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San Luis District

I. Activity
Youth for Environmental and School Organization (YES-O) is an student organization membership that is held every year. The
Department of Education, in compliance with Batas Pambansa Bilang 68, issued DepEd Order No. 52, “Strengthening
Environmental Education in Public and Private School” to lead pupils/students in environmental programs, projects, activities
and advocacies in schools. In line with this mandate, the YES-O group of Tungal Elementary School, San Luis District has aligned
activities that can foster pupils to join organizational activities effectively.

One of which is the election of YES-O new set of officers for School Year 2014-2015. The main task of the officers is to keep
the organization busy and active in promoting cleanliness of the surroundings, and instill the preservation and protection of the
natural environment to start in the school then reaching the communities. Its purpose is not only to focus in environmental issues
but also to foster awareness. This kind of activity promotes unity and hardwork amongst its participants.

II. Description/Highlights
On June 27, at 3:00 in the afternoon, through the guidance of Mrs. _______________, YES-O Adviser, Tungal Elementary
School elected its YES-O officers.

A. Tree/Vegetable Planting and Growing

YES-O officers and its supporters conducted outreach programs in school campus and its nearby communities such as
school ground and road clean-ups, tree planting inside the school premises (rambutan and guava trees).

B. Awareness Campaigns on Environmental Issues and Actions

YES-O Supporter and its officers conducted awareness campaigns to parents/fellow pupils regarding Water
Conservation; Environmental and Health Related concerns such as Dengue, malaria, sanitation, and pollution; and waste
disposal and management, garbage disposal and segregation.
YES-O adviser conducted periodic fire drill.

C. Waste Management, Segregation, Recycling and Entrepreneurship Program

Waste storage bins specifically marked or labeled appropriately for CANS, PAPERS, PLASTICS, BOTTLES/CONTAINERS,
were strategically placed in the entrance of the school and its corners. These waste storage bins are kept dry for the
materials to be useful. An arrangement is made with an individual to come and buy the recyclable materials.

D. Clean-up Drive
Road clean-up in the nearby barangay every Friday of the week.

III. Date conducted and Venue

Programs and activities were carried out in school campus and its nearby communities. These initiatives started from July
and is still an ongoing undertaking.

IV. Lead Agency

Department of Education

V. Partners
Barangay officials, P.T.A. and supportive teachers and pupils.

VI. Photos
Please refer to the attached photos in a separate sheet.