Please as far as you go with the system, write all what you have learn here. Share the knowledge! Por favor, tan lejos como vayas en el sistema, escribe todo lo que has aprendido aquí. Comparte el conocimiento!

CHANGE MENU OF THE ADMIN apartments/admin_mtg/includes/header_navigation.php

CATEGORY PRODUCTS LIST This is for the page, if you go to a category and the whole list of product is shown or if you search and the way the list is displayed.

THIS FILES ARE TO MODIFIED THE GENERAL PAGE OF PRODUCTS LIST INSIDE A GALLERY, ONLY THE LIST ../templates/tendency/templates/tpl_index_product_list.php ../templates/tendency/templates/tpl_modules_product_listing.php

THIS FILE IS TO MODIFIED THE WAY ONE PRODUCT IS SHOWN ON A LIST includes/templates/tendency/common/tpl_tabular_display.php

THIS FILE IS TO MODIFIED THE LIST OF PRODUCT INSIDE A GALLERY, ORDER include/modules/product_listing.php by Andres Lemonk ± October 20, 2009


org/zen-cart-custom-product-types/chapter-2research.zen-cart.http://tutorials.php?article=114 http://support.php ADD MORE THAN 1 IMAGE FOR A PRODUCT http://tutorials.php AGREGAR PROPIEDADES O ATRIBUTOS A UN PRODUCTO Existen 2 maneras: .com/index.zen-cart. 2009 CREATE FILTERS http://tutorials.zen-cart.php /includes/templates/your_template/common/tpl_footer.html Changing header and footer and main pages /includes/templates/your_template/common/tpl_header. CHANGE META TAGS includes/languages/english/YOUR_TEMPLATE/meta_tags.com/index.com/index.smallbusinesspages.php?article=58 CHANGE HOME PAGE includes/templates/CUSTOM/COMMON/tpl_main_page.php?article=142 By Andres Lemonk ± October 20.php and upload to your server.

3... p. 3.A...3. from the admin. decide which new properties you want to add to your products(in this example we take guarantee-time (in months) and color). 3. when you are creating a new product. And you are no able to leave an input field when the administrator is creating products. With this method in the admin area.products_color from .. http://www. to add values to the new product.com/forum/showthread.' in front (before the "from .. compatible models..com/index.2. add your row-names to the end: 'products_guarantee' => '0'.] add your rows with a 'p.1. what happens with this method is that you are not able to fully manipulate it. Think. 3. now you can add the input fields in the product-mask (lets say somewhere around line 450 or so): . 1..zen-cart.products_guarantee.zen-cart.. With this method. you are able to do whatever you want with the new property or attribute of the product.php' is the file on the admin.php?t=57924&highlight=add+field+product Instructions: How to add new properties to general products (like guarantee time. db manipulation Open the table "products" in your zencart-database and insert new rows at the end of the table called "products_guarantee" and "products_color" ALTER TABLE `zencart_products` ADD `products_guarantee` INT NOT NULL . At the very beginning there is the variable $parameters set.. color... oem-number.php?article=57 B. Is adding an attribute to a product. 2. I didn¶t find it very useful. just below there is the db-query set [$product = $db->Execute(". p. ADD `products_color` VARCHAR( 32 ) NOT NULL.. Edit 'collect_info. http://tutorials.. Where all the input fields exist.php' (in /admin/includes/modules/product/) Here in 'collect_info. 'products_color' => '' )." part) select . whatsoever). exist it¶s own section.

