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' DOLPHIN .ENGINEERING SERVICES oe ERSINEERING SERVICE . TO SUBSTATION, NH-S PH. : 2530055 (0), 2790055 (R) HITTIVANPALEM GAJUWAKA (POST) 2530055 (F), Cell : 98494 00696 VISAKHAPATNAM — 530 026 (AP) E Mail : [PHARMA DRGS PROFILE & REQUEST FOR VENDOR REGN Respected Sir, « Crovide an opportunity to introduce ourselves that we are the team retired Engg design crs from BHEL(BHPV) — Vizag are established this consultancy to share our experience to al sectors. We are rendering our engineering seWvices to various medium and heavy nevstries in Steel, Fertilizers, Petroleum, refiners, process and other general engineering ‘ries. Our existing is from 20 years and continuing our services to various reputed crgenizations that BHPV, HSCL, NPC, HPCL, VSP,LGPIL, MECON, NALCO, 1OCL etc., in the field of » Mechanical equipments, Civil and Structural, Electrical, Piping and instrn. areas, of our services, we are working to various Pharmaceutical Industries in around Sekhapatnam like (Dr.Reddys CTO-6,FT07, SEZ), Mylan Unit 8&9, DRL-FTO-4, FTO-7&FTO-9, “lations drawings at site only) & Phanlox Chemicals etc., in the following disciplines. ~ Drawings preparation for CIF/IALA/FIRE NOC/PCB/Explosives department approvals. ~ Asbuilt P&! drgs for Solvent yard, Production Blocks, Reactors, SRS, WH and total plant. © Adequency check of existing / prop.addl. equip. on stru «Hiring of Cad draughtmens, Laptops, printer ete,, for the drawings prepn at your works. © Plotting of drgs on tracing, film, white paper, color jvints, and ammonia prints etc., ~ We have separate team of Cad draughtmens with s!!sypes of pharma drgs, Procedures & ref books etc,, to start the drawing work at your sive: ned above we humbly requesting to register our firm in your vendor list and award some Sas noted above. We promise our services shall be a reasonable with prompt deliveries. eel free to contact your future details and requirements if any to cell ne 9849400696, S you very much and assuring our best services at al! simes, Awaiting your phone enquirs. Yours Faithfully, For Dolphie Endg SBrvices pea Koe— K-Santta Siva Rao (Chief Executive) NE POWER/MAN POWER & CUSTOMERS WITH DOLPHIN ENGG. SYSTEMS PRINTERS & PLOTTERS: > Desktop: - Ten nos. of HP & dell make computer with high configurations. > Laptop: - Six nos HP, Lenovo, Dell laptops with latest software's é attachments. > Three nos of A3 & Ad size Laser and Inkjet printers for check print purpose. > One no. of AO size Inkjet plotter to HP makes for tracing, film, RTF Printing services, > Alot of Vernier Calipers, Micro Meter, Thread Calipers, Scales, steel tapes, OC &ID Calipers, thickness gauge etc., to carry out the field measurement at Reverse Engg > One no of 36” Ammonia printing machine for Ammonia and RTF printing services. > Our in-house library consist of 3000 nos of different codes, standards, design, Reports, specification of IS,BIS,DIN EIL,DECO,MECON etc., consultants. MAN POWER: > 2 members of principal consultants with full time service on Process equip. & civil/ structural who are highly qualified and experienced. > 6 members of highly experienced Engineering Consultants for each discipline in Mechanical, Piping, and Instrumentation, Electrical, Chemical, Civil and Structl, Ferro alloys, Pharma areas as honorable consultants. > 2members of Marketing and Commercial, outstanding dues executives to look, after order booking and all commercial and financial aspects. > 10 members Cad draughtmen highly experienced in all disciplines. 