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The Next Generation of American Giving American Marketing Association and The NonProfit Times™ Live Webinar | May 2010 .

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Overview The art and science of fundraising is changing 6 .

January 2010 7 . December 2009 • Phase 2 – Online Survey of 1500+ US Donors.Methodology • Phase 1 – Focus Groups among Gen Y and X donors.

Fundraising Emphasis: Matures Gen X Boomers Matures Gen Y 8 .

9 B/yr 56% Give 28.7 B/yr 67% Give Total annual giving 52.2M donors $901 yr/avg 5.5M donors $341 yr/avg 3.6 charities $9.3 charities $32.2 charities $47.1 B/yr 58% Give 35.8M donors $1066 yr/avg 6.7B/yr % Giving 9 .2 charities $35.Generational Giving 79% Give 30.9M donors $796 yr/avg 4.

Future Giving Donations plans to top charity next year 10 .

More on Gen Y Defining Values Time to give back What’s in it for me? Online connection Social Media Habits (% doing regularly) 70% 49% 25% 16% Value • Size • Lifetime value • Lower cost appeals • Active supporters/promoters BUT • Require multichannel appeals • Tracking difficult 11 Mobile Habits 49% Mobile ONLY phone 32% Mobile primary 42% Facebook Mobile app 53% Texters .

More on Gen X Defining Values Peer-motivated Support random. Higher Income BUT • Harder to secure 12 Mobile Habits 28% Mobile ONLY phone 37% Mobile is primary 27% Facebook mobile app 40% Texters . money Online connection Social Media Habits (% doing regularly) 56% 30% 13% 11% 11% Value • Size of gifts to top charities • Lifetime value • Lower-cost appeals • More than dollars • Viral promoters • Most Educated. emotional Time vs.

More on Boomers Tech/Media Profile Defining Values Giving more planned Efficiency/overhead concerns 2-in-10 retired 29% Facebook (reg) (60% Total) 17% Texters 47% E-newsletters 55% Bank online 33% Shop online Value • Largest cohort • Size and dollars • Income 13 .

More on Matures Defining Values Pre-meditated giving Loyal But guarded Scrutiny Tech/Media Profile 17% Facebook (reg) (50% Total) 5% Texters 48% E-newsletters 57% Bank online 34% Shop online Value • Largest annual contributions • Greater # of groups • Tracking/Direct mail responsive BUT • Smallest cohort and shrinking • Less open to new appeals 14 .

Giving Channels % donated this way in last 2 years (total) GEN Y GEN X BOOMERS MATURES 48% 26% 28% 29% 22% 22% 57% 43% 35% 35% 28% 22% 52% 54% 32% 31% 28% 27% 17% 48% 77% 30% 25% 31% 35% 12% 25% 8% 11% Emerging Channel 27% 10% 16% 14% 4% 4% 25% 11% 2% 2% 17% 13% 6% 14% 9% 15 .

Solicitation Channel Appropriateness (From charities/nonprofits with established relationship) % say appropriate solicitation channel (rank ordered by very important –blue) TOTAL GEN Y GEN X BOOMER MATURE 84% 77% 65% 47% 42% 23% 87% 77% 89% 79% 82% 74% 60% 38% 39% 16% 76% 77% 51% 17% 34% 13% 76% 69% 51% 38% 69% 60% 42% 25% 16 .

Awareness of Haiti Text-to-Donate Seen/heard anything recently about making a donation via text for earthquake relief in Haiti? 77% total Heard a lot Gen Y: 60% Gen X: 64% Boomers: 52% Matures: 50% 17 .

21% y adult Average time support: 13 yrs Gen X Mainstream media Word of mouth Mail Peer to peer event Work/job Product purchase 32% first learned childhood Average time support: 7 yrs 24% 18% 16% 11% 11% 11% 18 Matures Mail 35% Mainstream media 24% Word of mouth 18% 68% first learned 30’s+ Average time support: 15 yrs .Awareness (top charity) Gen Y Mainstream media Word of mouth School Peer to peer event 27% 22% 18% 14% Boomers Mainstream media Mail Word of mouth Work/job 28% 19% 16% 11% 52% first learned childhood Average time support: 4 yrs 55% first learned 30’s+ 24% childhood.

First Engagement Gen Y Direct donation Visited website Donated goods 42% 27% 23% Attended event 19% Promoted to others 15% Volunteered 15% Gen X Direct donation Donated good Visited website 51% 28% 19% Attended event Volunteered 18% 16% Boomers Direct donation 61% Donated goods 25% Attended an event 13% Matures Direct donation 71% Donated goods 26% Attended an event 13% 19 .

Engagement Today GEN Y GEN X BOOMERS MATURES 50% 26% 66% 30% 76% 30% 20% 11% 11% 9% 7% 5% 5% 81% 23% 13% 7% 6% 5% 4% 3% 2% 34% 14% 16% 19% 13% 13% 8% 23% 17% 13% 14% 8% 9% 9% 20 .

“Making a Difference” Where do you think you can make the most difference with (top charity)? Fundraise Spread word Donate goods Volunteer Money 21 .

What Does this all mean? 22 .

Fundraising is profoundly multichannel 23 .

Causation might be impossible to track 24 .

Traditional donor databases are dinosaurs 25 .

Remove the silos within your organization 26 .

Direct mail and telemarketing need to evolve 27 .

Word of mouth is critical 28 .

Social networks are important and still evolving 29 .

Boomers and Gen X hold significant value 30 .

Mobile’s time is coming 31 .

Content is king 32 . 33 .com • Mark Rovner | mark.Questions? • Vinay Bhagat | • Pam Loeb | Loeb@edgeresearch.

visit Continue the Conversation on Twitter #NEXTGEN For More Information on our host.Thank you for your Participation! To download the copy of the research report visit www.convio. Questions for the AMA Email: .

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