SGA Minutes - October 7, 2010 I. Call to Order at 11:36am in the Blume Board Room. II. Roll Call: Absent: R.

Nelson, Dr. Doty, Motion to amend the agenda and add the Tea Enthusiasts by J. Meding Seconded by J. Denhof. Motion to Close debate by J. Denhof. Vote Unanimous Motion to Amend: 1 abstentions . Motion to table the minutes by H.Wahlen. Seconded by J. Meding. H. Wahlen had severe BlackBoard issues, which caused problems when posting the minutes. Debate closed by J. Denhof and Seconded by B. Kaplan. Vote Unanimous Motion to table minutes: Unanimous

III. External Committee Reports a. Assessment Committee - B. Williford i. First meeting in a while. Job is to assess the new Gen Ed program. Proposed as assessment council to the faculty council because this is an interim committee. Make sure that classes meet their objectives. Meeting is on Monday at 11:45am. b. Academic Council - H. Wahlen i. Meeting was canceled c. Gen Ed Council - A. Romano i. Same as always. d. Honors Council -H. Wahlen i. Did not meet e. Student Affairs Council – Maggie Yagen and Rachel Hartman i. Got the final enrollment Numbers. Broke down the data to review the current freshman class statistics. ii. H. Wahlen: Has FYS been voted on as a program of the college? Dr. Kraus: explains that this is still a pilot program, will be reviewed before being passed by faculty council. iii. 539 is the class average. f. Faculty Council i. Dr. Kraus: Everyone [students] is struggling to get into their courses. Only so many gen ed courses to go around. ii. R. Pusich: ENG 105 was used before the FYS program was used to determine the incoming class. Housing is a very weak way to devise that number. IV. Committee Reports a. Student Services – R. Hartman i. Trying to find other ways to reach the students ---> Dr. E. Sullivan enters ii. Talking to Laura about this iii. Elections Day Party. Viewing party to see the results in the Roost. Perhaps include themed clothing and a prize for best Red, White, & Blue outfit. b. Policy Committee - J. Meding i. Tea Enthusiast came to see about becoming an org.The are recommended by Policy Committee

Final org list will be coming through e-mail. Liz: What does “Policy Recommend mean?” 1. J. Meding: This means the organization came to visit Policy, gave the same speech, we just talk to them and ask more questions. 2. J. Denhof: We screen them out to find weird groups. c. Finance Committee - T. Harris i. Application for the ASAFAB were sent out? ii. SOB numbers – majority of student orgs on campus fall into SOB orgs. SOB allocations refer to the the money they work with. iii. SOB number for this semester is $100 d. Marketing Committee - B. Kaplan i. Committee is working on PR ii. PAINT FOR THE COMMENT BOX HAS ARRIVED iii. Retreat pictures of Facebook and Blog, check them out and let B. Kaplan know if then should be removed. e. AKP - H. Wahlen i. Looking for ideas for AKP. Would like to have a female who has been active in Chicago politics. ii. J. Scott: Alexi Julious iii. C. Dejoy: I think that the Speaker of the House in Illinois is a female? f. Executive Committee - E. McAllister i. Looking at the future 1. Commuter school? How can we get people to be more involved/events more successful. ii. Meeting with the Leader, will update group on how that goes. iii. H. Wahlen: Could committees try speaking to other groups during their meeting times? iv. Ben: More diverse constituencies?

ii. iii.

VII. Advisor Reports - I. Crone and Dr. Sullivan a. BoT Coming up soon. Be ready! i. E. McAllister: If you cant come or if you are replacing individuals, please let them know. b. Christine’s Letter of Resignation Cannot attend due to the commitment to the technology committee. e. Myer Briggs event coming up, this is a great opportunity. VII. Second Read of the Constitution Motion to Table the Tea Association Motion passes with 1 abstention ( H. Wahlen) H. Wahlen: New SOOP Rules have been added in. A new article, titles “Duties of Representatives” has been added in. This includes the general responsibilities of each representative, including SOOP. a. New Quorum Definition - 2/3 of recognized members (students sworn into SGA) - Minimum of 20 students, if falls below, no work can be done in SGA. J. Meding: How is this different from before H. Wahlen: Added the 2/3 clarification J. Meding: When would new membership take place? With elections in the spring?

H. Wahlen: Yes. B. Kaplan: Are we effective enough on campus to get these numbers? E. McAllister: Can you clarify the new definition? H. Wahlen: 2/3 of sworn in members at that time, but the number of sworn in reps cannot fall bellow 20. Example, if we have 21 members, quorum would be 14. J. Thompson: Wasn’t the whole 2/3 thing problematic last year? P. Silva: 20 is the absolute minimum, so we need 2/3 of twenty or more? C. DeJoy: Removing the concrete number would make the definition less problematic. H. Wahlen: The purpose of a concrete number is to keep 7 people from running SGA. B. Kaplan: Is there some middle ground? J. Thompson: Is must be concrete language. H. Wahlen: Purpose of quorum is to make sure we can ethically run business. J. Meding: When can Exec do stuff outside of the board? E. McAllister: Summer time, when we plan things. H. Wahlen: Moving on to other changes, we would like to reword the Secretary title to reflect the duties involved with that position New name would be VP of Administration. J. Denhof: We could change all the VP names to Secretaries J. Meding: Motion to Approve Constitution, Seconded by B. Williford. J. Quorum: Not a good idea to pass the Constitution when we still don’t agree of quorum definition, J. Denhof: Agree with J. Thompson P. Silva: We should vote on this later. H. Wahlen: Agree, want to make sure we discuss everything in detail. J. Denhof: Motion to Close Debate, Seconded by J. Meding). H. Wahlen: Point of Information - voting this down would mean that SGA could not vote on it next week, correct? E. McAllister: Yes H. Wahlen: Motion to table Second Read of SGA Constitution, Seconded by J. Meding. Vote to close debate: Unanimous Vote to table: Unanimous IX. Administrative Representatives - E. McAllister takes nominations to fill empty spot. a. Caroline Krause and Mike Lindberg 1. Dr. Lindberg has both a faculty role and an administrative role. Which causes him concern 2. J. Meding: Any other ideas for administrative members? Suggestions from Ian? a. B. Kaplan: Dr. Lindberg has some great insight that we need. J. Denhof seconds this information b. H. Wahlen this this is a great idea. c. role call votes. RESULTS: Caroline Krause: unanimous vote point of inquiry by Janelle: Does he wanna do this? I. Crone: Yes, I think he does Michael Lindberg: 16 yeas, 3 Abstentions (B. Kaplan, J. Denhof, J. Thompson) b. Both Representatives are voted in to the board. X. Comments from the Gallery: None XI. Announcements:

XII. Meeting is Adjourned