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MS RAMAIAH INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY SEMESTER END EXAMINATIONS ~ MAY / JUNE 2013 [usn [a [M[s (AUTONOMOUS INSTITUTE, AFFILIATED TO VTU) BANGALORE -— 560 054 Course & Branch ; March: Landscape Architecture Semester wv Subject : Landscape Conservation Max. Marks ; 100 Subject Code : LA402 Duration 3 Hrs Instructions to the Candidates: * Answer any five full questions * Assume any missing data suitably 1. a) What are the basic criteria to qualify a landscape for conservation? (10) b) Write in detail the methodology involved in conserving landscape (40) 2 a) Explain in detail landscape and change with relevant examples. (10) b) What are the types of threat and conservation treatment? (10) 3. Write short notes on a) Rural landscape conservation (10) b) Forest conservation (10) 4, Discuss elaborately a) Nature and wildlife conservation. (10) b) Comprehensive conservation (10) 5. a) Discuss in detail Conservation of National park with an example (10) b) Explain in detail the steps involved in framing conservation policies for (10) cultural landscapes 6. a) Explain in detail with examples the green and built landscapes in towns and (10) cities. b) Explain in detail with examples historic landscape conservation (10) 7. @) Explain in detail the impact of large scale projects on landscape and give (20) possible conservation measures for the threats identified. 8. a) Discuss with an example - wetland conservation, its threats and (20) conservation measures. eee eRe Page 1 of 1