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So long as the man who came to
Attitude of the Knights American soil was in search of free-
dom and of a place to build a home a
of the Ku Klux Klan family h~arthstone, and to worship
God, our ideals and our principles were
Toward safe. The united might of more than
one hundred million laboring free men
Immigration has created a bright land of opportuni-
ty far beyond the vision of the patriots
of old.
By DR. H. W. EV ANS,
Imperial Wizard
But no longer can we open our arms
Knights of the Ku Klux Klan to the world and say, "Come unto us
all ye sick, weary, downtrodden, for~
J N 1776, one hundred and forty seven
years ago, the representatives of
' tune broken, poor; we have a haven, a
sustenance, and a home for you." Con-
thirteen American colonies announced ditions have changed.
a doctrine of freedom and thus began
an experiment in the development of Klan Opposes Immigration
equality. Men of the thirteen colonies Civiliza~ion is appare~tly moving
were brave men; men of dependable her standmg place, and 1f we are to
character; men of sterling worth, who p_reserve unsullied the ideals, the prin-
because of their religious conviction~ ciples, and the government transmitted
or their desire to control their own ac- to us by our forefathers, America must
tim:is within the l_aw, were willing to close the door to the diseased minds
emigrate from their homes and to raise and _bodies and souls of the peoples of
their progeny in a new land. foreign lands. Our first duty is to our
The beacon light of liberty has been country and to our people.
the Government set up under the con- Recognizing the supremacy of this
stitution as the United States of duty over all other duties, the Knights
America. For more than one hundred o_f the Ku Klux Klan, as an organiza-
years, within the sheltering folds of tion devoted to the upbuilding of true
our broad land, there has been a haven Americanism in America, is strongly
for the poor, the downtrodden and the opposed to the unlimited immigration
oppressed. Here the humblest might of aliens to the United States. Far
f md freedom of action, freedom of from thinking that the immigration
th?ught, and freedom of worship, cur- laws should be liberalized, we believe
tail_e? only by the rights of the body with all our hearts that congress
P?l:tic. The people of this country, in- should make the existing restrictions
dividually, have enjoyed a meed of against undesirable immigrants even
freedom heretofore unknown through · more drastic and draw the lines even
the annals of history. more firmly.
2 3

The Knights of the Ku Klux Kla!1, Saxon or Scandinavian types of fifty
as individual American patriots, will years ago, in search of home, God and
bend their every effort toward !he s_up- freedom, and whose sons and da~g~-
port of such restrictive legislation. ters are today loyal and patriotic
This Order, whose members are na- Americans, are mostly the scum of the
tive-born American citizens to a man, Mediterranean and middle European
believes that unrestricted immigration countries.
constitutes a peril to our country, tend-
ing to tear down the temples of patri- Personnel Is Low Class
otism erected by our forefathers and
creating a menace to our government, Italian anarchists, Irish Catholic
labor and capital alike. . malcontents Russian Jews, Finns,
Letts, Lith~anians and Austrians of
The menace to government and ca_pi~ the lowest class compose the personnel
tal is the broad spread of anarchist of the present horde of immigrant in-
sentiment brought to us from ?iseased vaders.
and festered sinners of despoiled and
broken Europe. . Ignorant and unskilled, covetous and
The menace to American labor lies greedy, they come to this country,. not
in the threat of starvation wages and with political liberty and r~llg10us
in unemployment consequent to a flood freedom as their goal, not with de-
of foreign workers. . termination to become true citizens and
to adopt and uphold this c~untry's
The tide of immigration to the Unit- laws and institutions, but with one
ed States, if American institutions and sole and ultimate end in view-the ac-
ideals are to be preserved, must be cumulation of American money wher~-
held at its lowest ebb for many years with to retire in later years to their
to come, and if these immigrants are beloved homelanda, fatten~d at the ex-
allowed to enter, they must be _r~- pense of the country which sheltered
quired to bring something to our civi- them and gave them prosperity.
lization besides an earnest desire for
our money, and the protection of our The American dollar, standing high
government against the spread of amid a sea of depreciated foreign cur-
their pernicious doctrines must be ar- rency, is their lodestone, not the s~ars
ranged for. and stripes, the emblem of American
freedom. ·
During the past decade, the Uni~ed
States has received through its wide The vast majority of pr_esent day
open ports, immigrants from other immigrants are either entirely non-
countries whose numbers have a~- assimilable or else extremely hard for
tounded the world and which it will this country to absorb. Instea~ of lo-
take at least another ten years fo_r cating in the agricultural regions of
America to assimilate. These immi- America, in the undeveloped tracts of
grants, far from being the Anglo- our great Western states where they

