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11/18/2018 Media Choices

Media Choices
I am currently planning two short films, an animation and a music video. I would like to target the 25 
to 40  age group so if you fit this profile I would be very please if you could answer my short survey.

* Required

1. What genre of music do you listen to most often *
Mark only one oval.


2. Do you watch music videos?
Mark only one oval.
 No  After the last question in this section, skip to question 4.

3. If you watch music video what medium do you use?
Mark only one oval.
 TV music Channels


4. Have you watched animated films recently?
Mark only one oval.

5. Would you be interested in a short animation film to raise awareness about global issues?
Mark only one oval.
 No 1/2
11/18/2018 Media Choices
6. Which of the issues below would interest you?
Check all that apply.
 Global warming
 Pollution and air quality
 Natural disasters

7. About you
Mark only one oval.
 Prefer not to say

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