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8 COMMITTEE​​: United Nations Security Council

QUESTION OF​​: Eliminating Syrian chemical weapon development programme

MAIN SUBMITTER​​: United States of America
CO-SUBMITTER​​: India, Myanmar, Somalia, Vietnam, Poland, France, UK
CO-SPONSORS: ​Peru, China, Russia, DPRK

Expecting the Syrian government to honour its commitment to the ​destruction of Syria’s chemical
weapons, which was agreed upon in the Chemical Weapon Convention on September 2013,
Keeping in mind the Chemical Weapons Convention prohibits the large-scale use, development,
production, stockpiling and transfer of chemical weapons,
Noting that the government of Syria have yet to cease its operations and uses of chemical weapon on
civilians and ​the Syrian Ba’athist military has long held a large stockpile of chemical weapons,
Emphasizing ​that the humanitarian situation will continue to deteriorate further in the absence of a
political solution to the Syrian conflict,
Determining ​that the devastating humanitarian situation in Syria continues to constitute a threat to
peace and security in the region,
Affirm t​ hat the use of a chemical weapon on civilian target will not be tolerated,
1. Demands ​that the government of Syria fulfil its obligation to cease its development program
of chemical weapons;
2. Further demands ​the government of Syria to surrender its inventory of existing chemical
weapons to be destroyed under the supervision of the United Nations;
3. ​ nited Nations peacekeepers to supervise the destruction of the existing inventory
Requests U
of chemical weapon under the possession of Syria government;
4. Reaffirmed that the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW)
fact-finding mission will be continuing its work to investigate allegations of the use of
chemical weapons in the Syrian Arab Republic, including with regard to the alleged use of
toxic chemicals as a weapon;
5. Calls upon a​ ll nation states to carry out punitive actions ​against the government of Syria in
the event of violation of the agreement made by the Syrian government, such as but not
limited to:
a. Economic sanction against the government of Syria,
b. Military action against the government of Syria:
i. Strategic and surgical air strikes on the potential chemical weapon sites,
ii. Strategic and surgical air strikes on the Syrian military base;
6. Encourages ​nation states to accelerate its humanitarian effort in order to help the victims of
chemical attacks;
7. Emphasizes t​ he importance of eradication of chemical weapons to ensure and maintain the
safety of civilians and World peace;
8. ​Decides ​to remain actively seized on the matter.