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Curriculum Content Report

Grade: 6B

Month: JANUARY Year: 2016-17

Subject Topic/s Sub topics Upcoming Topic/s

for the next month

English Revision for 2nd Progression  Narrative Writing with Paper I (Non-Fiction)
Test descriptive Elements Writing a Leaflet
 Autobiography Grammar
 Grammar Joining sentences
Mathematics Revision for progression Revision on fraction Area and perimeter
test decimal percentages Probability
equations graphs and Ratio and proportion

Physics Revision Revision on all the topics Energy Tranfers

[Preparation for 2nd
Progression Test]

Chemistry Revision Revision on all the topics Finding the age of the
[Preparation for 2nd earth
Progression Test]

Biology Revision Revision on all the Living things in their

topics environment
[Preparation for 2nd
Progression Test]

History Revision for 2nd Progression 2nd Progression Delhi Sultanate

test test

Geography Revison and test Revision and test Vegetation and

culture of india
Hindi Revision for 2nd Progression Grammar Formal letter
Poem : Pushp ki
Letter writing abhilasha

French Revision for the second Revision Comprehension

progression test List

Spanish Revision for the 2nd Telling the time Verbo Estar
Progression test Essay writing


ICT Revision of topics taught  Page Layout in MS- MS-Word : Working

Word with graphics.
 Evolution and
Characterisitics of

Art Perspective Drawing One point perspective Cube Making

Free Expression Student Choice Type Design
Shading technique 3D shapes

Name of the Class Teacher:

Ms. Madhavi