakistan
because PIEAS ms leads directly to 18 scale government job with as much benefits as an engineering
student can expect .
Benefits Of MS In PIEAS : during ms in PIEAS ,the candidate studied 2 year in PIEAS with free
accommodation and living expenses . After ms , the candidate will be offered SPS-08 scale job in
pakistan atomic energy.
Admission Procedure : The candidate Can apply Online and Offline both , the online and deposit
slip fee is less than the online . if you want to apply online , visit the link below given .

Apply Online
Eligibility Criteria : the criteria is listed below for the interested candidates , see below the criteria :
The candidates Must have 4 year bachelor program in following areas

1-Materials Engineering 4 Year

2-Mechanical Engineering 4 Year

3- Nuclear Engineering 4 Year

4-Process Engineering 4 Year

5- Systems Engineering 4 Year

6- Mineral Resource Engineering 4 Year

7- Electrical Engineering 4 Year

8- Radiation Physics 4 Year

9- Physics 4 Year

10- Medical Physics 4 Year

11-Computer Science 4 Year

12- Nuclear Medicine 4 Year

13-Radiation & Medical Oncology 4 Year

These are the disciplines which are offered in PIEAS . Mostly the engineer with 4 year
bachelor program participate for the test . this is the highest achievement for an engineer in
pakistan to get enter in this institute . the all recruitment is 100% on merit . so all the visitors who are
reading this post are asked to apply this job with out any fear

Entry Test Data : We are going to Add data that will help the students to prepare their MS entry test
. The data is very important because it is collection of most important topics . The candidates have to
work hard to qualify in the test .
1-General Part : it is the 50% of total Mcqs , that means that 50 Mcqs are general . The general part
is same for all discipline because it include the syllabus that is Math , Physics and English .
2-Subject Part : The Subject Part include the your technical subjects which you have studied in your
bachelor degree . Most question appear in PIEAS entry test are numerical based .
How to Prepare : First see the general sample paper that is included in the PIEAS website to guide
the students that what type of question can appear .After it make a list of topics that will be come in
the test .the general part is same for all , so include the Mathematics 1st year topics that are given
below .
Mathematics ( & : Basic Calculus , Differential equation , Complex Variables , Boolean
Algebra , vector algebra , Matrices , statistics .
Physics ( & : The Main part of physics Mcqs is included in Numerical which are given at
the end of exercise of part 1 and part 2 Book.
English : It include the Grammatical question and knowledge base question like proposition filling ,
grammatical errors correction , synonyms , antonyms and one paragraph is given and you have to
answer different question at the end according to your observation in the paragraph etc .

Most Important Subject Part : The most important is subject part , in subject part you have to
given Mcqs which include core part of your most important topics and these topics are chosen from
your text books . The topics from which you have to prepare your test are listed in the PIEAS
syllabus Document . Some books like M. HANDA for electrical engineering , khurmi and gupta for
civil and Mechanical engineering , and if you know some other books for other discipline , please
mention in the comment , we will include them in the Article to Help the student . these books are
100% sure to help the students to qualify in the test of PIEAS .
Download Test
PIEAS MS Interview
The calculators are allowed in the PIEAS test , and the time you have given is 3 hours , that is enough
to solve long term question . After the Test , almost 1 month later the list of candidates will be
announced who will be qualify in the entry test . The list will online on the PIEAS website , after it ,
the eligible candidates who have qualify in the test , they are informed through Mobile SMS , that he
is included in the list of those lucky person that have clear the test of PIEAS . The interview schedule
is listed on the PIEAS website , and that person is also informed by a call letter for interview time and
date . this call letter is the pass for candidates to enter in the interview Place / department .

The Interview is not simple as people think because the interviews are usually consist of some
personality information and technical question .

The PIEAS test consist of 50 % of general part and other is on technical part .

General Part Interview : The general Part include the following questions .
1- tell about your name , father name and education .

2- about Your final Year Project

3- General knowledge which include the capitals of countries , the river and canals information .

4- The most impressing personality in pakistan and why?

5-why you choose the MS in PIEAS

Technical Part Interview : The technical part is start from your interesting area .
1- 3 technical person and one psychologist is sitting in the interview room to test the credibility of
candidates .

2- They asked the candidates to tell about his/her interesting area .

3- after telling the interesting area , they asked the question related to its interested field or subjects
like to design some thing and some other question related to the IQ level .
The candidates have to fully prepare the interview , because the 1/5 is almost selected in the
interview .

the interviews continue for a month , and after one month , the candidates are informed by a letter
and sms and the list is pinned on website that have qualify the PIEAS Interview .


PIEAS Medical test is simple and it include your blood test and simple health test from any
government hospital and you have to submit the data to your PIEAS Officials .

Security Clearance : you have to tell all the exact information about your family and about you
with no criminal record so that you are eligible to qualify for the admission in PIEAS . a team
visit to your residence to clear your information .
After All the work done you have to submit 2 persons guaranty that are 17 scale , after it now you
have successfully qualify for the admission in MS Fellow ship program . You have to test clear your 3
month zero semester in PIEAS to continue your study in PIEAS other wise they kick out you after
doing all such stuff .

Hope you all will get a lot of information about PIEAS and now you are to give your Feed backs in
the comment section , please give your feed backs , so that we can improve more this article .

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