php' (in /includes/modules/pages/product_info/) .. '15') . $pInfo->products_color... 'products_color')). Setup All Done! ... 'products_guarantee' => zen_db_prepare_input($_POST['products_guarantee']).gif'.2 add the new rows with a 'p.. finally. edit 'update_product.. p. edit 'main_template_vars..products_color from .. 6.gif'. 'products_color' => zen_db_prepare_input($_POST['products_color']) ).. $pInfo->products_guarantee. 7.' the new rownames. add to the last lines before ').' ....<tr> <td class="main">Guarantee Time (in months)</td> <td class="main"><?php echo zen_draw_separator('pixel_trans. '&nbsp..' . 5. like in step 3....php' (in /admin/includes/modules/) around line 20 is the $sql_data_array set. zen_draw_input_field('products_color'. now we want to display our cool new properties .php' (in /admin/includes/modules/product/) somewhere around line 10 is the variable $product set. zen_set_field_length(TABLE_PRODUCTS. ?></td> </tr><tr> <td class="main">Color</td> <td class="main"><?php echo zen_draw_separator('pixel_trans. zen_draw_input_field('products_guarantee'. '24'. ?></td> </tr> 4. '&nbsp.' in front just before the 'from' select .Of course. '15') . zen_set_field_length(TABLE_PRODUCTS.products_guarantee. $sql_data_array = .. edit 'preview_info.. '24'. 'products_guarantee')). p.

last step: display the new info.. ?> and <?php echo $product_info->fields['products_color'].Click the title/link Categories . p.around line 46 you find the variable $sql set. you can add to the html: <?php echo $product_info->fields['products_guarantee']...products_color from .products_guarantee.php'is the product page when you click and see the whole description and properties of the product in the front end.Navigate to Configuration > Layout Settings . like in step 3. 18 January 2008 Last Updated Friday.. 8. wherever you want.2 add the new rows with a 'p.. 2009 How Do I Show My Products on the Home Page? Contributed by Administrator Friday. . p...Set the radio button to ON (choose 1) and click the update button to save your changes. By Andres Lemonk ± October 20. edit 'tpl_product_info_display. ?> Done.. 18 January 2008 How Do I Show My Products on the Home Page in my Zen Cart Store? Zen Cart refers to the Home Page as the main page.. So in order to show your products on the Main Page in Zen Cart follow these steps: .' in front just before the 'from' select .php' (in /includes/templates/template_default/templates/) The 'tpl_product_info_display. now..Always Show on Main Page .

the enter the number one "1" without quotations marks and click the update button. . By default the Zen Cart main page displays your NewProducts.Set the category ID#. .This will cause your main page in Zen Cart to display your products in the category you setup. For example if you have only one category defined.Navigate to Configuration > Layout Settings . To set a specific category to show on the Main Page of your Zen Cart store do the following: . UNLIMITED STOCKS In admin > Configuration > Stock. Make sure you have a quantity in stock of 1 or more in the product entry/editing page. set check stock and subtract stock to false. That is located in the Catalog menu. you will see a description. Quantity Discounts Setting up quanity discounts for a product is done through the Product Price Manager. then you will need to click the edit button.Opens with Category . Note: to select an item in the administrator you can click the title to go directly into edit mode. To remove the New Products list from your Main Page click here.You can also set the a specific product category by setting the category id. If you click the "i" icon.Click the title/link Main Page .

php And on your template>common>tpl_header.php as well as: .zen-cart. Those will be visible in the table at the next page SEARCH TO MANIPULATE SEARCH Check this file: tpl_advanced_search_result. On the new page click the Add Blank Discounts button and fill in the details for the volume discounts. 'sideboxes/search_header.php and then around line 63: <div id="navMainSearch"><?php require(DIR_WS_MODULES .Find the product you would like to have the discount for.php'). ?></div> RESULTING PAGE WHEN YOU SEARCH http://www.com/forum/showthread. and click the Edit button.php You may also want to edit: \includes\templates\CUSTOM\templates\tpl_advanced_search_result_default. Click the Update button at the botom of the page to apply your new settings.php?t=122117 \includes\templates\CUSTOM\templates\tpl_advanced_search_default.

