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Close Combat

No Charge possible?
Yes Yes No Move into
Engagement possible? No
Close Combat Charge Yes Move to within Charge
Battle Cry+ distance possible? No
Push back Move Yes Move to within Move
Slide Response is A? distance possible? No
Yes No Response O or D: Move Yes Move towards
Follow if Reckless enemy possible?
Method Close Slide Move Yes
Combat? No
Yes No
Don't follow Objective


Slide if potentially
base to base with
subject or deny
enemy base to base
contact with subject V.A.T.S.: If AP – Quick Action (=Response)
Luck: Use whenever possible for Tough

- Careful: Tie-break step: prioritize engaged enemies over unengaged

- Charge: Flip the token on table
- Always use Battle Cry, if possible (Push Back: Reckless only)
- Weapon Effect: Chose most icons per use
- Critical Attack: Use whenever possible
Letter is underlined?
Yes No Break Engagement
if required (Free Attack)
Close Combat Response is A? No Ranged Combat
Yes Disengage
Near enough to
Close Combat shoot enemy?
Move into Engagement Yes No Move to
Already engaged with within range
target? Move to safer
Yes No Move into position; shot not
engagement be more difficult
Close Combat

(towards Subject of Objective)

Within Move of Subject?

Yes No

Perform Objective Reckless?

Yes No

Select nearest Subject Select nearest Subject

Move, ignore Cover Move at least half Move
distance, ending at Cover

V.A.T.S.: If AP, Quick Action (=Response)

Luck: Use Tough whenever possible

Find Subjects biggest threat
Attack as if not engaged
Ignore „Perform Objective“
Careful: If Subject engaged
with Target, always use
Close Combat

Target cannot be attacked or engaged?

Move towards Subject
Objective possible?
Yes No Attack

Defeat? No
Yes Protect? No
Yes Go To? No
Attack with subject Yes Use
as target Defend Interact possible?
Move Yes No Move into
contact possible? No
Interact Yes Move

Move into contact

Ranged Combat
Can Shoot? No
Yes Move to within
range is possible? No
Reckless? Yes Move towards
Yes No enemy possible? No
Shoot Move Yes Objective
Unengaged/ Shoot no closer to
engaged models Engaged models yellow from Move
are valid targets are NOT valid targets enemy
Weapon Effect: Weapon Effect:
most icons per use most icons per use
Use Critical Use Critical

Reckless: Unengaged/Engaged models are valid targets