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IELTS Application: Summary


Thank you for submitting your application. You will now receive an acknowledgement email that
contains the summary and terms and conditions of your application.

Please note: to complete your application, you MUST pay for your test place, and send all
supporting documents to your test centre by the stated deadline. If you do not do this by the
stated deadline, your application will be cancelled.

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Completing your application

Instructions on how to complete your application
1. IELTS Fee
IELTS fee must be submitted within five working days after your registration or two
working days before the test date whichever is earlier. If you do not submit the
payment and a copy of your identity document by the specified timeline, your
application will be cancelled.
Payment methods:

Cash through the British Council offices in Riyadh, Jeddah or Al Khobar

Direct deposit at a SABB branch / Online bank transfer to our account
Draft cheque from a local Saudi bank payable to 'The British Council' with a
copy of your ID and IELTS reference number sent to the nearest British
Council office

2. Identity Document
You must submit a copy of your identification document within five working days after
your registration or two working days before the test date whichever is earlier. You
could either email your ID to with your IELTS reference
number in the subject line or send the hard copy to the nearest British Council office.
Acceptable Identity Documents:
• Passport
• National ID (Saudi nationals only)
• Residency Permit or Iqama (Expatriates only)
The ID must be valid for at least one month from the test date.
Test day information
Please note that your speaking test may be schedule on the same day as the written
test or up to seven days before or after the written test.
You will receive the test day information including venue details in an email 09 days
before the written test date. In case of late registrations, this will be 02 days before the
test date.
On the test day
You must bring the same ID (original, not a copy) to your IELTS written and speaking
tests. If you do not bring the same ID, you will not be allowed to take your IELTS test
and you will not be eligible for a refund or transfer.
If the ID you submitted with your application is not available on the test day, please
inform the British Council at least one week before the test day.

IELTS Test Details

You have selected the following IELTS test module:

IELTS Reference No.: SA102-161093-0650

Module: General Training

Date: 03 March 2018
Fee (SAR): 1100

Town/City: Riyadh male candidates

Contact Details
Please send or return your documents, or any queries you may have, to:

British Council Riyadh

Office C.13 / C.14, Al Fazary Sq., Diplomatic Quarter (male candidates)
Al Manahil Centre, Ibn Zaher Street, Diplomatic Quarter (female candidates)
PO Box 58012
Riyadh 11594
Opening Times
Monday: 9 am - 9 pm male/ 7.30 pm female
Tuesday: 9 am - 9 pm male/ 7.30 pm female
Wednesday: 9 am - 9 pm male/ 7.30 pm female
Thursday: 9 am - 9 pm male/ 7.30 pm female
Friday: Closed
Saturday: 9 am - 4 pm
Sunday: 9 am - 9 pm male/ 7.30 pm female

Telephone: 920003668
Facsimile: 966 1483 1717 (m) / 1480 7811 ext.37 (f)

Payment Information
How To Pay
Please pay for your IELTS test using one of the methods below.

Please pay for your test in cash at the British Council Riyadh

Draft cheque
You may also pay for your test by draft cheque from a local Saudi bank made
payable to 'The British Council'

Bank Deposit / Transfer

Directly deposit the fee at your nearest SABB branch -
Online direct bank transfer from your account to the British Council’s account. In
this case you need to add the British Council as a beneficiary for your transfer.
Please make sure to include your IELTS Reference Number, name and mobile
number on the deposit slip as reference for your payment at the time of deposit/
transfer. Once you have paid the fee, please email a copy of the deposit slip or
a copy of the transfer as proof of payment with a copy of your ID (quoting your
IELTS Reference Number and Centre Name in the subject line) to

British Council Bank Details

Bank name The Saudi British Bank

Shara Dabab Branch, PO Box 17682, Riyadh 11494, Saudi
Branch address
Account name British Council
Account number 003 001 328 003
IBAN number SA58 4500 0000 0030 0132 8003

Important Note:
We can confirm your test only if the bank payment confirmation has been
emailed to us to A missing
payment confirmation may result in the British Council unable to track
your registration fee in which case your test will not be confirmed. The
British Council will accept no responsibility for any delays or loss that
occurs as a result.
For clarification or assistance, please contact our Call Centre;
Telephone 920003668