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I. Problem Solving

1. A 4-pole, A separately excited generator has a wave-wound armature with 792

conductors. The flux per pole is 121 pWb. Determine the armature current at
which it the voltage load is 240 V. With the load and armature resistance of 25Ω
and 30Ω ignoring the brush drop of 2V.

2. A 4-pole separately excited generator when running at 1000rpm with the flux
per pole of 12Mwb what will be the load resistance if it is supplied by the emf and
armature current of 125V and 200A, given the load current of 12A, Brush drop of
2V and armature resistance of 0.04Ω

3. A separately excited generator has a Load voltage, current of 23V, 36A and
Armature resistance and current of 5 Ω ,12A with brush drop of 2V. running with
an e.m.f. of 52000 mV. It has 2,000 armature conductors, flux per pole of 0.00013
TWb, speed of 1200 r.p.m. and Find the number of poles with the armature
winding has four parallel paths.

II. Identification

1. It is a dc generator whose field magnet winding current is supplied by an

external dc voltage source?

2. When an electrical conductor is moved through a magnetic field an ____ is

induced to it.

3. It is is the stationary part of a rotary system, found in electric generator?

4. the symbol that describe number of windings elements or conductors

5. It is an electrical machine which converts mechanical energy into direct current