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1013 N. 13th Street Phoenix, AZ 85006
Phone: (602) 462-1987 FALL 2010 E-mail:
What Makes Aim Right Work? Thoughts from the Director
Mission Statement: Someone recently asked me the
Established in 1991, Aim Right Ministries provides after-school recreational activities, educational question: “What makes Aim Another aspect of
tutoring, and moral/spiritual training for at-risk youth and children living in central Phoenix. Working in
cooperation with local churches, we desire these youth to be evangelized and discipled for Christ. Right work?” and so I went on a ministry that has
quest to re-visit our mission and „transmorphed‟ over
Board Members:
Chris King, John Yoder, James Miller, Arlen Godshall, Art Montoya vision to discover which principles the past 20 years is
are in place that make the ministry the impact on the
President/Founder: Darrell Bacher Interns: Andrea Stoltzfus, Kelsi Burkholder,
Office Administrator: Amy Unrau Joel Roby effective among the youth of the lives of those who
inner-city. have come to work
with Aim Right. As a
With a strong focus to to reach at-
former intern ex-
risk youth with the transforming
pressed, “Your life
Gospel of Jesus, we recognize that
will be changed, and
what makes Aim Right work is the
by God„s grace, oth-
strength of establishing life-giving
ers„ lives will be changed, too.“ This life
relationships with relevant evangelism
transformation is not only evident
and discipleship programs for youth. We
among youth, but also among those
have been blessed to see the fruit of
who have given their lives in sharing
ministry—young people who have been
the Gospel! Because of this dynamic,
transformed and become agents of
we are envisioning how we can be
transformation in their families and com-
even more intentional in leading and
empowering individuals and churches
As a ministry, we continue to be led by to be more engaged in their communi-
the vision of helping youth find direction ties and in a cross-cultural context.
in life, especially as it pertains to their
As we re-visit and re-clarify the vision
1013 N. 13th St. Phoenix, AZ 85006 relationship with Jesus Christ. When we
that God has given to us, we anticipate
recently began our fall programming, we
seeing God continue to transform lives
Helping Youth Find Direction in Life
evaluated the effectiveness of each pro-
for His glory. In celebration of this
gram Was it living up to its full potential
transforming work, I invite you to be
of fulfilling the vision? If not, we have
our guest at a Dessert Reception
sought to implement new, fresh ideas
and Celebration on Nov. 6, 2010.
that will allow the ministry to be more
effective in our community. - Darrell Bacher
The Bent Twig
Martha Snell Nicholson
Amy Yoder and Matt Yoder After submitting reports, undergoing site visits
completed their internships in July and interviews, & attending numerous train- It hurt my heart to see today
ings, Aim Right has been awarded a Someone with whom I used to play.
and August, respectively. They He was a gentle, merry lad,
are both remaining in the Valley, $15,000 matching grant Friendly, and easily made glad.
where God has provided full-time But now the change! The marks of sin
jobs and continued opportunities by the Mission Increase Foundation, a Were graven deep, without, within.
to impact youth. Matt will be co- national organization that trains non-profit His body, once so slender and trim,
ministries in Biblical fundraising, giving, and Was huge and gross. I looked at him
leading the Team FUN program
And wondered when and how and why
this fall. discipleship. Until December 15, 2010,
Andrea Stoltzfus, Joel Roby, Kelsi Burkholder It came to pass? Why he, not I?
Amy Yoder & Matt Yoder gifts are eligible to be applied toward this I loved his mother, long since dead;
grant opportunity. Simply label your gift So, thinking of her, I said
Joel Roby from Plain City, OH, and Kelsi Burkholder from “Matching Grant.” What she often used to say,
Goshen, IN, moved to Phoenix in August to fill the vacated intern “Jimmy, have you been good today?”
positions. They join Andrea Stoltzfus, who is already halfway “Not very, I‟m afraid,” he said
through a one-year term. And hastily turned his head.
I think he had not cried for years,
Caleb and Stephanie Reed, along with daughter Madison, are But now his eyes were filled with tears.
making preparations to move into the intern house on the prop- March 12, Suddenly I seemed to see
The little boy who used to be,
erty, where they will be house parents for the male interns who
come to serve. They hope this arrangement will give them even
2011 16th Annual The small clean lad of yesterday who
Somehow, somewhere, missed the way,
more opportunities to reach out to youth as well. Benefit Auction Bewildered, lost and sad.
Caleb, Stephanie, & Madison Reed He had not meant to be so bad
It somehow “happened...”
Then I tried
To tell him of the One who died,
Who took on Him the sins of men,
To make them pure and clean again.
He listened well to what I said,
If you can meet one of these needs, we‟d love But he was hardened in the mold.
to hear from you! The twig was bent, the tree inclined,
And so his heart and soul and mind
Ministry interns (male or female) Found it too hard a thing to do. . . .
Bus driver (Wed. evening) I thought of the young lads who
Kids Klub helpers (Wed. evening) Are living in the plastic years,
Teen mentors Will they, too, know remorse and tears?
Part-time employment for our current interns

 Let‟s share Him

(morning hours preferable; interested in
childcare or construction) with
Table hosts for our Dessert Reception them while they‟re moldable!

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