uk/shop If you are using a CUSTOM template. 1. so this will be my custom template in my examples below. then the files that I list in this post must be edited and saved into your custom folders. in your custom template: eg:( includes\templates\classic\sideboxes\ ) 2. See my example at http://www. navigate to:includes\templates\template_default\sideboxes\tpl_search_header. then in the directory paths below.php and ftp a copy to your hard drive.buysouthafrican.php SOME TEMPLATES HERE includes/templates/template_default/common AND SOME OTHERS HERE includes/templates/template_default/templates CHANGE HEADER SEARCH BOX This is a bit of a hack. but it seems to work.co. Using FTP. Create a folder called sideboxes. I have a TEST SHOP which uses the CLASSIC template...\includes\templates\CUSTOM\templates\tpl_advanced_search_default. . If you have a different template. substitute YOUR template wherever you see \classic\.

php for editing.0 * @version $Id: tpl_search_header. Open the hard-drive copy of tpl_search_header.zen-cart.com/license/2_0. Edit it as follows:- PHP Code: <?php /** * Side Box Template * * @package templateSystem .txt GNU Public License V2.php 4142 2006-08-15 04:32:54Z drbyte $ */ $content = "".3. Original code starts as:- PHP Code: <?php /** * Side Box Template * * @package templateSystem * @copyright Copyright 2003-2006 Zen Cart Development Team * @copyright Portions Copyright 2003 osCommerce * @license http://www.

php) .zen-cart. then FTP it to:includes\templates\classic\sideboxes\ (ie: the new sideboxes folder you created in your CUSTOM template).php file to your hard drive. ?></div> <?php $content = "".php in your custom template. -----------------------------------------------NEXT STEP ------------------------------------------------ 4. FTP this one:\includes\languages\english.php 4142 2006-08-15 04:32:54Z drbyte $ */ ?> <div id="searchHeaderText"><?php echo SEARCH_HEADER_TEXT. you are INSERTING the following above the $content line PHP Code: ?> <div id="searchHeaderText"><?php echo SEARCH_HEADER_TEXT. ?></div> <?php Save the file on your hard drive. (If you already have english.txt GNU Public License V2. If not.com/license/2_0. then that is the one to edit. FTP a copy of your english.* @copyright Copyright 2003-2006 Zen Cart Development Team * @copyright Portions Copyright 2003 osCommerce * @license http://www.0 * @version $Id: tpl_search_header. So.

Save the file. Insert the following line underneath.css file (again.css ). FTP it into: \includes\languages\classic\ --------------------------------------------------------------NEXT STEP --------------------------------------------------------------- 9. using similar spacing:- PHP Code: //text for search header label text define('SEARCH_HEADER_TEXT'.[more]'). // categories box text in sideboxes/categories. 'Categories'). 7. Open it for editing and find (around line 74)the lines:- PHP Code: //text for sidebox heading links define('BOX_HEADING_LINKS'. 'Search for:').5. 6. Open your stylesheet. . '&nbsp. you should edit one in your CUSTOM css folder \includes\templates\classic\css\stylesheet.&nbsp.php define('BOX_HEADING_CATEGORIES'. 8.

2.) You can adjust " padding-top: 0.x) in: includes/blocks/blk_advanced_search_result.. you need to adjust the variable $order_str in .php At this time you can not override this file. Save the file. If you want to adjust which database columns to search through. you would have to manipulate the variable $where_str in that file.5em.6em. Sort order The search results use the same sort order as the other product listings.4em . If you want to use a separate sort order for search results. to decide how to create the query.. 0. " to suit your needs.5em.Insert the following lines at the bottom of the stylesheet:- PHP Code: #searchHeaderText { padding-top: 0. (and if you edited a copy on your hard drive. like checkboxes or drop-down menus.. or 0. Remember that by combining php and html (html would go in the proper template file) you can use form input. send it to your custom css folder.. float: left. } 10. ADVANCE SEARCH The query for the search feature in the shop is created (for v1.

php depending on which search box you're using.php and .php Note that this applies the change only the quick search sidebox.php CUSTOMIZING SEARCH BOX To tell the search not to use the description. simply set the right parameter: Use the Developers Toolkit and search the catalog-side template files for search_in_description = 1 and change it to 0 instead of 1 in the appropriate file .php or tpl_search_header.. This worked for me..includes/blocks/blk_advanced_search_result. '1' and you can find it in two files: /includes/templates/template_default/sideboxes/tpl_search. typically either tpl_search. Edit /includes/templates/your_template/sideboxes/tpl_search. search_in_description = 1 but 'search_in_description'.

