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Mata Kuliah : Business English Hari, Tanggal Ujian : Jumat , 20 Juli 2018
Kelas / Semester : Akuntansi Pagi / 2(dua) Waktu : 08 00 – 09:30
Dosen : Drs. Suhanto Kastaredja, M.Pd Sifat Ujian: Buku Tertutup
I.Match the word in column A with its meaning in B

1.profit a. react verbally b. capacity for coming into being
3.hard c.a means for storing or communicating infomation
4.favourite d. a state of being relaxed and feeling no pain
5.comfort e. particularly well liked by someone.
6.respond f. connected to another computer or to a network.
7.medium g. a financial gain
8. potential h. requiring great physical or mental effort to accomplish
II. Complete the sentence in each number by using the approprite word in column A part I
1. It is ... to find water in some areas in Gunung Kidul in 5. We hope the better ... from the corn sale makes the
dry season. farmers happier.
2. “What is your ...colour?” “ Green” 6. There are many ... buyers for this car model in East Java
3. The ... sale of the new furniture product increases by 40% province.
in the last two years. 7. The ... of new facilities in my office helps us work faster.
4. If they cannot ... your request of the solution of sale 8. Sport club can function as ...for young businessmen to
problems , please contact me. enlarge his business network.

III. Read the text carefully to answer the questions

Selling A Car
As mentioned by Andry Saputra the fastest way to sell your car is to a showroom. But expect them to mark a margin for
profit as 1. They have to make money and 2. Your car will sit in their garage for a while before it is sold. If your car is a
90s or pre-90s model car you may also find it hard to find a showroom that will want to risk the wait time on selling an
older car.
PosKota has always been a favourite and is inexpensive, it is much like the TradingPost in some countries.
Nowadays though internet based mediums like Olx Mobilbekas Mobil123 and Kaskus are where most people are
searching for their vehicles. The benefit there is you can post lots of photos and a more detailed description of your car.
Also it's free and you can post an ad from the comfort of your own home. If you have enough time to post and re-post
your ad and respond to inquiries the online medium is good. If you would like to set-and-forget PosKota should be good
(you can buy an ad for a long period of time) or if you just want the car gone and don't mind loosing 15-20% of the sale
price then a showroom is a speedy solution.
I personally prefer PosKota, because I am old and a little bit lazy to spend too much energy selling the car, but
don't want to loose out on the sale either. I have somebody I trust take the calls and show the car to potential buyers. I will
give them a couple of hundred after the deal is done. Everybody is happy.

1. What can you do in a showroom? 5. What is free?
2. if your car is a 2011model car , is it easy to find a 6, When can you loose 15-20% of the sale price?
showroom to sell your car? 7. Is the writer patient to spend much energy selling the
3. What do people do with their cars Pos Kota? car?
4.Where are most people searching for their vehicles? 8. Why does the writer say “Everybody is happy”?
5. Where can you post lots of photos and a more detailed
description of your car
IV.Match the sentences by Nancy with those responses of John.
Nancy John
1. Hi. It is good to see you, John. a. I already finished my studies and graduated last
week. Now, I want to get a job in the
Finance field. Payroll is not exactly Finance.
2. Yes, the last time we saw each other was New Year’s Eve. How b.I hope so.
are you doing?
3. You are looking for a new job? Why? c. Same here, Nancy. It has been a long time since I
last saw you.

4. How long have you been looking for a new job? d. I could only get one interview with Fidelity
Company because of my heavy work- schedule. A
month has already gone by, and I have not heard
from them. I guess I did not make it.
5. Didn’t you have any interviews with those firms that came to our e. I am doing OK. It would be better if I have a new
campus last month? Ibelieve quite a few companies came to recruit job right now.
students for their Finance departments.
6. : Don’t worry, John. You always did well in school. I know your f. I just started this week
good grades will help you get a job soon. Besides, the job market is
pretty good right now, and all companies need financial analysts.
7. You have prepared a resume, right? g. Of course.
8. You also have to pray to have God’s help h. Yes I have.
V. Transalate the conversation between Nancy and John into Bahasa Indonesia

Good luck

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