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SyCip Gorres Velayo & Co. Tel: (632) 891 0307 6760 Ayala Avenue Fax: (6: 0872 Building a better 1226 Makati working word CONSENT FORM This is to confirm that | allow my son/daughter, _ARIANE wr_P. Aves a student of rom efstenn uNWeRSIY- went _, to do fieldworks and to work overtime beyond 5:30 PM during his/her OJT at SGV & Co, under the supervision of his/her in-charge. Very truly yours, VW Signature over printed name of Parent Date Costner) i ts Internship Coordinator College/University Date (Signature over printed name) (bate Partner-In-Charge Date (to be filled out by SGV & Co.'s Human Resources Group) Received JAN CoH SGV & Co. intgrnship Coordinator/s Date (Signature over frinted name)