php by Andres Lemonk ± October 20. Could you expand on your PHP a little bit. move the files to: /includes/templates/YOUR_CUSTOM_TEMPLATE/sideboxes/ and edit the line 'search_in_description'. 2009 I would like to make the output conditional upon a value being present in the DB./includes/templates/template_default/sideboxes/tpl_search_header.php If you want to change this. . '1' to be 'search_in_description'. by Andres Lemonk ± October 20. '0' Hope this helps. includes\templates\template_default\templates\tpl_shopping_cart_default. I am having a little trouble with the logic. 2009 AFTER YOU PRESS THE BUY NOW BTN. this page in shown.

there are two Welcome messages depending upon whether you wish Zen Cart to be a fully functioning store. please enjoy our online showcase. As you can see. start your text editor and open the includes/languages/ENGLISH/index. 'Welcome. or just a showroom. 'Hello <span class="greetUser">%s</span>!').Guarantee: <?php echo $product_info->fields['products_guarantee'].php file and locate these lines of code if (STORE_STATUS == '0') { define('TEXT_GREETING_GUEST'. ?> by Andres Lemonk ± October 20. 'Welcome <span class="greetUser">Guest!</span> Would you like to <a href="%s">log yourself in</a>?'). 2009 echo $product_info- LANGUAGES If you want to eliminate ³Welcome Guest!´ Would you like to log yourself in?´ message completely. ?> <?php if (!empty($product_info->fields['products_guarantee'])) >fields['products_guarantee'].'). ?> Color: <?php echo $product_info->fields['products_color']. } define('TEXT_GREETING_PERSONAL'. turn off the Customer Greeting in your Admin -> Configuration -> Layout settings -> Customer Greeting -> Show on Index Page and set to 0. . } else { define('TEXT_GREETING_GUEST'. If you want to replace this message with one of your own.

p.php original Code: $random_whats_new_sidebox_product_query = "select p. " pd on p. p.products_image.products_id = pd.php Duplicate Product Descriptions when adding new language in the file.products_status = 1 " .products_id and p.products_name. p. TABLE_PRODUCTS . pd. p.products_price. for example: includes\modules\sideboxes\whats_new.MAIN PAGE TEXT This content is located in the file at: includes/languages/english/html_includes/YOUR_TEMPLATE/define_main_page. $display_limit. TABLE_PRODUCTS_DESCRIPTION .b ng o n code replacement: Code: if ($_SESSION['language'] == "english"){ .products_id = pd.products_id.products_id ) where p.master_categories_id from (" .products_tax_class_id. " p left join " .

" p left join " . pd.products_name. " pd on p.language_id = l. p.products_id and l.products_tax_class_id. } INSTALLATION TUTORIAL 1.products_id and l.master_categories_id from (" . " l on pd.name = 'English' and p.products_id = pd.products_id inner join " .products_id = pd.products_id inner join " .language_id = l. p.products_name. TABLE_LANGUAGES . p.products_id.products_price.products_image.products_tax_class_id. TABLE_LANGUAGES .$random_whats_new_sidebox_product_query= "select distinct p. p.products_status = 1 " .master_categories_id from (" . p.languages_id) where p. " p left join " . " l on pd.products_id = pd. TABLE_PRODUCTS . p.languages_id) where p.name = 'YOUR_LANGUAGE' and p. $display_limit.products_price. TABLE_PRODUCTS_DESCRIPTION . $display_limit.products_status = 1 " . TABLE_PRODUCTS_DESCRIPTION .products_image. " pd on p. p. pd.products_id. Go to . } else if ($_SESSION['language'] == "YOUR_LANGUAGE") { $random_whats_new_sidebox_product_query = "select distinct p. p.products_id = pd. TABLE_PRODUCTS .