would be producers of wealth and a na- ever increasing swarm of ignorant im-
tional asset, they group themselves into migrants, weak in mind but strong in
foreign colonies in our greater cities. back, who can live with their families
Hardly a large American city but in filth far below any possible Ameri-
which has its Little Italy, its China- can standards. These aliens can un-
town, its Ghetto, its Polish section, etc. der-bid the American working man in
The residents of these foreign quar- the labor market, and, with their un-
restricted increase, low wages lower
ters maintain their own peculiar cus- standards of living and much' unem-
toms and their loyalty to the lands of ployment for American workers stare
their birth; they speak their own lan- us in the face. American laboring
guages, they preach their own re- men must be alive and alert to this
ligions - mostly Roman Catholic or danger which threatens themselves and
Jewish; they read their own news- their homes.
papers, printed in foreign tongues;
they deride America and its ideals and It is this danger which the Knights
stubbornly withstand the inculcation of the Ku Klux Klan has entered the
of American ideals. lists to combat, and all thinking Ameri-
cans should join it in this effort.
Foreign Colonies a Menace On every side, the United States is
Such colonies of foreigners consti- confronted with alien hordes straining
tute festering sores on the American at the leash and anxious to enter this
,, body politic and a very real danger to land of plenty. To the South of us
the government of the United States. thousands of Mexicans, many of them
Trotsky was spawned in a New York communists, are waiting a chance to
slum, and who can hazard how many cross the Rio Grande and glut the la- 's.__
more future communist, bolshevik and bor marts of the Southwest. ~
anarchist leaders are now sheltered in Thousands of Chinamen wait in
this and other great American cities, Cub3:, ready at the first opportunity
by grace of our lax immigration laws. to slip through the immigration lines.
With the free influx of red agita-
tors, at liberty and eager to stir up . On th~ Pacific Slope the yellow peril
strife among their fellow countrymen is a reality, not a myth.
in the great industrial, manufacturing In Vienna, in Berlin, in Rome and in
and mining centers of the United Moscow thousands of men and women
States, capital cannot feel secure. It a~e studying_ the Engl~sh language
must rise and face this very present with the one idea of coming to Ameri-
danger. ca and getting employment.
The American working men, the
backbone of this nation, cannot rest In Ireland discontented Republican
securely when confronted with the rebels wait passage across the Atlantic
to foment yet more trouble in this
In Czecho-Slovakia and in Russia, in
Poland and in the Balkans, hundreds
of thousands of pauper undesirables
await the oportunity to come here.

Huge Numbers Admitted
Between the years of 1905 and 1913
no less than 8,000,000 aliens entered
the United States.
In 1914, ] ,218,000 immigrants ar-
In 1921, 808,000 foreigners settled
During the present fiscal year of
the immigration department it is ex-
pected that 358,000 more immigrants
will have been admitted.
The figures show that even with im-
migration to some extent curtailed the
/ problem is serious and the danger
America cannot become a polyglot
country and survive. In Protestant
America we must have time to teach
these alien peoples the fundamentals
of true human liberty before we permit
further masses of ignorant, super-
stitious, religious devotees to come
within our borders.
The tide of immigration must be