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Minggu Yang Ke 8 . Date : 23 / 02 / 2017 _

Subject/ Title / Objective/ Activities

Year. & Time

Title : Unit 2 : Greetings -(Language Art)

Content Standard : 4.4
Learning Standard : 4.4.1 (ii) Plan, produce and present creative works rymes.

Objective(s) : At the end of this lesson,

1. 8/10 of the enrichment pupils should be able to complete the rhymes using the words given.
2. 3/6 of the remedial pupils should be able to understand and use the language at phrases level in
non-linear texts. (Construct 8)

Teaching Aid(s) : Picture card,audio, activity book

Education emphases : Constructivism
Multiple Intelligences : Visual-spatial, verbal-linguistic
Cross-curricular element : Making connection and association.
I-think map : Flow map
1 Amanah Moral Values : Obey the instruction, cooperation, enjoyment

ENGLISH Activities : 1. Teacher greets everyone in the classroom.

2. Teacher asks the Wh-questions.
8.20 - 9.20
( 60 minutes MAINSTREAM LBI
Step 1 Teacher introduces rhymes to the pupils Teacher introduces about greetings.
(happy birthday song)
Pupils sing the Happy Birthday song together.
Step 2 Teacher read the words below : Teacher introduces rhymes to the
(a) morning pupils
(b) do
(c) happy Pupils recall the greetings they had
(d) You learned.

Pupils say the words guided by the teacher.

- In groups pupils practice the dialogues with the In groups pupils practice the dialogues
help of picture cards (with guidance)
Step 3 Teacher guides the pupils complete the rhymes Teacher read the words below :
using the words given. (e) morning
(f) do
(g) happy
(h) you
. - pupil compete the rhyme by
listening to teacher.

Closure Teacher concludes the lesson. Then, teacher asks on what have been they learnt for today.

Reflection :