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Adverbs of Frequency

Instructions: Insert an adverb of frequency into each sentence.

1. Our teacher wears a tie.(never)

2. I take the bus home.(usually)
3. Our teachers are absent.(sometimes)
4. Our teachers give homework for the weekend.(hardly ever)
5. Our teacher brings coffee into class.(often)
6. My classroom is cold.(always)
7. Our teacher gets angry when students don't understand. (usually)
8. I study English on Monday. (never)
9. I copy my friends work.(sometimes)
10. There is a holiday in October.(always)
11. I speak Thai in class.(hardly ever)
12. Our teacher wears shorts to class. (never)
13. Students come to school on Tuesday.(often)
14. Our teacher comes to class late.(usually)
15. I am late for class.(hardly ever)
16. I do my housework on Sunday.(sometimes)
17. Our teachers are in school before six o'clock. (always)
18. I do my homework.(never)
19. I go away at the weekend. (usually)
20. My classmates are rude and noisy.(never)
21. I eat pork. (often)
22. I am tired at the end of the day. (always)
23. I think about getting married.(sometimes)
24. My street is quiet. (hardly ever)
25. I give money to beggars (usually)