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Name: FARZAD DEHGHAN MANSHADI 185180 Group: 18

Worksheet Week 3

This is an individual activity for you to carry out. The activities should be completed and
submitted on EDMODO by the due date.
A. Replace the underlined verbs with other suitable action verbs.

No. Skill Set Action Verb

Taught a group of interns for 6 1. Coached

months. 2. Trained
1. Managed

Led a group of students for a 2. Supervised

community project
3. Guided

1. Organized

Planned a training programme 2. Arranged

2 to enhance students’ writing
3. Designed

1. Enhanced

Improved the library rules and 2. Amended

3. Upgraded

1. Trained

Drilled a group of 30 mobility 2. Disciplined

4 students concerning university
policies and procedures
3. Instructed

1. Supplied
Provided academic support to
5 students through 2. Prepared
comprehensive after-class
programmes 3. Imparted

1. Formed

Made weekly class schedules 2. Constructed

for students
3. Assembled


Name: FARZAD DEHGHAN MANSHADI 185180 Group: 18

B. Revise the following experience statements for conciseness. Some statements

may be improved by replacing weak verbs.

1. Was responsible for supervision of four associates and allocated the daily tasks.

Answer: Supervised tasks for four associates daily.

2. Attended to a variety of customer inquiries in a busy office of 16 insurance agents.

Answer: Addressed customer inquiries for 16 insurance agents.

3. Addressed and resolved complaints of tenants for problems such as leaky faucets
and clogged drains.

Answer: Resolved tenant plumbing complaints.

4. Made sure the office ran smoothly every day by answering phones and taking about
50 messages.

Answer: Answered phones and took 50+ messages daily to create efficient office.

5. Volunteered for an after-school tutoring program where I tutored a group of 12 boys

and girls.

Answer: Tutored 12 children for after-school program.

6. Managed an entire database for two months for one of the sales departments in the
company while the manager was away on maternity leave.

Answer: Managed sales database while manager took two-month leave.

7. Watched 25 or more volunteers and made sure they gave out magazines to the

Answer: Supervised magazine dispersal activities for 25+ hospital volunteers.


Name: FARZAD DEHGHAN MANSHADI 185180 Group: 18

8. Promoted after only six months to one of the first managerial positions for a start-up
company’s business.

Answer: Promoted to managerial position at start-up company within six months

9. Assisted with the company’s financial bookkeeping with software like Excel.

Answer: Performed bookkeeping tasks using Excel.

10. Went to Spanish classes to improve my speaking and writing of Spanish.

Answer: Attended Spanish classes to improve speaking/writing skills.