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Complete the table

adjective comparative superlative

accurate more accurate the most accorate
pure purest
stable More stable The most stable
hard harder hardest
heavy heavier heaviest
thin thiner thinest
far Farther/furthest Farthest/furthest
impractical More impractical The most impractical
bad worse worst
II. Five of the sentences below contain a mistake. Find the mistake and correct it.
 This silk fabric is the best quality we produce.
 Following the fire, many people have been affected by smoke as we had originally thought.
 Pollution of the ground is the most serious in area A than in area B.
 Please wear ear protection because it's more noisier here than in the other areas.
 The locked cabinet contains some of the most poisonous chemicals there are.
 That was the loudest explosion IVe ever heard.
 These chemicals should be kept in better containers than these.
 Sending the goods by air is certainly quicker but it's also the most expensive
III. Choose the correct word in bold.
The number of people who work in the textile manufacturing industry in the UK has fallen
considerably over the last 50 years. Today, it employs (c)approximately 130,000 people. Textiles
for clothing and carpets have always been (d) important but today there is (e) increasing trade in
fabrics for (f)industrial applications. Fabrics are used (g) increasingly in the healthcare and
automotive industries. The export of wool and woollen products has remained fairly
(i) constant over the last 15 years. The UK also has a G) significant silk industry, which produces
over £170 million worth of goods (k) annually. The UK îinen trade has an (I) excellent reputation
for quality and service and British exports remain very (m) healthy. The UK's expertise in chemistry
is extensively and this is (o)important to the (p) dying industry.
The manufacturing of dyestuffs is (q) relatively strong. The sale of carpets contributes to the sale of
textiles (r) significantly. The carpet industry has (s) particular strengths in the ft) high quality end
of the market.