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(I've Had) ee THE TIME OF MY LIFE from DIRTY DANCING Words and Music by FRANKE PREVITE, JOHN DeNICOLA and DONALD MARKOWITZ Moderately E cam D wi = & I— Male: Now I've E com D . E ie & oS - nev - er felt like this be ~ fore. Yes, 1 swear i's the os oe & — owe it all to you. — Femate*Cause. ve had the time of | my oI 2 cooyigne © 98 xpakout Mase RU Gy Pulhng, Doral ay Mus an Sonya Mac ubaing LC ‘Atria oral oy We Cone and Admrared EM Art Mac 1 pst Seit n asoing Ader png 8M ae Wk Nal, TH 7D 120 to ot Male: V've been wait-ing for so long; now T've E fi--n'llyfoundsome-one_ to stand by me. Female: We saw the DE a - ing on the wall we felt this mag - 21 Both: Now with & — pas - sion in our eyes no way we could_ dis - guise __ it’ se - cret take each other's. hand seem to un - der-stand_ the ur