2 Supporting of fice staff to deal with office administration, accounts etc. OUR CUSTOMERS: Vizag Steel plant, Coromandal Fertilizers Limited, HPCL., BPCL, Bridge & Roof, BHPV Limited, BOC India Limited, Rhishi Projects Hyderabad, Jindal, and ECC, Gold star, Voltas, Lloyds Tnsulation, Park Hotel and so many Organizations in PSU/MNC companies, Companies, Dr Reddy's Labs, Matrix 8 & 9 ete in Pharma industries. Totally have 100 100 members of regular customers and offenly customers to whom we are meeting their tal design & engg services. TIE - UP WITH OTHER PROFESSIONAL EXPERTS: > VAR SUM TECHNOLOGIES-Hyderabad (Project Managt & Civil Engg) > SRI, V.S RAO FORMERLY HPCL-VR (Refineries & Process industries) SRI.V.S.RAMASH FORMERLY Essqure (Reverse engineering ) DESIGN & MODELING SOFTWARES: 2) Auto Cad (2D Cad drawings) 2) PROE( 3D Modeling) 3) Plant Design Management system (PDMS) )Stadd Pro (Structural Design) 5) ANSYS (Mechanical analysis) 6) CATIA (3D Modeling) 7) Elite (Pressure Vessel Design) 8) Tank (API tank Software) 9) Pipe stress analysis DOLPHIN SCOPE OF SERVICES ON DESIGN & DETAILING > PROCESS EQUIPMENTS:- Design & detailing of pressure Vessels, storage Vessels, Receivers, Horton spheres, moulded vessels including all types of equipments. Reverse engg orgs, tender evaluation, Adequency inspection, repair, and other related engineering services. > Heat Exchangers: - Design and detailing of shell & tube, floating head, Kettle,, and her exchangers. Air cooled exchangers with bolted & welded type with bearing block, fan structure. Replacement drgs for bandle, shell & channel assemblies with field measurement. tio Tall vessels & API tanks :- Distillation columns, Regenerators, Chimneys (RCC & Steel) large ameter (API) tanks in Cone & Floating Roof. Tanks inspection and replacement drawings, wndetion design, Tender evaluation, Asbuild drgs, Tank calibration & other related services Givil_& Structural's :- Design & detailing of Civil foundation for Machines and tech structures etc., on softwares. storage sheds, with steel & Rec, Adequacy check, & repair Monorails, Tenders evaluation with BOQ & Costing, Asbuild drgs deviations and other services. > Asbuild drawings:~ As built drgs for infra-Projects & Individual items civil, structural, piping, © electrical and equipments including balancing of customer material with field measurement... > Piping drawings:~ Preparation of piping detailing, Isometric drgs for prepn. for TBR/Non TBR piping. Existing field piping with stress analysis check. Asbuild Isometric drgs for part of total unit. Design & fixing & detailing of piping support and any other services in piping works > Hiring of Auto cad & Engineers :- Hiring of Experienced Auto cad draughtsman on Man hour or man month basis with systems/laptops/printers to carry out the engg packages at site. Sparing of retired engineers in all disciplain to carry out the services at customer site office. tee Reverse engg :~ Development of spare parts, sub assly, gen assembly of equipments, motors, pullies, gear boxes, shafts, machined items and fabrication items etc., for remanufacturing > Stoturatory & Explosive Appls :- Preparation of Plant drawings for CIF/IALA, Fire NOC, PCS, IBR Steam drgs for its department. approval. All explosive petroleum & other hazards gases approvals from CCOE- Nagpur with drawing prepn. & submission approval and hand over. + Miscellaneous: - Equipments & structures inspection, QC documents, projects drawings, vendor registration, CPM, Perk and mobilization charts etc, Adequacy checking of Civil building, tech dustrial sheds and technological structures for 10 meters above height and other services. > TIE UP WITH OTHER ‘ersin technologies: SR Consortorium-- ~-Civil projects, 2) SMS Engineers------API Cone & Roof tanks Refiners & terminals 4)Sai Tech Service-----Explosive approvals