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Construction ‘TEPE AKFEN YATIRIM INSAAT ISLETME A.S, SUCCURSALE EN TUNIISE PROJET DE L’ AEROPORT INTERNATIONAL DE ZINE EL ABIDINE BEN ALI INTERNAL DISTRIBUTION FORM REFERENCE NO: DOT-ART-TAV-005 DATE:|15.04,2008 DEPARTMENTS Mr. Adil AKKAYA, hi Bulent GoKst lac. Fatin BOZDUGAN + Department Managers are requested to distribute the relevant correspondences to their own department. WEEE Tepe Akfen Fy TEPE AKFEN YATIRIM INSAAT ISLETME AS. PN MAYA | succursale en TUNISIE Construction PROJET DEL’ AEROPORT INTERNATIONAL DE ZINE EL ABIDINE BEN ALI DOCUMENT TRANSMITTAL Company Name : ARTIYAPL Date: + 15.04.2008 Attention = Nr. Firat DEGER ‘Transmittal No: ART-64/QAC-038 Dear Sit Madam, We transmitted horowith the following documents for: "Status of enclosed documents 4 Information “4. Aetion 7. Construction 10. Fabviation 2.ReviewiComment | 6, Rejection 8. Record 14, Procurement 3. Approval 6. Design 9. As Requested 12. omer ‘To be doiverod by Ol Hond 1D courier TTEM NO. (DOCUMENT NO. Rev. | sTavus DOCUMENT TITLE ‘NO. OF PRINTS METHOD STATEMENT 1 ARTIPRO_ACIONZ 7 7 FOR CONCRETE REPAR 7 Receipt: [BiRequied Please acknowledge receipt by signing and returning a copy ofthis transmital to Document Control Genter. CC Nayjess EtKanaou 4011 Harman, Sousse TUNISTE ‘Chanir Aéroport tration Zi inl Abidin Bon Al Astro, Xn, 8, ENEIDWA/TUNISIE 2 AI TILADPP Yo Project: ZINE EL ABIDINE BEN ALI INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT Employer : TAV Tepe Akfen Yatirim Insaat ve Isletme A.S. (TAV Tepe Akfen Investment Construction and Operation Co.) Tunisia Branch Contractor : ArtiYAPI Musavirlik Mimarlik ve Muhendislik Taahhut A.S. Date Page No. : 4of 5 ART/PRO_QAC/002 45.04.2008 METHOD STATEMENT FOR CONCRETE REPAIR ENFIDHA - TUNISIA Revision History Date Sats Prep. By | Checked By ‘Approved By Rev. No. B 15,04,2008 Issued for Approval | Mr.B.Dogan OZ} Mr.B.DoganOZ | Mr.H.Erden GUREL