The making of a fashion icon COCO CHANEL

Kerry Porter

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explains that it was Capel helped Chanel open her first shop in Paris in 1913 selling hats and a limited line of garments. Coco 2002: Par 4) during this time Chanel met Etienne Balsan. Through these women Chanel first began to draw attention as a fashion designer. creative and athletic influences of Chanel¶s time Social and cultural influences Templeton (N. (Historical firsts: The history of Coco Chanel 2006. but then in 1914 she met Arthur "Boy" Chapel. Coco 2002: Par 5) goes on to explain that during this time Chanel began to make a name for herself within Balsan's social circle. the creator of the exquisite label had only her biggest influences and different approach of life to blame for the immense success of the brand Chanel. Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel. economical. Coco 2002: Par 4) comments that during Chanel¶s stay at Balsan's farm she became an expert horsewoman. and raised in a French orphanage grew up to revolutionise woman¶s fashion and liberate it from its restrictions. Kriek (2000: Par 3). (Chanel. a wealthy aristocrat claims Templeton (N. she began to envision herself as a professional milliner with a shop in Paris. a calvaryman from a wealthy French family. Born in 1883. .d: Par 5) claims that Chanel. According to (Chanel. This is wh ere she acquired the nickname ³Coco´. This essay will centre around the main topics of discussion which will include .Chanel can be classified as one of the most recognisable brands in fashion world wide. Balsan invited her to visit his racing horse farm where Chanel willingly accepted and stayed. the social. Templeton (N. Par: 2) explains that Chanel learnt to sew at a young age and later getting a job as a seamstress which she left at the age of 17 to earn more money as a cabaret singer. and was introduced to a social group that was well above her. cultural. Athletic influences (Chanel. Balsan put off her attempts to convince him to finance her idea.d: Par 6) who became her lover for quite some time.d: Par 6) explains that the beautiful women dressed up so glamorously yet they were always astounded at Chanel¶s simple self created hats.

Chanel was fascinated with different fabrics. Chanel took great pride as a woman in designing for other women . and that everything is in the shoulders. the tabloids took note and wrote of the new styles. suited to her uncluttered styles.C (1999: Par 16) reports that Chanel believed that all body movement began in the back. and continued to use jersey fabric long after she became wealthy. Yet she always looked smart and appealing. Coco catered to women of all . Chanel was a strong believer that clothing for women should be of a masculine stature. Women began to leave their corsets behind and freed th emselves for the practical activities made necessary by World War Two. perfumes and jewellery. Economical influences Kriek (2000: Par 3) explains that Chanel developed a dedicated clientele as much of her clothing was made from jersey due to her not having money and it being a low cost fabric. Comments Templeton (N. It proved to be a choice of fabric both unusual and inspired.primarily at first as a hat designer. Chanel celebrated women and their freedom.d: Par 6) Creative influences Chanel was one to wear loose boyish clothing. equality and ability to express themselves through what they wore.G & J. When the women appeared at the racetrack with copies of Chanel's hats. She created a way of life with the brand Chanel.Par 3) claims that Chanel¶s unique clothing styles embodied more than just an appearance in fact it contained a message about women. Chanel set a preceden t for the coming of women¶s liberation. Dunn and Kerbes (1999. that Chanel insisted on highlighting the importance of accessories such as handbags. Such as jerse y which led to one of her signature moves when she established the first jersey dress. L. Chanel found and interest in looser fitting clothes as one night she proceeded to tear up a corset that her sister was wearing in order to let her body breathe. (From Coco Chanel to Hermes Accessories Lead Couture 2008: Par 6) reports.

She made her clothes so that women coul d cross their arms.body types. and financial independence ´. (1999. slim or heavy. What made Chanel different was the pure fact that she had a notion that style could be both classic and casual. Chanel had a strong belief that women should dress simply. making her a key negotiator of women's taste throughout the twentieth century . as did her tanned skin.Par 1) Chanel is a name synonymous with simplistic style and undeniable class with influences ranging from menswear to horse racing events. "I make fashion women can live in. (1999.Par 1) writes that although she passed away in 1971. Chanel said. act. Chanel succeeded in binding and selling her own personal attitude and style. feel comfortable in and look younger in . According to Dunn and Kerbes. active lifestyle. play golf or even bend over to tie their shoes. . her incontestable influence on fashion and women¶s role in society will continue to exist for many years to come. and dress. Dunn and Kerbes. Throughout her career. puts it: ³Chanel's own lifestyle fuelled her ideas of how modern women everywhere should look. breath in. Her own slim boyish figure and cropped hair became an ideal. As Kriek (2000: Par 4).

htm [07 April 2010]. .org/htwm/CHANEL/CC. (No date) [08 April 2010] Historical firsts: The history of Coco Chanel.HTML [08 April 2010] J.metmuseum.References Chanel.C 1999 The Influence of Coco Chanel [online] Available: www. [online] Available: transcriptions. 2008 [online] Available: www.richeast. Coco Chanel and [07 April 2010]. Kriek.html [08 April 2010] Dunn. Available: www. From Coco Chanel to Hermes Accessories Lead Couture. J.G & J. J . S. & Kerbes. 2006 [online] Available: [07 April 2010].english.novelguide. Coco Chanel [Online].com/culture/history-of-coco-chanel . Coco 2002 [online] Available: Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel (1883±1971) and the House of Chanel [online] Available: www.htm [08 April 2010] L.

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