on the server locate the file: /store/admin/includes/dist-configure.php and change the permissions to 0777 (read-write-execute for all) Next.php Rename this file to configure. Upload the zipfile downloaded from zen cart and put it inside your root folder 4. Download the latest version 3. On the server locate the file: /store/includes/dist-configure. change the permissions on the following directories to 0777 (read/write/execute).com/ 2.php Rename this file to configure. * /store/cache * /store/images * /store/includes/languages/english/html_includes .zen-cart.php and change the permissions to 0777 (read-write-execute for all) 6. DesCompress the zipFile and rename it as store 5. Now.http://www.

and leave inside the main folder of the client.* /store/media * /store/pub * /store/admin/backups * /store/admin/images/graphs and. passwords and information that we are gonna use. Create a Text File with all the usernames. never upload this file. 7 Create a Database.A MySQL Databases . also: * /store/images/attributes * /store/images/banners * /store/images/categories * /store/images/large * /store/images/large/dvd * /store/images/manufacturers * /store/images/medium * /store/images/upload 7. name it security. in the CPanel 7.

in this case > tendecystore Alwas has to be very explanative. 7.D Add User to DataBase Select the User Select The Database And select All Proviledges 7. 7.7. MySQL User Add New User : tenuser PassWord : ****** > Create User Write this information in the text file.E .C.B On create a New Database: (Write the name).

use them in this ways.F Also we need to write the information below.com. replace the domain information as you need. changing it to the corresponding domain or URL So for this example we are using the store from the domain tendencygroup. THIS IS THE CPANEL PATH. WHERE YOU CAN FIND THE STORE "The physical path to your new Zen CartΠdirectory" Example: /home/newyorn6/public_html/tendencygroup. 7.Now In the file organize the information above like this: Database Host:localhost Database Name:newyorn6_zencart Database User:newyorn6_lemonk psw: unitedcolors Be aware that when you create the Databse Name and UserName the letters newyorn6_ are always attached before the names.com/store .

Zen Cart wellcome you. use the information that you have on the text file to set up this part.com/store 10. do next untill you find the DataBase setup. so go to the domian and the store folder >> http://tendencygroup.com/store 9.THIS PATH IS WHERE YOU CAN FIND THE STORE "The Virtual HTTP Path (the URL to your domain and directory for your shop)" Example: http://www.tendencygroup.tendencygroup. Now you are ready to set up the zen cart. and click on SAVE DATABASE SETTINGS .com THIS PATH IS WHERE YOU CAN FIND THE STORE "The Virtual HTTPS Path (the secure URL to your domain and directory for your shop)" Example: https://www.com/store THIS IS THE DOMAIN OF THE STORE "The Virtual HTTPS Server (the secure URL to your domain)" Example: https://www.tendencygroup.

Now you are in the phpBB setUp. Additionally. and save changes. 16. Now you are in Store SetUp Fill Out all the information has you need. Now you are in the Admin Setup > Fill the information. so change it to 0444. Zen Cart will detect all the settings that you need then click on Save System Settings 12. you will need to reset your configure.com 15. you'll want to remove the /zc_install folder so that someone can't re-install your shop again and wipe out your database! Warnings will appear until the folder has been removed or renamed. AND ITS DONE Now you can access to the admin area going to http://tendecygroup.com/store/area . NEXT STEPS For security.11.php files located in the /admin/includes/ and /includes/ folders back to read-only mode before allowing people to access your store. 14. Now you are int the System Setting windows. just click Save phpBB Settings 13. the email will always be info@newyorkdesignlab.

com/store And its done !!! GREAT MODULES WishList http://eazyecommerce.com/new/docs/product_types_readme.php Admin> Configuration> Customer Details to change required filds and more .ballparksofbaseball.html CHANGE LOG-IN FORM templates/tendency/templates/tpl_login_default.com/web-templates/zen-cart/modules/wishlist-manager FILTERS http://www.php templates/tendency/templates/tpl_modules_create_account.or to the store at http://tendecygroup.

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