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Logical Thinking

Learning Competency: Distinguish facts from opinions

1. Statement A: An opinion presents data that is not based on evidences but from an individual’s
own thinking only.
Statement B: An editorial presents a newspaper’s own view on an issue.
Statement C: Therefore, an editorial is a form of opinion.

Open-Ended Question

Learning Competency: Use verbs when giving information (Future Tense)

Situation: In the story “Footnote to Youth”, Dodong, who is just 17 years old, marries Taeng who is also
in her youth like him. Dodong and his family suffer a lot because the couple cannot afford to sustain the
needs of the whole family. Pretend that you are Dodong. Think and tell what will probably happen if he
did not marry in an early age?

Answer: If Dodong will not choose to marry Taeng in an early age, he will probably go to school and
study. He will have the chance to graduate and look for a better job. He will see himself being successful
after years of hardwork.