Parking meters not the ticket for Charles

Parking meters will be back on Randwick Council’s agenda after September’s local government elections, according to candidate Charles Matthews. Mr Matthews, a Randwick councillor for 27 years and former mayor, said he had a “right and responsibility to Randwick residents” to oppose parking meters in the area. “It was only people power that stopped Labor, Liberal and the Greens from putting in the meters last time. This is why I have started the party and why we will be putting candidates forward in ‘08,” Mr Matthews said. “Parking meters are an extra tax on the family car . . . they hurt local business and we don’t want them,” he said. Parking meters were proposed by Randwick Council in 2005, but the plan was quashed after resident protests and petitions. The council had planned to install 7000 meters
By Ashlee Betteridge

at Maroubra, Coogee and Clovelly beaches and around the University of New South Wales. Mr Matthews said that ten minutes before speaking to the Village Voice, he had been talking to an unnamed Randwick councillor who made clear his intention to propose parking meters for the municipality if re-elected for another term. Mr Matthews, a Maroubra resident, will be running in South Ward for the No Parking Meter Party in September’s elections. The party will be running candidates in other wards, but it was too early to confirm details, he said. The party has support from across NSW, and if successful in Randwick’s elections, would run candidates for the senate in the next State Election, he said. Current councillors denied meters will be back on the cards. Greens Cr Murray Matson said while he had once proposed parking meters in the area, the people had spoken.

Charles Matthews said parking meters will be pushed through by Randwick Council after September’s election unless his party, the No Parking Meters Party, can win seats on the council. Photo by Craig Wilson.

“I tried everything I could to make it happen and it didn’t. People didn’t support it. It’s not something that I will be looking at,” Cr Matson said, adding that he would be “as-

tonished if any councillors were considering it”. Randwick’s Liberal mayor Bruce Notley-Smith said that there were no proposals for meters in the area.

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